50 More Words and Phrases to Teach Your Pet Bird to Say

teach your bird to talk

If your bird is now chatting and responding to you during the daily routine (start here if you’re new to teaching your bird to talk) then you can move on to new words and phrases.

Start with the simple words and then build up to the phrases. By adding a word one at a time you can teach a myna bird an extensive vocabulary. They prefer a good rhythm to the phrase of about 5-6 syllables. Always say it in a bright and light voice and in the same way to be consistent.

Try recording your training word on your phone so that you can play it back if you are struggling to be consistent. Consistency and repetition are the key to learning.

Everyday words to teach your bird

  1. How are you?
  2. How are you today?
  3. I love you
  4. [bird’s name] loves [your name]
  5. I love [ Names of the fruits as you feed them: mango, fig, kiwi, tomato, melon etc]
  6. Lovely day 
  7. Lovely day today
  8. What are you doing?
  9. Do a dance ( you can do this together)
  10. I’m a chatty boy/girl
  11. Uh-oh!
  12. Whoopsadaisy!
  13. Dropped it!
  14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
  15. Excuse me
  16. I’m sorry
  17. Smile
  18. Be happy
  19. Hey you
  20. Hey I’m looking good
  21. Cockadoodledo!
  22. Dropped it!
  23. Peekaboo
  24. Oh no!
  25. Time for tea

Movie quotes to teach your pet bird

  1. To infinity and beyond  ( Buzz lightyear)
  2. Reach for the sky ( Woody)
  3. Hey you guys ( from the Goonies)
  4. Well la-di-da ( Annie Hall)
  5. Houston, we have a problem  ( Apollo 11)
  6. Yeah, baby, yeah ( Austin Powers)
  7. I know Kung Fu (the Matrix)
  8. You talkin’ to me? (Taxi Driver)
  9. Do ya feel lucky? ( Dirty Harry)
  10. I”ll be back ( Terminator)
  11. May the force be with you (Star Wars)
  12. Help me obi wan kanobe (Star Wars)

Tunes to teach your pet bird 

These work well as whistled recordings to help your bird learn.

  1. Your favourite tune
  2. Your favourite tv show theme
  3. A nursery rhyme – like ‘pop goes the weasel’
  4. Good morning, good morning from Singing in the Rain sung by Judy Garland
  5. Jingle Bells ( be warned, they don’t know when it’s christmas so will sing all year round)
  6. Don’t worry, be happy – Bobby McFerrin
  7. A,B,C alphabet song

Other sounds to teach your myna bird

Your mynah bird will naturally mimic other sounds in the house, including the microwave beep, the dog barking, the doorbell, your phone ringtone and many other things you are habituated to will be novel to your bird.  If you don’t want them to mimic ambient sounds, then they’ll need to be kept in a room away from them. But don’t leave them alone, they are social animals and want to be with you.

What are axolotls?
What are axolotls?
  1.  Woody Woodpecker’s laugh  ( can get very annoying though!)
  2.  Kisses
  3.  Hahaha ( your laugh – they may do this already!)
  4.  Quack like a duck
  5.  Moo like a cow

The ultimate challenge

Can you teach your myna bird to say:

  1.  ‘Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious?’  

How to teach your bird to talk

If you’re looking for a new way to interact with your feathered friend, teaching them to talk is the perfect hobby. It’s important that you start out slow and use only one word at a time, but once they know it well enough they’ll be talking up a storm!

Here are five more tips on how to teach your bird to talk:

1) Repeat each word aloud before giving it to the bird

2) Use words that are similar in sound

3) Reward your bird with their favorite treats

4) Practice 5-10 minutes per session

5) Be patient and have fun!

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