A little ditty from a little daxie

So this weeks blog is short and sweet,
Just too hot in all this heat!
Trying to find a chilled place to be,
The cool of the floor, the shade of a tree,
But I really think the truth may be,
That this heats a little worse for me,
As Sarah has said and so you’ll know
My tummy really is starting to grow.
In August time I’ll be a mum
Around 5 or 6 are in my tum!
A lovely lady stuck a camera on my belly
And there they were to see on the telly!
“5 to 6’ I head the the lady mutter
As we see their little heartbeats flutter.
I’ve attached a picture so you can see
What the lady showed Mum and me,
It’s a little tricky to work it out
But pups inside there is no doubt!
My Mummy is happy and full of glee
But it’s a bit more daunting for little me
But she’ll be there every step of the way,
To make sure everything is ok.
So thank you for your read of this short blog
But please remember the enrichment of your little dog!

Love Prudy x