Tricks are so much fun and provide excellent mental and physical enrichment for your pets. Some are harder than others, so pick off the easy ones first. Here’s 100 to choose from. Even though it may specify a certain animal, a lot of these ideas are adaptable to different pets. Be sure to bookmark this page as we’ll be adding to it!

40 Tricks to Teach Your Dog 

One of the first commands to teach a dog is to sit. Discover How to Teach a Dog to Sit in 5 Simple Steps.

You’ll find that if you can clicker train your dog you’ll find they’ll be able to train easily when learning other tricks.

Another foundational skill to teach your dog is to touch train. Touch training helps your pooch learn to respond to your commands by rewarding only when the proper touch is met.

A great way to quiet a dog is with the command “lay down” or “play dead.” The site Paw Leaks has wonderful tips for teaching How to Teach Your Dog to Play Dead

Amazing indoor nose work games to p...
Amazing indoor nose work games to play with your dog from Ruffle Snuffle

According to the site, Top Dog Tips, it’s a natural progression to go from sit and lay down to Training Your Dog to Roll Over

Isn’t it cute when your pooch crosses their paws? Kyle Kittleson can show you how to train your dog to cross their paws.

Teaching the backup command lets you be in control of space. Once they understand that you want them to move back you can go through doors or play toss knowing they’ll give you the space you need to perform tasks

Stay is a trick that has many useful applications. Teaching your dog to stay when you open a door or go to another room keeps them from tagging along at your heels. How to Teach Your Dog to Stay with a step by step guide.

The command to heel puts you firmly in control of any situation and is a good command to teach.

Another important trick is to teach your furry friend to release. This means they’ve held a position as expected such as sit, stay, lay down.

Using this guide from Success Dogs you can teach your pet to Open a Door. This trick has many useful benefits.

Another useful trick along those same lines is the Shut the Door trick.

Some dogs know intuitively how to bring an item back to their human while others need to be taught how to fetch.

Teaching your furry friend to Come when Called is more than a party trick. It’s also an important safety measure.

A sweet trick to teach your pooch is the Sit Pretty command also known as the Beg command. Your Dog Advisor has tips for How to Teach Your Dog to Sit Pretty in 5 Easy Steps.

Teach your dog another helpful trick, how to Drop It on Command. While it might be a trick, there may be times when you will need your dog to fully respond to this command when they’ve taken ahold of something they shouldn’t, like a shoe or pillow.

Surprise all of your friends when you teach a dog how to speak. You can find a good How To Teach A Dog How To Speak from Doggie Desires.

You’ll find that classic trick is a good one to start with when you watch this video to teach your Dog to Shake Hands with this video by How to Love your Dog.

Leave it is another useful command to teach. It means you can lay anything down and the dog won’t take it unless you give the command.

Your dog can be trained to do a variety of tasks. This video from How to Love your Dog teaches How to Carry a Bucket

Knowing that your dog won’t take items without your permission means you can help to ensure their safety. The leave it command teaches your pooch the importance of not taking an item that could potentially be dangerous or destructive. 

This trick is especially adorable for small breed dogs. Dogvills shows you How to Teach Your Dog to Crawl in 5 Easy Steps.

Amazing indoor nose work games to play with your dog from Ruffle Snuffle

Raising Your Pets Naturally has tips for How to Train Your Dog to Give High Fives.

Teaching your Dog to Wave Goodbye is easier than you might think when you use this guide from Loveable Dogs.

Looking for a bit more advanced dog trick? Try Teaching Your Dog to Jump Through a Hula Hoop.

Another adorable trick is the Take a Bow trick. Find tips for How to Teach Your Dog to Bow at the site That Mutt.

This video with Jennifer of the American Kennel Club and her dog Tara show you how to Train Your Dog to Spin in a Circle

This is a fun trick any sports lover will enjoy. You can train your dog to Play Basketball

Learning How to Teach Your Dog to Go to His Bed by Top Dog Tips will serve you well when you have an indoor dog. 

Dogs are known to be able to perform a variety of agility tricks. That includes the ability to leap over a stick or object. 

Imagine how much easier it would be if your best fur buddy could let you know when they want to go out by ringing a bell. They can when you teach them this trick.

No one likes an incessantly barking pup. Teaching your dog to hush can bring calm to any situation.

Playing games with your furry friend is fun for both of you. That’s why learning How to Train Your Dog to Play Hide and Seek with this guide from Wag! is an engaging activity for both of you.

Weaving is another agility exercise that is good for both their minds and bodies.

Imagine how helpful it would be if your dog could turn on or off the lights when your hands are full. This guide from Pets Best teaches you how to train them to do just that.

Retrieving an item for you is another useful trick. The Nest has a guide for teaching your dear friend to Fetch a Remote, or Retrieve a Dropped Item for you.

If you’ve properly taught your dog to respond to the clicker and treat you’ve well established them to be rewarded with any command. You may be surprised to learn that you can also clicker train your dog to eliminate on command in a specific location. This can save you time, and frustration as you wait and wait on your dog to go potty.

We’ve all seen when dogs bring their humans slippers, or the paper, or the remote. And isn’t that a handy helping trick? Teach your own fido how to bring you any item.

It might seem impossible at first but you can teach your dog to jump rope. There have even been trainers who’ve taught their dogs to double dutch.

An impressive trick for even the most doubtful of your friends is teaching your dog to count. With patience and practise you’ll teach him how to respond to subtle cues that over time teaches them to be rewarded when they respond properly.

30 Tricks to teach your cat

Target training is a good trick to get started with teaching your cat tricks. 

Cats can learn to respond to a vocal cue and run your way.

Cats can also learn the Wave trick. This video from Cat School will show you how to Teach your Cat to Wave.

According to Pet Central at Chewy.com you can even Teach your Cat to Fetch using their handing step by step guide.

Like dogs you can train your kitty to sit on command. Catmantoo shows you how on this How to Teach Your Cat to Sit video.

Giving your cat a smooch is something you probably do regularly. But, did you know you can train her to Give You a Kiss?

Teach your kitty to master the polite art of shaking hands.

Similar to the shake hands trick, you can teach your cat to stand on its hind legs and politely “beg” for a treat

Did you know you can train your sweet kitty to roll over?

Amaze your friends by teaching your cat to Play the Shell Game. Imagine just how surprised they’ll be when they watch your cat find the treat time and again.

S&N Productions shares tips for how to Train Your Cat to Open a Door

This fun cat trick will have your friends marveling. You can Teach Your Cat to Jump through an Arm Hoop using this video from Cat School.

Dumb Friends League has a great guide for Teaching your Cat to Sit Pretty which is also known as begging. 

No need to stand when you teach your kit how to sit.

This article and video from ASPCA shows how Cats can be trained to Ring a Bell when they want food.

Imagine the ease of kitty clean up when you use this how to Guide from Wide Open Pets to Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet.

You can teach your cat to play dead

Cats are so smart they can figure out how to get through a maze. Check out this Giant Cat Labyrinth created by Cool Animal Video.

Weave poles are a great tool to teach your cat and build up their abilities and give them exercise.

Give your kitty some exercise by setting up a DIY Agility Course.

Not all cats will love this, but it is possible to train a cat to walk wearing a leash. Start early and be patient. 

You can teach your adorable fluff ball how to give a high five. This is a great trick to show off to your friends. 

It might surprise you to learn that some cats can be leash trained.

It’s such a graceful move to see your cat twirl.

Everyone needs a hug from time to time. Teach your fluffy friend how to give you a hug.

You can train your cat to not scratch furniture using positive reinforcement techniques. 

How fun will it be to teach your cat to roll on a skateboard? You can when you watch this video by Cats and Cavies.

Discover 30 amazing cat tricks this cat learned using the clicker train method.

Cat Clicker Training: How to Clicker Train Cats The Easy Way

The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide to Making Life Happier for You and Your Cat  

17 Tricks to teach your pet bird

Target training is one of the first tricks to teach a bird. It allows you to begin taming and training your bird to respond to you.

Your bird can be trained to come when you call its name.

Once you introduce your bird to clicker training you can use it to teach a variety of other tricks including picking up an object.

Once your bird is target trained you can teach it how to turn around simply using the target in a circle motion.

Teach your parrot to step up which will make it easier to touch and handle your bird.

A simple trick to teach your bird is learning how to wave

Once your pet bird has become used to letting you touch or handle it, you can work on more complicated tricks such as the play dead trick

A fun trick to watch is seeing a bird dance on cue. This step by step guide on Instructables will help you to train your bird to dance.

Shoulder sitting may not be a good idea for all pet birds. But, if you are confident that your pet will step off on command then you can try to teach how to shoulder sit.

You can show off your bird’s intelligence with this impressive fetching an object trick.

To teach a parrot, or other bird, to show its wings they must first be comfortable with touch. Learn how to Train Your Parrot to Show Wings

How Stuff Works has a good guide for How to Teach Your Bird to Speak through repetition and reinforcement.

With a bit of work your birds can be trained to flip on cue.

A fun trick is teaching your bird to play basketball

A more difficult task is to teach your winged friend to play ring toss.

How to Train Your Birds to Talk

Teaching Parrots with Positive Reinforcement

23 More training tips for teaching tricks to other household pets

Living Years Pet Blog has a how-to guide for Teaching a Pet Mouse to do Tricks. It includes teaching your mouse to come when called by name and also how to stand or beg. 

The YouTube channel Shadow the Rat has an Ultimate Guide to Rat Training that can get you started training your rat or even a mouse. 

You can even teach a pet rabbit to come when called, give kisses, spin, or high five with this quick guide.

Learn 4 Basic Tricks your Chinchilla can Learn.

Do you have pet turtles? Under the Shell blog shares their tips for How to Train Your Turtle.

Have a hamster? Sunflower seeds can be used to teach your furry pet tricks. You can learn How to Train Your Hamster with this guide from Pets4Homes.

Gerbils are also intelligent animals that can learn to do tricks. The site Gerbil Welfare’s What Tricks Can I Teach My Gerbil, has all the tips you need to get started.

Even tiny crustaceans like Hermit Crabs can learn a few tricks

Guinea Pigs can also be trained to do a variety of tricks. Here’s 5 Cute Tricks to Teach your Guinea Pig.

Did you know it’s possible to train your pet goldfish? From swimming through a hoop to nudging a ball into a net you’ll be surprised to discover 3 Ways to Play with Your Goldfish, on Wikihow.

Ferret World has a YouTube channel dedicated to all things ferrets and includes Ferret Training with this Ferret Rollover Trick.

Horses are incredibly intelligent animals. Learn 10 Simple Tricks to teach your Horse.

Chickens can be trained as well. These are 3 Easy Tricks You can Teach Your Pet Chicken.

100 fun tricks to teach your pets