Catify Your Home: Tips for creating a fun feline environment

catify your home

Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures, so turning your home into a fun, stimulating playground is one of the best ways of satisfying their curiosity. If you’re looking for more ways to ‘catify’ your home, Paul Trott from pet care company Catit shares his top tips on building the perfect space for you and your four-legged friend.

Over recent years, pet ownership has risen to unprecedented levels: by 2020/21, 59% of all UK households owned a pet (Statista). In fact, according to recent research by the Cats Protection charity, there are now 10.8 million domestic cats in the UK and 26% of homeowners reported having at least one cat or kitten.

With all these devoted pet parents across the country, it’s no wonder that searches for ‘barkitecture‘ and inventive ways to ‘catify‘ our homes are also on the rise (Pinterest Predicts).

We all want our animals to live the happiest, healthiest lives possible, and creating a comfortable, stimulating environment is just one way of achieving this. Read on and discover how to ‘catify’ your home and please even the most finicky of felines.

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Do you know these fun cat facts?
Do you know these fun cat facts?

Toys and tech for curious cats

Sensory toys such as treat dispensers or motion-activated toys with catnip are a great way to keep your cat stimulated and happy at home. As natural predators, your cat will want to play and ‘hunt’ to keep their coordination sharp (especially when they’re young and full of energy).

Taking time to play with them at the end of the day helps to keep them active and maintain those famous cat-like reflexes. As well as being incredibly cute and relieving some of your own stress after a long day, playing together can also build trust and become a key part of your daily routine. For instance, your cat may learn that after playtime, it’s time for dinner and settling down for the night.

Water fountains and smart feeders make another excellent addition when catifying your home, as they keep your cat fed and hydrated even if you’re away for a night or two. Fountains with running water can make drinking more appealing to your fussy feline, and with smart technology you can even schedule their feeding times from your phone. These gadgets not only benefit you as an owner, but they also allow your cat to exercise their natural independence while still being well looked after.

Comfy beds

The phrase ‘cat nap’ is famous for a reason! As well as sleeping for an average of 12–18 hours a day, our feline friends also have frequent naps throughout the afternoon as they often have a peak in energy just before sunrise, and another around sunset (Sleep Foundation). They therefore spend a considerable amount of time in their bed, meaning that a comfortable, good quality model is one of the most important items you can buy for them. We love this comfy bed, check it out!

However, your cat probably loves napping in other locations throughout the house, too. So, why not add a few small beds or some blankets to each of their favourite spots for some extra comfort? If they like to sneak into small, hidden spaces for a quick snooze, always remember to check these spots before closing cupboard doors or locking your shed so they won’t get trapped accidentally.

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Fun furniture

Especially if you have an indoor cat, it’s important that they still get to play, explore, and exercise. Things like scratching posts are important because these not only save your nice furniture from damage, but they also allow your cat to stretch, relieve pent-up energy, and keep their claws sharp and healthy. Another way to bolster your cat’s health at home is by planting cat grass. Easy to grow both indoors and outdoors with planting kits, cat grass is full of vitamins and acts as a natural digestive aid that they can nibble on as and when they need it.

Cats often like to be high up, as this gives them a sense of security and a bird’s eye view of their territory. Cat trees with multiple tiers are a great way of giving them this high perspective, and these can be customised with scratching surfaces, feather toys, and even obscured pockets of catnip they can hunt out.

If you believe a house isn’t truly a home without a cat, you can add more permanent fixtures by putting up special shelves and wall-mounted furniture for them to play, jump, and climb on. While these might require a little more DIY, using your walls for ladders, pods, and bridges can free up more floor space if you’re working with smaller rooms. Your cats will love exploring and climbing on these to survey their kingdom from above!

Keep it classy

Just because you want to give your cats a fun play environment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own interior design. When picking out new furniture or toys, try to find pieces that fit with the overall colour palette in each room, so that they won’t look garish or clash with your existing décor. Muted, neutral colours are usually the safest option, so look out for high quality models made with natural materials like oak or walnut.

If you’re short on space, opt for toys and furniture that can be stored in cupboards when they’re not being used. Pop-up play furniture is also a great choice if you’re short on space, as these pieces can be folded away when playtime is over for the day. No matter how big your rooms are, always keep play equipment away from walkways or in front of cupboards you regularly need access to — this way your rooms don’t feel cluttered or messy and you’re not tripping over toys or scratching posts every day.

Final thoughts

For most cat lovers, a house without a cat isn’t truly a home. If you’re wondering how to ‘catify’ your home, you can provide your curious kitty with sensory toys, play furniture, and smart feeders, all without sacrificing your interior design. For more enrichment tips, check out the rest of our cat life resources here at Ruffle Snuffle.

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