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Top 5 mind-blowing benefits of owning a pet

Mind-blowing benefits of owning pets

Sometimes it can be difficult to see how much our pets really do for us. Aside from making us feel better after a long day at work, our furry, feathery or scaly friends can actually bring us some scientifically proven health benefits. Studies have shown …

Winter Berry Coulis - Frozen Berries

Perfectly Pert Winter Berry Coulis

It’s Sunday and we always go to dinner at my Mum’s for a roast from the Aga. There’s nothing quite like a good catch up in the warm kitchen whilst stirring the gravy and shredding the home grown runner beans. I don’t know how it …

15 DIY halloween decorations for your home

15 Scary DIY Halloween decorations for your home

Turn home-sweet-home into a Haunted Mansion with these DIY Halloween Decorations! Costumes and candy are probably the first things you think of when it comes to Halloween. We don’t normally think of decorating, do we? That’s typically saved for Christmas. But this year, why not …

simple pumpkin carving ideas

4 Simple pumpkin carving ideas : Halloween fun

Pumpkin carving has evolved into major art. Nowadays, it seems as if neighbours are secretly competing to see who can carve the most intricate pumpkin, making some who have close to no carving skills feel somewhat intimidated. Even so, carving pumpkins is not necessarily about …

fresh camomile tea

How to make fresh chamomile tea : healthy life

I have a confession to make. I’ve never liked chamomile tea. It was this insipid drink that was supposed to have all these great stress-reducing and immunity-boosting benefits but even the most expensive blend from dried flowers has left me totally disappointed. But all that …

how to turn around a bad day

7 fun things to do to turn around a bad day

There’s no denying that we all suffer from bad days and sometimes it becomes difficult to get through such terrible times. Having a bad day is so underrated because that happens to everyone. However, for someone suffering from mental illness, it’s super depressing and really …

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