Pixie gets a spring in her step thanks to Ruffle Snuffle

Hello I’m Pixie and I had to have a new hip in March 2019 even though I’m not much more than 1 year old and still feel like a puppy.

Pixie recently returned home after her operation.

Although I have a big sister called Beeley my mum was worried because I had to be kept in a crate for 3 months and I could only have very short walks.  So my mum bought me a Ruffle Snuffle mat and a Ruffle Snuffle ball for me to play with and not be sad when I was getting better.

Well I loved them!  My big sister Beeley also loved them and my mum also loved them and their lovely bright colours.  They really helped me when I was getting better; I snuffled and snuffled through the ruffles finding the treats hidden inside and I wagged my tail every time I found one.

I’m nearly better now and will soon be doing everything that an English Springer Spaniel enjoys but I want my mum to keep hiding treats in my Ruffle Snuffle mat and ball and so does Beeley because we love them.

pixie beeley
Pixie & Beeley with mat and ball


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