Follow Prudy the mini dachshund’s story through motherhood

My name is Prudy and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the doggie faces of the lovely brand, Ruffle Snuffle.

I’m a 3 year old red mini dachshund and I live with my family on a farm on the coast in Penzance in Cornwall.

I’m a rescue daxy….I don’t really talk about my life before my  now as I was pretty young, but I know my family now adores me and I’m very much loved.

I live on a farm very close to the lovely beaches in Penzance which I LOVE. I have doggie brothers and sisters. There’s Dilly who is an ex racing greyhound, she’s the eldest, 13, then Stanley who is a yorkie-poo who is 10, Tuppy, a cream haired yorkie poo and Margo who is a black yorkie poo both 7.

We all have to stay  safe distance from Mum’s horses but I must admit, I like to live life on the edge and chasing them is oodles of fun, although when Mum shouts and waves her arms around at me I don’t think they’re words of encouragement some how….ooops.

The family children are wonderful and my fasvourie person in the family is my boy Oakley whos 12….he’s my person and I sleep in his bed at night time.

I’m looking forward to sharing what happens in my life here on the farm with you all.

Love from Prudy