Finding Love: What Your Dog Says About You

Did You Know Sugar Moms Look More Attractive Thanks to Their Pets!

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who knows what she wants, except for a self-confident woman with a dog. I was out with some friends in the pub garden and we were chatting when one of them referred to me as the perfect ‘Sugar Momma’, and I said “Why is that?”. Turns out the because I own my own businesses and a Frenchie, I’m in the perfect position to attract a young male friend to lavish with love and gifts. But don’t tell that to my OH! This led me to think, what actually is a Sugar Mom and why does their dog say about them? I decided to investigate this topic further…

Sugar moms are often confused for cougars, which is fair since they both tend to be on the older side. However, a sugar mom (usually 40-55 in age) is specifically a type of woman who is looking to lavish younger men or women with gifts in return for being a good partner to them – these men are referred to as ‘Sugar Babies‘.

To be clear, a relationship is established first, and it’s not an exchange. Sugar moms are just very generous women who have the means and desire to give their partners gifts like money, phones, cars, and the like. Apparently, a lot of men seek out these sorts of women, but they often use the wrong methods to find someone. I spoke to Passion Mature for some tips and advice.

Here’s some advice for Sugar Baby’s looking for a Sugar Mom

With the power of technology by your side, it’s possible to seek such a lady partner with the help of a sugar momma finder, yes these websites do exist, but you need to be careful. Single ladies are easiest to find using the proper dating sites, and they’ll have no problem telling you all about themselves and their expectations from the start. Take a look at their profiles, find some common ground, and reach out to them with a good icebreaker. Perhaps you could ask something about the dog that they mention in their profile biography?

The Top Dog Breeds for Single Dating Women

Sugar moms love keeping pets around them because they’re filled with an abundance of love to share. Some dog breeds are more attractive to potential sugar babies than others. After all, dog owners tend to get dogs that share the same traits as them, so it’s possible to look at the sort of dog someone has and attribute its personality to the owner. With that in mind, we have come up with a list of the top dog breeds and what they say about the single women who care for them.

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1.    Pit Bull ( Banned in the UK and many US states)

Although the Pit Bull is often maligned in the media, the truth is that the circumstances of their development are more impactful on their behavior than their breed. Having a Pit Bull as a single lady can be quite an interesting development to suitors. They will see that the sugar momma is brave, able to look past labels, and has a dog that will protect her if required. Men who make it over to her place will be on their best behavior and make sure to get on the dog’s good side. In that way, the Pit Bull’s reputation can work for a sugar momma who wants a great friend and protector.

2.    Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are attention hogs, so they might not want to share their owner’s attention with a new boyfriend. Still, they are loyal, loving, and playful dogs that look great in pictures. Not only are Golden Retrievers great for the single sugar moms who are looking for dates, but they also promote confidence in the gentlemen that reach out to these potential dates. Golden Retrievers are family dogs, so everyone feels at ease around them compared with some other breeds.

3.    Cross-Breed

“Excuse me, ma’am, what kind of dog is that?” That sentence is the best way for single women looking to date to find a partner when they’re out and about. A cross-breed dog always begs the question, what breed were the parents? Once you get a conversation started, you could ask more personal questions and see if the other person is single and looking for a date. Dogs can be the best wingmen!

4.    Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies aren’t the most common breed, but their piercing blue eyes and howling turn heads every time they’re spotted. To the untrained eye, they can appear to be wolves. Nothing is going to start a conversation faster than seeing a stunning woman next to a beautiful Siberian Husky in their profile picture. These dogs are incredibly active, so their owners tend to be active, too. These dogs can come out on an exercise-based date, supervising a potential sugar mom as she gets to know her new partner.

5.    German Shepherds

German Shepherds are known as fiercely protective and incredibly loyal dogs. Not only will they scare away guys who aren’t treating their owners right, but they’re also very active dogs too. A single woman can do no better when looking for a pup!

6.    Boxer

Boxers are a rather dopey-looking breed of dog known for being very patient around others. That way, you don’t have to hold your breath every time you bring someone new over to your home or encounter someone new in public. That makes Boxers a great breed for single women looking for dates. You might want to skip the playdates with other dogs of people you’ve met, though. Boxers can get along with other dogs and animals, but they’re mostly uneasy around dogs of the same sex. Overall, though, these dogs are loyal and kind, and they make great companions!

7.    French Bulldog

Lastly, we have the French Bulldog, a pet that is cute enough to get all the attention from others while not too imposing to scare them off. This dog breed is perfect for showing off your sensitive and caring side to dates!

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Now that you know the right dog breeds to look more attractive to your dates, seek out a good puppy partner, and then look for romance!

Wrapping up

So Sugar Moms out there, having the right pet by your side can make the dating experience so much easier! The six breeds we examined here are all very different, but each is perfect for helping you find love in its own way. Your dog can help put your sugar baby at ease or help both of you spend time together getting some exercise while you test your compatibility. Dogs open up a wide variety of possibilities for single ladies!

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