National Boston Terrier Day

The Boston Terrier is a gorgeous and quirky breed beloved by those that own them. So, is it no surprise that there are people right across the country marking this day and celebrating the very best that this breed has to offer. 

When is National Boston Terrier Day?

You can celebrate National Boston Terrier Day on February 19th. Interestingly, this is the day before National Love Your Pet Day. Therefore, your beloved Boston gets two whole days in a row where you can spoil them rotten. This is also one holiday this winter that isn’t going to be affected by Covid-restrictions too much. In other years, there could be more social gatherings and meet-ups between Boston Terrier owners. But, you can still make a big fuss of your dog and share your day online in 2021. 

How to celebrate National Boston Terrier Day.

The best way to celebrate this national day is to spoil your Boston Terrier rotten and showcase your love for them to the world. Think of this a bit like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, where that one member of the family gets special gifts and has all the attention and affection for the day. This is easy if you have one of these characterful dogs of your own as you can plan a day around them and make sure they feel appreciated. Or, if a friend or relative has one, you can make a point of noting it for them too. 

There may also be people that have been interested in getting a Boston Terrier but haven’t gotten around to it. It is essential that you are certain about your choice and that the dog is a good fit for your home. If so, this could be the ideal day to go and rescue one in need from a local shelter. 

Are there National Boston Terrier Day greetings cards and gifts?

You can send greetings cards and gifts to Boston Terrier owners in your life on this special day. A card is a cute little way of showing that you are thinking of someone and is sure to make them smile. You might also get a little gift for them or their dog. A Boston Terrier keychain or enamel pin is an affordable option. 

Don’t forget to get involved in National Boston Terrier Day on social media. 

You can use use the #NationalBostonTerrierDay to get involved with this holiday on social media. There are sure to be lots of people sharing images and videos of their dogs on this day. You can either scroll through and just enjoy what you see or you can reach out to people. You may be able to make a connection with like-minded people. You may also find that there are some meet-ups in your local area where you can meet other owners, which could then blossom into new relationships. 

Fun facts about National Boston Terrier Day.

Did you know that:

~ This beautiful little breed with the first to be created in the United States. There are lots of breeds that come over to the US from Europe and that evolved as hybrids with other dogs. This one originated in Massachusetts as a cross between the English Bulldog and White Terrier and became the official state dog. 

~ They aren’t terriers. Although evolved from the White Terrier, there isn’t enough about these dogs that make them true terriers, like other working dogs. 

~ Two US Presidents have had this American dog as their pet in the Whitehouse. They are President Harding and President Ford. 

~ Although not as popular as the French Bulldog, the Boston Terrier is still a hit with major celebrities and has the ideal personality for their social media posts. 

Enjoy National Boston Terrier Day this February.

The Boston Terrier is an unusual dog with a great heritage and it is understandable that so many dog owners would want to celebrate this day. Those with Bostons can make the most of the chance to spoil them. Those that are unfamiliar with the breed can take the time to learn more about the history and character of the dog. If you do choose to adopt one, make sure you are completely committed and this isn’t a spur of the moment decision you will regret later on.