National Love Your Pet Day

There may be times in our lives where we take our pets for granted a little bit. Perhaps they did something to frustrate us or you have gotten into a bit of a rut with your routine. This makes sense, as every relationship has its golden moments and those that are a little more mundane. So, why not use this day to shower your pet with a little more affection and show how you really feel.

When is National Love Your Pet Day?

You can celebrate National Love Your Pet Day on February 20th. This is a great time of year to have a day like this as it is just under a week after Valentine’s Day. Valentines isn’t always the best time of year for everyone if they are single and recently out of a relationship. But, if you have a strong relationship with a pet, it is nice to have this day a week later where the hearts and flowers can have a different meaning. 

Of course, in 2021, the added burden of lockdown and Covid-restrictions means that a lot of holiday plans aren’t quite what they would have been. But, National Love Your Pet Day gives us some joy during a dark time. 

How to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day.

Essentially, National Love Your Pet Day is a bit like Valentine’s for your four-legged friend – or two-legged if you keep birds. It is nice to have such a broad and open day where it isn’t just about the cats and the dogs in our lives.

It doesn’t matter if you have a hamster, rabbit, lizard, ferret, or anything else. This is the day to show how much they mean to you. Granted, many of them won’t see beyond the gifts or understand the more abstract concept of a national holiday.

But, you can still bring some extra joy. You can give them a special treat, make more time for bonding and play, or buy them something that will enrich their lives long term.

Are there National Love Your Pet Day greetings cards and gifts?

You could get a greetings card for your pet, but they might not appreciate the gesture as much as a tasty treat or other presents. Buy them something they can enjoy – either short-term, like a food treat, or long-term like a toy or something for their enclosure.

You could also send a card or a gift to someone in your life that has a beloved pet that you are familiar with. Maybe your sibling or parents have a dog that you can make a fuss of for the day. Or, maybe you have a friend with an unusual pet that struggles to find enrichment items for them. Show that you see the value in their strange companion. 

Don’t forget to take part in National Love Your Pet Day on social media. 

You can use the #NationalLoveYourPetDay hashtag to see what is going on via social media. There are sure to be all kinds of videos and pictures flying around social media as we proclaim our love for our pets. Be aware that there may also be some people choosing to mark a passing on this day to show that they are still thinking of their companion. Be respectful and show some love back. 

Fun facts about National Love Your Pet Day.

Did you know that:

~ More than a third of pet owners in one UK survey said they preferred their pets to their partners. 

~ In the US, pet owners spent $72.56 billion on their pets. They say that money can’t buy you love, but it clearly goes a long way. 

~ There are more dogs than there are cats as pets, which adds fuel to the cat vs dog debate. In 2018, there were 470 million dogs worldwide to 370 million cats. 

Enjoy National Love Your Pet Day this February.

Whatever pet you have – from the tiniest lizard to the most magnificent horse – make the time to spoil them and show your love for them this month. You can use this day for some extra attention and big gifts. But, if you are like most of us, every day of the year is Love Your Pet Day.