With a passion for enrichment it seemed only fitting that I should set up a World day to raise awareness and encourage every owner and keeper to share their love and enrichment ideas for animals.

With winter on the horizon, November is the month when the days suddenly get much shorter, wetter and colder. Although saying that , I did go camping mid-November one year and boy it was not a good idea – even with a wood burning stove in the tent!

I thought what better time is there, then during National Pet Awareness Month, to host a World Animal Enrichment Day.


Who is it for?

Pet owners and animal keepers.
Whether you have a budgie, snake, dog or tortoise, enrichment is an important part of your responsibility as an owner.

Animal keepers at Zoos, Wildlife Parks, Sanctuaries and Rescues spend many hours providing enrichment to animals in captivity to ensure they are stress free and having the best life they can.

We’d like people to be creative and share their enrichment tips on social media and on this page – just leave a comment below

Website and social media links:

Official hashtag: #WorldAnimalEnrichmentDay

Media Enquiries: Sarah-Jane White, Ruffle Snuffle® – info@rufflesnuffle.co.uk