Can mushrooms kill dogs? : Signs to look for

mushrooms kill dogs

Mushrooms love the cooler Autumn weather and can appear suddenly after rainfall. Although commonly underestimated, mushroom intoxication ranks near the top of the list of pet poisonings every year. 

Mushroom poisoning : the symptoms

Signs that your dog may have eaten a mushroom are vomiting and diarrhoea  ( maybe with blood) which occurs within 6-12 hours of ingestion. These signs may go away, but unfortunately, your dog may not be in the clear. After about 48-72 hours following resolution of these signs, your dog will develop liver and kidney failure and the prognosis isn’t good at this point.

Check your garden and remove any mushrooms or toadstools

For this reason, I recommend regularly checking your garden for mushroom growth, particularly after damp, rainy days and removing any mushrooms you find (use gloves). And keep your eyes on your dogs whilst out walking for potential mushroom munching. 

Especially look out for the Death Cap mushroom which emits a fishy odour when it’s decaying which, for some reason is very appetising to dogs (and cats).  Death Cap can be identified by its yellowish-green cap that grows large and flat as the mushroom ages, ingestion is fatal.

Help My dog has eaten a mushroom

If you think that your dog has ingested a mushroom, don’t delay please contact your veterinarian immediately for emergency care mushroom poisoning in dogs is serious.

Better safe than sorry.

Mushrooms can kill dogs. Poisonous to dogs. Signs to look for.
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