7 Adorable Ways To Spend Time With Your Cat

spend time with your cat

Fun activities for you and your feline friend.

Aren’t all cats adorable? Nobody can deny that they are just the cutest. Whether they are as beautiful as a Siamese or as strange as a Sphynx. Regardless of whether they are a pure breed, a hybrid, or a mixed breed. They will always have a special place in our hearts.

However, you are right. Not all cats are made equal, though, that’s for sure. Some are sociable and friendly, some are awkward and just plain lazy, while others are pure Alpha. However, one trait all cats have in common is their need to be cared for, loved, and soothed.

If you’re a new fur lover, you should realize how crucial it is to spend quality time with our feline companion. It may be more difficult in some cat breeds to discover ways to bond that are both enriching and entertaining for both of you. One thing is certain, though, after you’ve established a connection and habits with your pet, you’ll understand how loving and caring our pets can be.

Wait. Before we begin discussing how to spend time with our adorable cats. First, some personal advice and precautions;

  • Research about cats.

This is a must. Spending time with our pets should never be an experiment or trial and error process. It is ideal if we first learn everything we can about cats, especially their specific breed. Discover their likes and dislikes, as well as their behavior and personalities.

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Determine whether they have a breed-specific weakness that may affect their social interactions with us. Persian cats, for example, are prone to health diseases, so we should consult our veterinarian first before engaging in vigorous play with them.

  • Observe your cat.

Every cat, regardless of breed, is unique, just like every animal. What is effective for one cat may not be effective for another. We should first evaluate their affection, comfort level, and temperament. In this approach, we could develop a bonding time tailored to their preferences.

If your cat is shy and awkward, you may pet them with your eyes until such time that they are ready to bond with you. You can occasionally entice them with treats while gently caressing their chins.

  • Discover yourself as a cat parent.

This advice is for pet lovers out there who desire to bring their first kitten home. Please be mindful of the breed of cats you wish to adore.

Your choice can greatly affect the nature and quality of the relationship that you will have with your cat. The first factor to check is whether you are allergic to particular cat breeds. If you do, a Siberian or a Russian Blue would be ideal for you as they produce less Fel d1 protein allergens.

Alas! You are here. It means you have read all the advice and precautions above and are now ready to bond with your pet. Here are 7 ways to spend time with your cat that are sure to please both of you:

1. Play with your cat 

Cats love to play, and it’s an excellent way for us to bond with them. Whether chasing a toy around or just cuddling up together, spending time with our feline friends is always enjoyable.

And it’s not just fun for us – playing with our cats is also great for their health and activeness. Exercise helps keep them physically fit, while mental stimulation helps keep their minds sharp.

There are tons of different toys available for our cats, so we have to find one that fits their personality and playing style. If you’re low on budget or unsure where to start, try a simple toy mouse or a piece of string. We can also experiment with different kinds of play, like hide-and-seek or chasing each other around.

With a toy mouse

Creating a toy mouse is relatively easy – just a little skill in sewing is needed. What we need is an old shirt and an old cushion for stuffing. We simply cut a heart-shaped piece from an old shirt, fill it with an old cushion, and sew it together. To make it more visually appealing, we can add some little buttons as its eyes and a rope as a tail.

Piece of string

No time to make a toy? No need to worry, a simple piece of string will suffice. You may also use a shoelace, the more colorful, the better. The trick is to make an s-shaped pattern that resembles a snake. This will pique our pet’s curiosity, and they will most likely attack and chase the string.

Using a smartphone

Yes, we can use our smartphones to interact with our cats. We can do this by creating a looping video of an insect our cats love to hunt. This will trigger our pet’s predatory instincts and make them more active.

It is adorable to watch our cat catch its virtual prey but to no avail. It would also be the perfect timing to pet our cat gently as it is actively focused on our smartphone.

2. Feel the sunbeam coming through the window

Do you wonder why cats love sunbathing even in hot summer? Turns out they are solar-powered. No? Kidding aside, the sun helps our pets regulate their body temperature better – less energy is required to keep warm. As a result, they would have more energy for playing and hunting.

Genetically speaking, our beloved cats developed a tolerance for heat because their ancestors lived in hot places such as Africa and Egypt. While the human body has an average temperature of 98.6°F, our cat has a slightly higher body temperature at 100.4º to 102.5º Fahrenheit.

So lift your pet and feel the sun coming through your window. Your pets would adore you as they feel the heat coming from the sun and the warmth from your body.

Cat Sleeping Position in a box Original Photo © 2021 Sarah Jane White

3. Create a scratching post with our cat

You heard it right; create a scratching post with our cat. This doesn’t mean that our cat will help us create a scratch post, but this implies that we should work while they are in the area. Why? Through this process, we can bond with our cats, plus they can be quickly acquainted with the scratching post.

So how can we create an easy DIY scratching post? We’ll need plywood for the base, a wood post or PVC as the main structure, and sisal fabric. Simply screw the wood post or PVC on the plywood base. After which, cover it with sisal fabric and let our cat do the rest.

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4. Create cat houses

Do you want to treat your cat like royalty? Why not create a cat house using recycled materials. You can use an old box, unused cabinet, or any wooden structure that is no longer used. If you want to utilize your creativity, you can repaint the exterior and add some designs.

Make sure that the paint is safe for your pets. After which, put a soft bed or cushion inside the cat house, and voila! You now have a makeshift kitty mansion. Your pet would surely love its new home.

Using cardboard boxes

Making a cat housing out of cardboard boxes is one of the simplest things we can do. Simply get a big enough box, cut out a door and some windows. That’s it; we now have a cat house. If we want to make it more sturdy, we can tape the box together or use duct tape.

Using plywoods

If you are into something more durable and long-lasting, you may build a cat home out of plywood. You can buy pre-cut plywoods to avoid the hassle of cutting them yourself. I recommend using general-purpose construction adhesive instead of nails or screws to reduce the risk of danger for our pets.

5. Create a vlog with your cat

Every moment with our cats is a memory that we should treasure. Fortunately, we are in the digital era of smartphones and have the power of videos. By creating a video or a vlog, we can readily capture every happy moment we share with our pets.

Vlogging is a great way to bond with our pets and an excellent way to show off our cat’s personality. We can start by filming our cats while they are sleeping or eating. After which, you can gradually add more activities such as playing and bathing.

What are the things that we need to consider in making a vlog?

  • First, we need to have a camera that can record high-quality videos.
  • Second, we choose a theme or a concept for our vlog. It can be about our daily life with our cat, our cat’s funny stunts, or anything that we think would be interesting for other people.
  • Lastly, let’s not forget to edit the videos and add some music to make them more fun and entertaining.

6. Take them on walks outside

Just as we take our dog outside, we can also take our cat for a walk. However, before doing this, we must ensure that our cat is comfortable wearing a harness and leash. To acclimate our pets to outside walks, we must first walk them around our vicinity for a week.

After which, when they are ready for a further trip, we can find a quiet place where we can walk our cat without too many distractions. One of the best ways to do this is to find a park or nature reserve that allows pets. This way, our cat can explore different sights and smells while being safe at the same time.

While on the subject, if you plan to go on a further trip, ensure your cat is properly vaccinated. The outside world for unvaccinated cats can be dangerous and probably make them sick.

7. Talk to them – they love hearing your voice!

Our feline friends love the sound of our voices and often feel reassured when we talk to them. This works vice versa; the voice and purring of our pets can be therapeutic because of their cuteness. So the next time you feel down or just need someone to talk to, why not try talking to your cat?

While brushing

Depending on the length of our pet’s fur, we might need to brush them every day or once a week. We can use a soft-bristled brush or a comb to avoid hurting their skin.

We may also talk to our cats about anything to make them calm and comfortable. Don’t hesitate to praise them and give them treats while you’re doing this so that they will associate your voice and your brushing with something positive.

While petting

Before we pet our cats, we should let them smell our hands first and hear our voices. This is to let them know that the ones petting them are no strangers. As a result, this would make them calm and avoid being panicky.

When handling them, tuck their feet between your arms and carry them below their chest. Another tip I could give you is to squeeze your cat gently when you tuck them – just not too tight. This would help to make their body more relaxed.

When we pet our cats, it would be best to start from their heads and work our way down to their tails. We can give them a little massage using our fingertips or palms. We can also gently scratch their chin to show them some affection.

All in All

As you can read from the content above, there are several methods by which we can connect with and care for our cats. From playing with them, talking to them, to taking them on walks outside, each of these activities can help strengthen the bond between our feline friends and us. By following the tips in this article, you can enjoy an enriching relationship with your cat!

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