The Ruffle Snuffle ‘Meow’ – snufflemat for cats

The Meow is a special edition of the Ruffle Snuffle™ rug made just for cats. We’ve infused the fleece with catnip to make it irresistible to your pussy cats and keep them purring for ages. 

• Infused with catnip

• Great boredom buster

• Ideal for indoor cats

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The Ruffle Snuffle™ Meow is made from high quality fleece and recycled rubber. You can also purchase a cotton travel bag, that also doubles as a wash bag or cat toy storage bag.

Long lasting, high quality and portable the Ruffle Snuffle™ Meow mat can be washed at up to 20 degrees to keep it fresh. The catnip will last for several washes and can be refreshed with a catnip spray if needed.

Size approx 30cm x 30cm
Weight approx 1.5kg
Made from polar fleece and heavy duty recycled rubber
Machine washable at 20 degrees

The Ruffle Snuffle Meow Rug is available in either Signature Rug in Purple, Blue, Lime and White, or our new season’s Spring Rug in Lime, Pink, Orange and Blue.




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