The best 100 DIY toys for pets : Enrichment Ideas

100 DIY enrichment toys

From rats and rabbits, to snakes and parrrots we’ve got toys to keep you busy all year round. Even though some of these toys may specify cat or dog, they can be interchangeable. Your cats may love playing with dog toys and vice versa. You’ll want to bookmark ( or pin) this page and come back as there’s so many ideas. And I’ll be updating it so the list will grow.

Are you ready? Get your boxes, scraps and scissors at the ready and dive in! 

Crinkle Balls

Watch how to make colorful and crinkly washi tape covered balls, perfect for cats:

Cat Fleece Spider

Watch how to make a fleece spider for your cat, using strips of fleece and a wooden ring:

Cat Chopstick Wand Toy

Make this easy chopstick wand toy for your cat that mimics a bird in flight. Directions are here:

Amazing indoor nose work games to p...
Amazing indoor nose work games to play with your dog from Ruffle Snuffle

Toilet Roll Animals

This might be the easiest toy you can make for your cat using nothing more than a toilet paper roll. Watch the how-to:

Felt Mouse

Spoil your kitty this darling DIY Felt Mouse from Lia Griffith by filling it with catnip and your fluffy friend will be excited to chase after their new toy. 

diy felt mouse for cat
DIY felt mouse for cat

Cat Puzzle Box

DIY Toy Puzzle Box from The Glam Cat will keep your Cat engaged as they try to get their favorite toys out. 

Cat Puzzle Box
Cat Puzzle Box

Cat Wheel

If you have woodworking skills, you can build this amazing cat wheel, which your cats will love running inside. 

Air Dancer

Your cats will have a blast attacking this air dancer.

Water Fountain

This DIY water fountain can hydrate your cat as well as serve as a fun toy for cats who love to play in water. 

Ferris Wheel

If you have woodworking skills, you can build this ferris wheel to help satisfy your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

Catnip Kickers

Use scrap fabric and feathers to make this easy toys for your cat or dog with this tutorial from My So Called Crafty Life.

Catnip Kitty Kickers
Catnip Kitty Kickers

Automatic Feeder

This automatic feeder can help save you time as well as help you portion control your cat’s feedings.

Atuomatic Cat Feeder

Cat Window Hammock

Your cat will adore laying in this visible hammock which can be attached to a window.

Cat Hammock

Cat Bag Toy

If you have a cat that doesn’t mind wearing a harness, this cat bag toy is a fun carrot-and-stick idea. 

Cat Bag Toy

Fun Feeder

A DIY interactive fun feeder is a great way to help satisfy your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

Fun Feeder


Whack-a-mole is not just a game for humans. Your cats will love this version.

Whack a mole for cats

Robot Bug

This easy robot bug will keep your cats busy for hours as they chase it around the room. 

Robot Bug

Build this hide and seek box and fill it with balls for hours of interactive fun.

Hide and Seek Box

Your cats can learn to control this kitty vending machine to disburse their squeeze up treats. 

This interactive wooden rolling pin box can help satisfy your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

This cat hammock, made from cardboard, looks oh-so-comfy for kitties. 

Amazing indoor nose work games to play with your dog from Ruffle Snuffle

This air whack-a-mole toy looks like great fun for cats. 

Your cats will love hiding in this DIY cat tunnel, made from a pair of old pajama pants. 

If you have woodworking skills, you can build this incredible cat tower so your cats have someplace private to sleep and hangout.

This fun feeder is made with cardboard and spins to release dry food or treats. 

Your cats will love this elaborate three-story cat house, made with cardboard.

This DIY step feeder enables your cats to cover their food bowl with a lid when they are not eating.

You’ll need lots of cardboard tubes to make this interactive peek-a-boo paper roll tower.

Your pets will love drinking out of this adorable floating fountain which resembles a faucet.

You can DIY your own cat game video using your cat’s favorite toy and tablet or laptop. 

Your cat will love trying to figure out how to work this interactive feeder, made with clear plastic balls. 

This billiard table, made with cardboard, is perfect for the cat who loves to knock items off the table. 

Your cats will adore this super easy play mat, which is made with a blanket, felt, and Velcro tape.

This very simple fan toy is made by tying long strips of plastic to a fan, creating hours of fun.

This cat bank box is a real life version of the popular coin stealing piggy bank toy.

This roly-poly toy is a tumbler that stands back up on its own after being knocked down.

Your cat will go nuts over these DIY catnip pom poms.

Learn to make your own fluttery cat teaser made from just two materials – fabric and rope.

This fun rip apart treat box is made from just a flattened toilet paper roll filled with treats.

You’ll find the pattern for sewing for this DIY Multi-colored Dog Ball from Dalmatian DIY to be simple and adorable as well. 

This DIY Denim Octopus  from Sew Historically is an easy sew project using only items you would find around the house. 

This simple DIY Dog Puzzle Treat Dispenser from Dog Training by Kikopup can be made using a food storage dish. 

This enrichment toy can keep your little tail-wagger occupied for a while. A Snufflemat – hide treats in will have them sniffling and snuffling searching for snacks while you relax on the couch.

Whether you need a quick and easy toy for your pooch this super easy DIY Doggie Donut from Pet Guide is the way to go. 

Sometimes pooches need a soft, and cuddly toy. This Dog Toy Bunny from Lia Griffith is both soft and cuddly but also mess-free if your dog tears into it.

It’s sturdy, strong, and wiggly and your fido friend is going to love this Squeaky Snake Toy from Dalmatian DIY.

Upcycle a pair of old jeans to make this delightful  DIY Dog Bone Toy from Pillar Box Blue. And, add in a squeak toy for an extra layer of fun for your pet. 

A quick, simple sew toy that would make a charming DIY Giant Lips Toy like this from Dalmatian DIY which is a darling toy to have around the house anytime, but especially for Valentine’s day. 

This DIY allows you to use up some scrap fabric to make this Hopefully Indestructible Stuffed Dog Toy from Fuzzy Elephants on Instructables, which can be used as a pull toy game you can play together.

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Your doggie will be thrilled with this Ice Cream Squeak Toy from Dalmatian DIY.

Puppies chew on everything. Wouldn’t it be better to give them something to chew on than if they chew on your shoes? This Dog Chew Toy by Katvanlew on Instructables is easy to make when you use up a variety of scrap fabric from around the house.

You’ll be thrilled to discover just how easy this no-sew DIY Denim Tug Toy is from Sew Historically.

Every pet needs a buddy and this DIY Sock Creature by JokerDAS on Instructables can be adapted to any kind of buddy. You can whip this one together in no time following the simple, step by step instructions.

Keep your dog’s mind engaged and problem solving with this Dog Enrichment Toy from The Nerd’s Wife that you can DIY with a few items from the hardware store.

Just two simple items will have a pup of any age obsessed! With just rope and a sweet potato you can DIY a healthier alternative to rawhide toys. Just follow the easy instructions on Little Things for a DIY Organic Rawhide Alternative Toy.

Oodle Life has a fantastic no-prep, no-sew DIY dog game idea using household items. The Muffin Tin Game is a brain teaser for your canine that provides both mental and physical exercise.

DIY Puzzle Box like the one found at My Brown Newfies is a pet-friendly version of a Whack-a-Mole game and will entertain you and your pooch.

Puppy Jungle Gym like the one at Baxter & Bella is a great way to keep your pup entertained, and also introduce them to a variety of sounds.

Don’t buy expensive agility equipment, instead DIY your own Dog Agility Course using these instruction from This Old House.

This DIY Tetherball Dog Toy from AllThingsBruno is great for large dogs who like to pull. 

Tired of your best furry friend digging up your backyard? Why not give them their own Doggy Digging Hole or sandbox like this one from Cuteness. You can train them to use it by burying treats, and toys they’ll search to find. 

Learn to make your own Dog Ball Slingshot using this step-by-step tutorial from Fishin4daze on Instructables.

An Under 5 Minute DIY Dog Puzzle Toy like this one from Proud Dog Mom is the easiest dog toy you’ll ever make.

Skip the plastic and give your little Fido something more healthy and natural with this DIY Food Puzzle from Oh My Dog Blog.

Dogs love tennis balls! Make them even more fun and engaging by turning them into a Dog Treat Puzzle like this tutorial from Vaibhav0603 on Instructables.

Have a couple of old t-shirts around the house? Use them to make this DIY Tennis Ball Toy from Fake Ginger.

Just four items are all you need to complete this DIY Dog Rope Toy from Ideas 2 Live 4.

Spin the Bottle Puzzle Game for Dogs from The Homestead Survival Blog will keep them occupied and problem solving for hours. 

This DIY Dog Sniffing Mat from Infinitidy has a variety of puzzle ideas to keep your pooch entertained. 

Watch this video from The Furry Family Coach to learn How to Make a Snuffle Ball for your pet.

Learn how to make a Basic Monkey Knot Dog Toy at the Patch Puppy. 

This easy Doggie Boredom Buster from Dogue uses toilet paper rolls and a plastic bucket could not be easier!

DIY Dog Ice Balls from Tail.com are perfect for hot summer days. 

Turn a shoebox into a Simple Destruction Box like this video from Gone Dogmad into a fun game for your friendly fido. 

Learn how to make a Cruncher Dog Toy using a water bottle and sock from The Crafty Blog Stalker.

This Flirt Pole Dog Toy from Notes from a Dog Walker is a great idea to help you both exercise and train your pooch pal.

DIY Rabbit Toilet Paper Food Dispenser from Bunny Lady is a great mental enrichment for your bunny.

This Cardboard Slotted Rabbit Toys tutorial from The Rabbit House is a great idea to solve a food puzzle for your hoppy friend.

Rabbit teeth continue to grow, and you have to provide them with good chew toys to keep them from overgrowth. This simple Rabbit Chew Toy from A Farm Girl in the Making provides an excellent way to keep teeth filed safely.

Find Three Simple DIY Toys for your pet rabbit using only household items from Small Pets Select.

Keep your bunny’s brain active with these DIY Interactive Toy from Erin’s Animals.

Popsicle Stick Pet Crafts from Crafty Danni’s World are useful in making a variety of interactive toys for your small pets. 

Build a Cardboard Maze for your Chinchilla or other small pet with this tutorial from Exotic Animal Supplies.

Enrich your pet rat’s day with any of these 7 Easy DIY Rat Toys from Animallama.

Your pet rodent will be thrilled with this DIY Climbing Wall on YouTube.

This guide from Keeping Ezekiel is a fun DIY Maze that even the kids will enjoy building for your pet gerbil, mouse or rat.

Learn how to make a DIY Hedgehog Dig Box with this video from Zara’s Zoo on YouTube. 

Discover 9 Toilet Paper Roll Toys for your Hamster with this video from Animal Pet Fans.

You will be amazed by this Minecraft DIY Rat Maze found on 9Gag. 

Learn how to Make a Climbing Net for your Parrot at Bird Tricks. 

Discover 5 Cheap DIY Bird Toys you can make using commonly found items in your own household from The Spruce Pets.

Learn how to make your own Foraging Toys from Parrot Enrichment.

Birds love to play with simple items such as molted feather, wooden spools and paper. 

You can make a simple climbing frame out of a wire coat hanger.

Ropes strung across the room, from corner to corner, make great, inexpensive places for your birds to hang out. 

treat wrapped in a raffia mat makes a great interactive toy for birds.

Erin’s Ark has a great video tutorial for how to make DIY Small Pet Toys using common household items.

This Fort Myers Vet shares some tips for DIY Toys for Pocket Pets. And reminds us to always be mindful of the pet’s safety whenever building or making pet items from scratch.

You’ll find this DIY Treat Ball from Charleston Animal Society to be easy to make and you can use it with any animal including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pig, hamsters, or other small pets. 

Learn how to set up your snake’s enclosure for more enrichment activities from this Corn Snakes forum discussion.

100 DIY enrichment toys for your pets
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