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Life With Pets is accepting guest posts from expert writers on pet-related topics.

If you’re a pet expert, writer, a representative for a pet-related website or company, or just love to write about your own pets, I would be happy to hear from you. 

Whether you want to write for us on pet enrichment, behaviour or training, share interesting facts, or product reviews, we accept submissions from experts in the pet niche.

What types of content do we like?

Roundup Articles

Articles such as the “Top 10 indoor games your dog will love” or “9 Ways to keep your parrot entertained” are great content pieces to submit for consideration . ( Word count minimum 1500)

Detailed pet specific guides

If you have first hand experience of a particular pet and would like to share then we love in depth guides that cover every aspect for our readers. ( Word count minimum 3500)

What are axolotls?
What are axolotls?

Professional articles.

Are you a veterinarian or RVCN? Or maybe a dog groomer or nutritionist,  bereavement counsellor or even a crystal healer?  We want to hear from you. Whether you want to write about the ins and outs of dog nutrition, veterinary trends, or discuss a health issue and solution, we want to read it! ( Min word count 2,500 words)

Opinion and lifestyle topics.

Want to share your thoughts in a review on a new pet product you’ve bought and love ( or hate)? Do you have a great story to tell. Please tell us. We love stories, news and new product reviews.

Press Releases.

Do you run a pet related business? Please send us your latest PR stories! We love news, facts and figures from surveys, infographics and great product photography.

Guest Post Content Requirements

  • Native English written content (the UK or US spelling is accepted)
  • Minimum word count 1,000 ( ideally 1500+)
  • Make sure your article is well-formatted in short paragraphs with proper H2 and H3 tags.  
  • Spell and grammar check your article so it’s ready to publish
  • One hi-res image to support your content that is relevant with a credit to the source. Any breaches of copyright will not be accepted.
  • Include 1 -2 reference URLs to any pertinent resources.
  • Include one URL for a backlink (no-follow) or your social media link.
  • A short biography of you and your photo
  • Do not include your affiliate links or links to inappropriate content. These will be removed.
  • Your post must not be published elsewhere, and you agree never to republish it on another site.
  • Avoid basic advice that you can find on other websites

Publishing Agreement

By submitting your article to us, you agree that:

  • You give Ruffle Snuffle permission to make any changes to your post that will bring it in-line with our publishing standards. 
  • You give Ruffle Snuffle permission to repurpose your post into other content types to promote it. This means more visibility for you and your post.
  • You give Ruffle Snuffle permission to add our own affiliate links if relevant. 
  • You agree to promote the published post via social media and other promotional channels.
  • You give Ruffle Snuffle permission to update the post when required. 

Where to send your submission

Contact us with your proposed guest post titles and outline before submitting content: editor@rufflesnuffle.co.uk with GUEST POST in the subject title. Once approved you can then proceed to write your article and submit it to us for review.

If you’ve contacted us but haven’t received a reply in 14 days, check your spam folder. If you can’t find a response there this means that your article wasn’t accepted this time. Thank you.

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