Death by chocolate; Why parrots can’t share your chocolate cookie

can parrots eat chocolate

It’s no secret that chocolate is a delicious treat. But what you may not know is that it’s also deadly for our feathered friends. Chocolate contains a compound called theobromine which is toxic to parrots and can kill them within hours of ingestion.

It doesn’t matter if it is white, milk, dark or chips in your cookie, chocolate is bad news for parrots. The theobromine interferes with the bird’s ability to produce energy, and can cause heart failure, seizures and even death. The caffeine also found in most chocolate products is also harmful to parrots.

So why is chocolate so dangerous for parrots? The answer lies in their digestive system. Unlike us, parrots can’t break down theobromine and caffeine into harmless by-products. This means that even a small amount of chocolate can be lethal to them.

So when you’re tempted to share your chocolate cookie, remember that your parrot won’t be able to enjoy it with you. Instead, give them a healthy snack like a piece of fruit or bird seed. They’ll thank you for it!

Want to know more about chocolate toxicity in birds and why it’s so bad? Read on.

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Can parrots eat chocolate?

Parrots cannot eat chocolate because theobromine is toxic to them. Theobromine is the primary alkaloid in cocoa and chocolate. It’s a xanthine compound that is also found in tea and coffee. Theobromine is toxic to parrots, dogs, cats, and horses. It can cause serious health problems in these birds and animals.

When it comes to parrots, we need to remember that their metabolism is different from humans’. This much theobromine and caffeine can be really harmful to them. In fact, these compounds can even be lethal for some parrots.

Theobromine is toxic to all birds because it causes their heart rate to increase and can lead to cardiac arrest. It can also cause seizures and vomiting.

Why Is Chocolate Toxic For Parrots?

Just I talked about why theobromine is toxic to parrots. In fact, it’s the most poisonous alkaloid to them. Following are the other reasons why chocolate toxicity in parrots:

It contains caffeine:

Chocolates contain caffeine, which is another alkaloid that is harmful to parrots. Caffeine can cause the same problems as theobromine.

It has sugar:

Remember, parrots usually live in cages. So they don’t get the opportunity to fly and exercise as much as they should. This can lead to obesity in them. And we all know that sugary food items like chocolates are one of the main reasons for obesity. Sugar isn’t good for humans; how can it be good for parrots? It can also cause problems with their blood sugar levels.

It has artificial flavors and chemicals:

Artificial flavors and chemicals can be harmful to parrots. They can cause problems with their digestive system. Usually, these chemicals are what trigger seizures in parrots.

But What If I Accidentally Give My Parrot Chocolate?

If you accidentally give your parrot chocolate, don’t panic, or chocolate toxicity signs appear. Not all hope is lost. There are things you can do to try and save your parrot.

The first thing you need to do is call a vet. If possible, take the parrot with you. The vet will give your parrot an antidote if it’s available. If not, they will try to stabilize your bird and get it to a specialist.

If you can’t get to a vet right away, there are things you can do yourself. You need to try and get the chocolate out of your bird’s system. This can be done by inducing vomiting or using activated charcoal.

But even if you do all of this, your parrot may still die. So it’s always best to avoid giving chocolate to parrots in the first place.

Can Parrots Eat Other Types of Chocolate?

No, be it dark chocolate, white chocolate, or even other chocolate bars, are just as toxic to parrots as milk chocolate. So it’s best to avoid giving any chocolate to your parrot.

What are the Symptoms of a Parrot That’s Eaten Chocolate?

If you think your parrot has eaten chocolate, look out for the following symptoms:

1) Vomiting: When a bird vomits, it’s usually a sign that they’ve eaten something bad. You may see chocolate or bits of food in the vomit. Also, vomiting can be a sign of poisoning.

2) Increased heart rate: An increased heart rate is usually a sign of poisoning. You may be able to feel your bird’s heart racing, or you may hear it pounding.

3) Diarrhea: Chocolate can cause diarrhea in birds. You may see watery or runny feces.

4) Seizures: Seizures can be a sign of chocolate poisoning. You may see your bird shaking, twitching, or rolling its eyes.

5) Dark loose colored droppings: Chocolate can give birds black droppings.

6) Death: The most serious symptom of chocolate poisoning is death. If your bird exhibits any of the other signs and dies, it’s likely that chocolate poisoning was the cause.

What to do if you think your parrot has eaten chocolate:

1) Immediately call a veterinarian. If possible, take the parrot with you.

2) If you can’t get to a vet right away, try to get the chocolate out of your bird’s system. This can be done by inducing vomiting or using activated charcoal.

3) Even if you do all of this, your parrot may still die. So it’s always best to avoid giving chocolate to parrots in the first place.

How Much Chocolate Can Kill a Parrot?

It’s difficult to say how much chocolate can kill a parrot. It depends on the bird’s size, weight, and sensitivity to chocolate. In general, the less chocolate the bird consumes, the better.

A New Zealand veterinary journal published a study on the effects of chocolate on parrots. A parrot named Kea, who consumed only 0.7 ounces of chocolate, died within two hours. It’s clear that chocolate is not safe for parrots and should never be fed to them.

What To Do When Your Bird Begs For Chocolate

It can be difficult to say no to your parrot when it begs for chocolate. But remember, chocolate is toxic to parrots. If you give in and give your bird chocolate, you could be putting its life at risk.

Instead, try giving your bird a safe alternative to chocolate. There are lots of bird-safe treats you can give your parrots, such as grapes, apples, or nuts. These treats are nutritious and will keep your bird happy and healthy.


Hopefully this article has taught you something new about chocolate and its effects on parrots. Remember, when it comes to chocolate, it’s best to just say no to your parrot. There are plenty of other safe and healthy foods you can give your bird instead.

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