Nifty Pet Equine Sunblock & Aftersun launches

The Nifty Pet Equine Sunblock is 100% mineral powder designed to be applied to the unpigmented skin on your pony  (including sensitve areas like eyes, nose and genitals) . It contains no greasy cream, no chemicals, no fragrance, just UVA and UVB protection. It is pharmaceutical grade powder and 100% safe for animals. Simple to apply with a damp sponge ( included). Safe to lick, doesn’t rub off as it clings to the natural oils in the skin. It won’t irritate or inflame the skin so great for sensitive skinned horses.  As an added bonus it whitens the skin so is great as a grooming aid for showing.

Nifty Pet Equine Aftersun is a soothing gel using aloe vera and seaweed extract for maximum soothing and antioxidant properties. It also contains Lavender essential oils for their healing properties and a calming scent. It is absorbed quickly into the skin leaving no sticky residue.  Apply a small amount, spread with your finger tips and allow the skin to naturally absorb.

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