8 reasons your dog likes to burrow in their bed

Dolly’s Nightime Ritual

Every night when I say goodnight to Dolly and turn out the light I tuck her in under a snuggle sack. As I leave the room I hear the rustle of my French Bulldog scooping up the sack into her preferred shape before burrowing inside.

She digs and noses under her snuggle sack for a couple of minutes before circling around a few times and finally settling into the cutest sleeping position. Sometimes in it, sometimes on top.

Dolly seems to enjoy her nightly ritual, and once she finds the perfect spot and has her bedding just the way she likes it, she sleeps happily through the night snoring away.

But why does your dog like to dig, burrow and hide in their bed?

  1. Safety & Warmth

    A dog’s instinct is to sleep or relax in a small and protected space to feel warm and safe away from predators. Small, tight spaces like a snuggle sack help to make your dog feel safe and secure by providing them their own hiding place.

    snuggle sack dog

    📷Elvis The Dapple

  2. Body temperature

    The ability to sleep in, out or half in and half out  of a snuggle sack is  a way to help them regulate their temperature. Our snuggle sacks also come in different weights of fabric. Think of these like the Tog rating on a sleeping bag. There are four weights of snuggle sack and blankets available for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Plus we have our own summer sleepy sheets for those really hot nights.

    snuggle sack dog

    📷 Marley

  3. Comfort

    An older dog with joint pain may circle and dig at the snuggle sack in an attempt to make it the right shape to lessen their pain when they lay down. Buy a thicker snuggle blanket to help them create the padding they need.

  4. Fear and Anxiety

    You may find your dog hides more when they’re scared or feeling anxious.  Thunderstorms or feeling overwhelmed by too many visitors is a common trigger. Being hidden by the snuggle blankets gives them that extra sense of security by providing a constant gentle pressure.  Be patient and don’t force your dog out of their bed. Definitely ‘let sleeping dogs lie’.

  5. Natural instincts

    Smaller dogs are usually prone to burrow more such as the Terriers, Chihuahuas and Hounds.   Huskies learned to burrow under the snow to help keep warm and go undetected by predators while they slept.

    snuggle sack dog

    📷 Henry


  6. Mine

    Dogs have scent glands under their paws and in between their toes which emit an odour unique to your dog.  When your dog digs at their bedding where they are going to sleep, it allows them to mark the area with their scent.  They do this same behaviour after going to the loo when they scrape the ground, the sent is transferred marking their territory.

    snuggle sack dog

    📷 Pep the puppy

  7. Nesting

    Female dogs may dig to make a nest for their puppies –  whether they are pregnant, or not! It is a maternal instinct to provide a safe environment for her imminent litter.

  8. Fun

    Dogs like to hide their toys and bones in their snuggle sacks. Maybe this is for the fun of digging them up later. Dolly’s bed reminds me of the Princess and the Pea story with the amount of things she hides in hers!

As dog lovers there is nothing more we enjoy seeing than our dogs digging around in their beds crafting that perfect place to curl up into and go to sleep.  Time for the 2459th photo of your sleeping pooch!

Snuggle Sack / Burrow Bag / Sofa Sack

Whatever you call it, a snuggle sack offers enrichment, warmth and safety all in one by providing your dog with their own sleeping area where they can burrow as they like.

Choose your perfect snuggle sack and blanket for your dog here