Do Guinea Pigs Like To Climb? We Investigate

do guinea pigs like to climb

Climbing guinea pig ramps and steps can be a great way to keep them happy, healthy, and active. But what do guinea pigs think of it? Do guinea pigs like to climb?

Everyone has heard of guinea pigs, but do you know much about them? Guinea pigs are relatively small rodents that can be found in many parts of the World. They originate from the Andes in South America and our modern guinea pigs are descendants of Cavia cutleri, believed to be domesticated around 5,000 BCE. Guinea pigs are herbivores and enjoy eating hay, vegetables and fruits. They make brilliant, entertaining pets, but do they like to climb?

Guinea pigs generally enjoy climbing ramps, small steps and through tubes. Unlike other rodents like mice and squirrels, they can’t climb trees and walls due to their long bodies and short limbs.

Let’s find out how these adorable creatures use their environment to their advantage and climb their way to safety.

Are guinea pigs good climbers?

Despite guinea pigs making ideal pets to play with, climb and explore the garden with, they are not brilliant climbers. This means that guinea pigs can’t climb trees or walls. They are pretty good at climbing ramps and small steps but you need to make sure ramps are wide enough for them to not fall off. However, a guinea pig will attempt to climb short steps if trapped in a corner and they have no other option but it’s never something guinea pigs like doing.

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Do guinea pigs enjoy climbing?

A guinea pig is more interested in eating grass and hiding than it is in climbing. As vulnerable prey animals, they avoid open areas and move quickly from one patch of cover area to the next. If you have several guinea pigs then you may find that one acts as a ‘lookout’ and will climb to the highest point to keep an eye out for predators. This is a natural behaviour guinea pigs have developed for survival.

Where do guinea pigs like to climb?

Guinea pigs love ascending ramps, steps or going through tubes and tunnels. You may have seen Haypigs! on Dragon’s Den. They make a fantastic range of guinea pig circus themed enrichment products that your piggy will enjoy. Their cannonball is one of our favourites as it’s a tilting tunnel your piggy can climb through and pop our the other side! Sometimes guinea piggies jump over their buddies to get to a higher surface. Some piggies like to climb onto their sleeping den or a box. Encouraging your guinea pig to climb by putting some enrichment items in their environment; it’s a great way to keep them active indoors.

How high can guinea pigs climb?

Guinea pigs, although not fans of climbing are capable of reaching great heights if the terrain allows. Your guinea pig can climb ramps that are up to an incline of 30 degrees. This gives guinea pigs a good chance to reach the top of their cage and have a rest once they’ve reached it. However, guinea pigs shouldn’t be allowed to jump from too high or for too long as it may damage their joints and bones. If guinea pigs feel insecure on a ramp or step then they will back down and find an easier option.

Can Guinea Pigs Climb Out of Their Cages?

Guinea pigs are highly unlikely to climb out of their cages, unless you have positioned items in the cage near the sides. A guinea pigs front legs are too weak to hoist them up to scale any walls or climb wire. Guinea pig enclosures usually have tops on them not to keep the guinea pigs in, but to keep other pets and predators out.

When guinea pigs are in their cage then they will happily have a dig in their hay if it is there or make themselves comfortable in a pile of soft bedding. If guinea pigs feel insecure on a ramp or step then they will back down and find an easier option.

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What It Means When Your Guinea Pig Climbs On You

When you have bonded with your piggy you’ll be a place that they feel safe to be around. Sit down with your furry friends and they will climb into your lap. Lie down and they will climb onto you to explore.

Guinea Pig Climbing FAQs

Can Guinea Pigs Climb Stairs?

Guinea Pigs can not climb the stairs in your house as their front legs are too short and can not support their body weight. Their back legs, although strong, are not enough to propel them up a stairway.

Can Guinea Pigs Climb Through Tubes?

Guinea pigs are keen to climb through tubes, especially if there is a guinea pig on the other end that they want to greet and say hello to, or a tasty treat is waiting for them.

Can Guinea Pigs Climb Ladders?

Guinea pigs cannot climb up ladders. They do not have any strength in their front legs to pull themselves up the rungs of a ladder.

Can Guinea Pigs Climb Ramps?

While some guinea pigs seem to enjoy going up ramps and steps, other will avoid it completely. It might be a good idea to fashion some steep steps out of stone slabs or bricks. This not only helps the guinea pig when climbing up but also saves you from having to cut your pet’s nails as it wears them down when running over rough surfaces including these made of stone. Some

Is It Bad For Guinea pigs To Climb?

In general guinea pigs will climb safely over small ramps, tunnels or a step. However, a guinea pig can easily injure itself from falling, even from a small height, so keep obstacles low and secure to prevent accidents.

Wrapping up

So contrary to popular belief guinea pigs can climb, a bit. Offering your guinea pig some climbing objects is a really fun way to keep them active and fit. They enjoy ascending ramps, small steps or going through tubes and tunnels. It’s important for guinea piggies’ safety that any obstacles be low enough so as not cause injury when falling off an object accidentally. If you’re looking for more ways to help guinea pigs stay fit and healthy, check out the list of guinea pig toys we love below.

Climbing Toys For Guinea Pigs

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