National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day is more than just a chance to celebrate the cuteness and diversity of puppies. It was originally created by Colleen Paige in 2006 as a way to raise awareness for adopting puppies rather than buying them from breeders. It is important to keep this in mind when celebrating this holiday, especially when social media may become full of designer dogs. 

When is National Puppy Day?

Celebrate National Puppy Day on the 23rd of March. What is interesting about this date is that it is actually the same as Cuddly Kitten Day. Some may see this as the perfect chance to declare a side in the age-old debate about cats vs dogs. But, it also means double-duty for pet owners with both. You need to make sure that your pets have equal attention. 

How to celebrate National Puppy Day.

You can have fun on National Puppy Day by spoiling your pet and showing them off to the world. Celebrate their quirks and use this day as an opportunity to get them a fun new toy or treat.

Another popular idea is to arrange a photoshoot to capture your dog at this important stage. They aren’t going to be puppies for long, so a professional photo is a great idea. 

You can also consider making National Puppy Day greetings cards for puppy owners among your friends and family, or giving them gifts? Perhaps there is something practical they could use to make the challenges of puppyhood a little easier to manage? 

Finally, if you don’t have a puppy in your life, but want to help out, you could use the day to make a donation to a local charity or shelter. There are sure to be organisations or foster near-by that could use a helping hand. Or, maybe you want to consider fostering yourself. 

Don’t forget to take part in National Puppy Day on social media. 

With National Puppy Day and Cuddly Kitten Day taking part at the same time, there is sure to be a bit of a Twitter war going on. Which hashtag will trend the most and get the best responses? You can also have fun watching people’s videos or looking at cute photos on Instagram. 

Fun facts about National Puppy Day.

~ This would have been National Whelp Day if we hadn’t have adopted the name puppy for young dogs. The idea is that this comes from the French poupee, meaning doll. It certainly sounds a lot nicer. 

~ The largest ever litter of puppies was 24. They were born to a Neopolitan mastiff and this is 9 more than the litter of Dalmatians in 101 Dalmatians. 

~ The most popular breed of dog to get as a puppy is the Labrador Retriever. 

Be responsible on National Puppy Day. 

There is the risk that some people will see National Puppy Day as a chance to go out and get a new puppy of their own. But, the decision to raise a puppy is one that you need to consider very carefully. So, if you want to get a puppy, remember why this day started and consider adoption.