Chickens Pecking at their Reflections: What’s Going on in Their Minds?

why do chickens peck at their reflection

Have you ever seen a chicken pecking at its reflection in a mirror? It’s a strange sight, but what is the chicken thinking when it does this?

Some people might say that the chicken is confused, or that it thinks there is another chicken next to it.

But what if there is something else going on in the chicken’s mind when it pecks at its reflection? In this article, I’ll explore some of the theories about why chickens peck at their reflections, and I will try to get inside the chicken’s head to see what is really going on!

Why does my chicken peck at her reflection?

In general chickens peck at their reflection as they believe it is another chicken and they want to establish the pecking order. However, studies have shown there may be other causes of this strange behavior.

We don’t know why but they seem to like it. In a 2022 study chickens provided with enrichment through mirrors were much happier in general.

How to Draw a Blue Hen
How to Draw a Blue Hen

Explanations for pecking at reflections include;

  • chickens being fascinated by their own movements
  • chickens believing that the reflection is another chicken and feel threatened
  • chickens are greeting each other
  • chickens believe they need to establish their pecking order

However, we are fairly sure that chickens do not recognize themselves in mirrors.

Chickens are well known for having a ‘pecking order’ and one of the ways they establish this is through lightly pecking at each other’s faces as a demand for respect and submission. The chicken way of shaking hands.

But if they feel that the ‘other’ mirror chicken is being aggressive towards them this could lead to an attack.

So your chicken is probably trying to find out if the reflection is ‘friend or foe’ and work out what response to give. I’m calling this flight or fight response. In my observations of our hens, your chicken’s initial behavior when they see the mirror determines their response. So, whether they are cautious and aggressive in approach or open and friendly in their body language will affect their next move.

Is my chicken pecking at her reflection a bad sign?

No, your chicken is not necessarily pecking at her reflection because she is unhappy or sick. It is possible that she is just curious about what she sees and is trying to figure out what it means. However, if your chicken persists in pecking at her reflection for an extended period of time, it may be a sign that she is experiencing some sort of distress.

Is it harmful for chickens to peck at their reflection?

Most chickens enjoy playing with their reflections however on occasion a more aggressive chicken will try and start a fight with their reflection as they perceive it to be a contest to their position in the flock.

This may be quite stressful for the chicken involved and they may become frustrated or obsessed with the reflection.

However, it is very rare for a chicken to cause themselves damage. They may peck repeatedly and aggressively at the mirror to the point where it breaks or falls down or they may just get so stressed that they don’t care for themselves properly or in a worst-case scenario take part in self-mutilation.

If you see this happening, remove the mirror or cover up the reflective surface that is upsetting your hen.

Why do chickens think their reflection is another chicken?

It’s interesting to note that chickens can be amused by their reflections in mirrors, but they don’t actually recognize themselves. So even though the chicken can see itself in the mirror, it doesn’t understand that it is seeing itself.

There are many different reasons why chickens might get “amused” or “angry.” It could be due to something as simple as them being bored and looking for something new to stare at or maybe they’re fighting an imaginary opponent from the reflective surface! Whatever the reason may be, it’s fascinating to see how these creatures react to their own reflections.

Chicken pecking at its reflection in a puddle.
Chicken pecking at its reflection in a puddle.

How can I stop my chicken pecking at its reflection?

Some pecking is totally normal and it’s good for the chicken to interact with the mirror as that means they find it stimulating. But you should still keep an eye on your chicken in case the pecking behavior escalates.

If your chicken is pecking at its reflection excessively, there are a few things you can do to help. One possibility is that the chicken is bored or stressed from being cooped up in an area too small for them (such as a cage). You can try giving the chicken more space to roam, or providing them with some toys to keep them occupied.

Here’s 25 DIY ideas to keep your backyard chicken’s amused.

Another possibility is that the chicken might be trying to tell you something. If they’re constantly pecking at their reflection, it’s possible that they’re seeing something wrong in their environment that needs attention. Check your coop and run for any potential problems, and make sure all of your chickens have enough food and water.

If your chicken is becoming too aggressive or has injured itself the best thing to do is to remove the mirror or cover it up. Give them some time and then try again.

Final thoughts

The next time you see a chicken pecking at its reflection in the mirror, remember that there is more going on than just mindless behavior. Chickens are capable of complex cognitive tasks, and their behavior can tell us a lot about how they think.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Why Chickens Peck at their Reflection

Why do chickens peck mirrors?

Chickens may peck at their reflections in mirrors for a variety of reasons, such as being bored or stressed, seeing something wrong in their environment, or trying to communicate with us.

Can a chicken recognize itself in the mirror?

No. Chickens have shown no signs of being self-aware to a level that they can recognise themselves visually in a mirror or any reflective surface.

What does it mean when a chicken pecks itself?

Self-mutilation is common in chickens who are unhappy, stressed and bored. They may feather pull or peck themselves until they are injured.

Do chickens peck at shiny things?

Yes. Chickens will peck at just about anything! Especially something they find interesting.

Why do chickens peck at windows?

Because the changing reflections of themselves, their surroundings or lights are interesting to them. Chickens are quite curious animals.

Footnote: Chicken Enrichment Studies

A study in 2022 looking at whether broiler chickens behaviour was influenced by the addition of enrichment items; blue balls, red balls, and mirrors. They found that chickens provided with something to do also engaged in more maintenance behaviour including; preening, dust bathing, wing stretching and scratching than the control group. (Drinking and eating wasn’t effected).

A most likely explanation would be that when the chicks received different enrichment tools from the start of their life, they started exploring more which made them smarter. These toys not only motivate their physical activities and encourage chickens to be more active but also create excitement in the chickens and they expressed maintenance behaviour repeatedly possibly meaning that it had made them happy.

This is an excellent example of the findings of other studies that reported that the addition of plastic-wrapped, wood shaving, chains and metal perches as environmental enrichment stimulates physical activity and promotes explorative behaviours in broiler chickens.

(Manning and Dawkins, 1998; de Jong and Gunnink, 2019).

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