6 Tips for Dressing up Small Pets & Reptiles in Halloween Costumes

6 Tips for Dressing up Small Pets & Reptiles in Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost here and if you’re looking for ways to dress your pet for the holiday then this article has got you covered. From cute costumes to adorable accessories, there are lots of fun ideas for dressing your guinea pig or rabbit for Halloween on the internet.

Dressing up your pet in a costume is one of the most popular ways to celebrate Halloween. In fact, it’s estimated that there are more than 50 million pets in America alone who will be dressing up this year! Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to dress their small animals and reptiles properly for these festive occasions. Pet owners can use this article as a guide when choosing an appropriate outfit for their animal or reptile.

So, whether you want to dress your pet up as a ghost, vampire, or witch, these tips should get you started.

Dressing Up Your Pet: Best Practices

When trying to decide what type of costume you’d like to dress your pet up in, it’s important to keep a few best practices in mind:

As with all animals and pets, guinea pigs and rabbits should never be left unsupervised while they wear their costumes. Each animal is unique so be sure to closely monitor how your pet is behaving.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners x
Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Safety first

There are several factors to consider when dressing up your pet such as ease of use and safety. Avoid costumes that require you to put your pet in a box or bag, because this can be quite traumatic for some animals. Instead, go for outfits that simply slip over the head. Make sure that your pet can breathe comfortably whilst wearing the outfit, and also see to it that the material used is comfortable enough for your pet to wear over an extended period of time. Never leave your pet alone in their costume especially guinea pigs and rabbits who will probably start nibbling on it.

Proper fit

Your animal or reptile will be uncomfortable wearing an outfit if it doesn’t fit properly. Check all areas of your pet’s body to ensure that their outfit isn’t uncomfortable or obstructive. They should be able to move their limbs as normal. Costumes should not cover the eyes or nose, and they should not be too tight.


Consider the practicality of your animal or reptile’s costume before purchasing it. For example, a small hermit crab may not be able to wear a Darth Vader mask! Similarly, a snake might have difficulty keeping a hat on head. Try and find outfits that are made from non -toxic materials.

Putting on the costume

Get your pet used to their costume long before Halloween. You can do this using treats and positive reinforcement. Try to make the costume a part of your pet’s daily routine and gradually introduce it to them. Always remain calm and supportive when dressing up your animal or reptile.

Watch for signs of stress

For small pets like guinea pigs, Dr Gregory Costanzo from PetSmart says signs of stress would include increased respiratory rate (breathing), hunched posture, closed eyes, tooth grinding, pinning their ears back, increased vocalization, aggression or attempting to physically remove the costume from themselves. For reptiles, signs of stress may include increased respiratory rate (breathing), closed eyes, aggression or attempting to remove the costume from themselves.

Taking your Instagram pics

Small animals, such as guinea pigs, are easily startled by bright lights and loud noises, so pet parents should use caution when taking photographs. Avoid using the flash and ensure that your pet is calm before you start capturing your pics.

Final word about Halloween safety for small pets

There are many hazards for pets over Halloween but some are particularly dangerous for small pets. Never leave candy or their wrappers within reach of your pet – these can be extremely dangerous if nibbled or swallowed. Many candies contain xylitol which is highly toxic to animals and reptiles. Also, keep your pet away from lit candles – dogs frequently knock these over! Finally, keep an eye on your animal or reptile at all times during Halloween. You don’t want them to make a run for it if you’ve taken them trick or treating!

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