What’s your funny dog story?

It was National Tell a Story Day recently, so I thought I would ask you to share your most funny or embarrassing dog ‘tail’ with me.

Here’s a great story from Steph O about the wonderful Hudson….

“We took our Golden retriever Hudson to meet with lots of other Goldies on Weymouth beach a couple of years ago. He loves the sea and can get quite naughty when people are throwing balls or stones etc in the sea. As we were walking along he saw a group of people at the waters edge. To him it looked like they were going to throw some thing so he promptly ran over and sat excitedly in front of them as they started to ‘throw’ something. Except the something was the ashes of a dearly departed loved one and I believe Hudson may have brought some home in his fur… thankfully there were so many Goldies and owners around no one would have known he was mine…”


Share your stories in the comments below!


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National Tell a Story Day