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We’ve tried and tested all sorts of toy products with our guinea pigs. Some have been great, some not so good. Some have even been downright dangerous.

The most popular items are tunnels, toys that encourage foraging and some boredom buster activities that give them a little challenge. I’ve also included items on this page that provide enrichment other than toys, such as beds and houses that we recommend for our cavy companions.

Ball Boredom Busters ( buy plenty!)

Guinea pigs love to chew on things which is the only way that their teeth stay under control. There are lots of balls for guinea pigs on the market, so when choosing a suitable toy we look for a safe chewable material.

Haypigs!® Circus Treat Dispenser Ball

Haypigs!® Circus range are one of our all time favourites. Their treat ball is top of our list. We love the colours, the fact it splits into two halves and that the holes are just big enough to drop the treats out slowly.

Fill it with small chunks of vegetables and some of their daily pellets to make mealtimes more fun! You can also cut carrot and cucumber batons to poke in the star shaped holes and fill the middle with leafy greens so they have to pull them out.

Willow Balls for Chewing

We love these willow balls from Nature First. The balls are about the size of a tennis ball and get chewed, rolled around and once the guinea pigs have chewed a hole I stuff it with timothy hay and vegetable chunks. The balls might not last longer than a week if you have more than one guinea pig so it’s best to buy a couple! Well worth the money.

Best Tunnels for Guinea Pigs

Our piggies love their tunnels. Again we are big fans of Haypigs!® and their adorable cannonball tunnel is top of this list too!

Haypigs!® Cavy Cannonball Tunnel

The cannonball tunnel is a fun design, it’s a colourful cardboard tube that tilts on its plastic base when your piggy gets inside! Piggies love to get inside and peep out, as well as chew it. You can buy replacement tubes too, as it’s designed to nibbled and enjoyed. It’s currently out of stock on Amazon, but you can buy it as part of their starter set of circus themed enrichment toys, which means you get the tunnel, hidey hut and food bowl.

Trixie Willow Tunnel

This fun willow tunnel is designed to be destroyed by nibbling teeth but your guinea pig will have a lot of fun running through this and popcorning out the other side. Zoomies anyone?

Best Foraging Toys for Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs love their food and they adore a good forage which stimulates their brains and keeps them active.

Naturals Dandelion Roll’n’Nest

Made from 100% natural woven grass and filled with meadow hay, dandelion and marigold, the Dandelion Roll’n’Nest is a toy we like to treat our guinea pigs to every now and then. The ball lasts for quite a while and you can keep refilling it.

Rosewood Naturals Forage Cube

This might look like a hay cube but it’s actually a cardboard box covered filled with meadow hay and marigold flowers. It’s a fun game for your piggies to climb in and pull out their hay. It will get chewed but lasts for at least a couple of weeks with our piggies as we keep stuffing it with hay again. but doesn’t last long as it will get chewed and nibbled away.

Best Guinea Pig Beds and Hidey House

From the Haypigs!® Crash Mat to the Pigloo these are our guinea pigs favourite places to snuggle up for a snooze with each other.

Haypigs!® Crash Mat

Who can resist the bright colours and soft fleece on this bed to curl up on and snooze. Maybe they could make a human sized one for me? It’s low sides make it easy to get on and there’s room for at least two piggies on here. If you have a skinny pig they will probably enjoy the warmth and cosiness of the fleece on their skin.

Haypigs!® Circus Hut

If you’re spotting a theme here, I did warn you that we love Haypigs!® The circus hut is the icing on the cake for our piggies. Bright, colourful, soft cosy fleece that comes with two removable pee pads you can quickly wash. If you are longing for the whole set of Haypigs!® Circus toys then go back to the link at the top of this page for the starter set which will save you money.

Welcome to the Haypigs! Circus

Trixie Wooden House

This is a great enclosed space just big enough for one little piggy who can look out of the window and spy on the rest of the gang. The wooden house is well built and will last you for quite a while. We love that you can open the roof for a change of scene.

Rosewood Carrot Cottage

This adorable cottage actually has an edible carrot roof! Big enough for two guinea pigs ( buy the rabbit version if you have more piggies to fit in). It usually last about a month depending on how many piggies have access to chew on it. Some of our piggies love to stand on the top, others hide inside for a quiet snooze and a nibble. Hugely entertaining for us to watch as they explore and nibble. I mean, what’s better than an edible house!