Horse Riding: 5 Tips to Prepare for Your First Lesson

horse riding lessons

Riding horses is freeing, and it’s a kind of therapy that beats all. It gives you a rush of endorphins that help relieve stress and make you happy. Imagine being on your horse and going at a fast pace with the wind beating against your face.

If you want to start taking horseback riding lessons, there are many things you need to learn. You may be afraid and nervous to get on the horse, but you’ll be in good hands with a great riding instructor and all the gear needed. Luckily for you, we’ve researched the following tips to prepare for your first horse riding lesson to fast-track your learning.

5 Tips to Help You Prepare for Your First Horse Riding Lesson

Here are five tips to help you prepare for your first horse riding lesson.

1.  Do your research

It would be best to be well informed about everything there is to know about horseback riding. Therefore, do your research and find the best horse riding school. You must also familiarize yourself with the correct form when mounting, sitting on the horse, and dismounting.

You also need horse riding gear, so check out the best ever saddle pad reviews to help you get the best equipment. And don’t forget about all the safety tips to observe when you are near the horse. Horses have blind spots in front and behind them; thus, it’s advisable to approach them from the side, as this will notify them of your presence.

Horse Life
Horse Life

Although your riding instructor will teach you the words to use when guiding your horse, it would be good to be familiar with them beforehand to make your and your instructor’s work easy.

2. Right riding gear

The correct riding gear will make a huge difference in your riding lessons. First, you have to buy long pants made of soft and stretchable material to ease your movements. If you don’t have the budget for breeches, don’t worry, as other pants can do as long as they are soft, elastic, and perfectly fit your body.

Sometimes you will be required to train when it’s sunny; it’s best to find a top that protects your skin from the sun and scratches. So a long-sleeved shirt is the best option.

Don’t wear tennis shoes as they are too soft and won’t offer you the needed support if your horse steps on you accidentally. It would be best if you also had the right shoes; boots that reach your ankle with at least an inch heel are the best for more support. The heel helps secure your feet better on the stirrup.

You also need to get a riding helmet to help protect your head if you fall and gloves to protect your hands as you control your horse with the reins.

3. Exercise

You must be fit to ride a horse as you need to maintain balance. You can start going to the gym and practicing yoga and pilates to build your muscles and tolerance.

As much as exercise is essential, the same goes for stretching. It helps increase flexibility and prevent minor injuries due to muscle straining. It will be much better if you are fit as you will have better balance and be more comfortable for your first time horseback riding.

4. Right instructor

Your riding instructor plays a crucial role in the success of your horse riding journey. So look for the best in the industry, it might be expensive, but it will be all worth it.

Make sure to create a close bond with your trainer by being on time, having the right gear, and being polite.

This will make it possible for you to communicate with your riding instructor, and they can answer any question you might have. Most trainers will anticipate what you are going to ask and have all the answers you need as they have trained many people.

5. The right attitude, relax and have fun

While it’s frightening being above ground, you must adopt the right attitude if you want your first lesson to go smoothly. Having a positive mindset can make a significant difference. So, eliminate all the doubts in your mind and only voice out positive affirmations.

If you have negative thoughts, you’ll flop your riding lessons. Go with a learning mind, and be ready to take instructions from your trainer. Treat your horse with respect, and it will be kind to you. Spend time with your horse outside of training, and bring treats to create a lasting bond.

Remember, riding horses is all about fun and unwinding. So, relax and have fun learning how to ride a horse for the first time. Horses are fantastic animals essential in therapy, referred to as equine therapy, primarily beneficial to people with disabilities.

Benefits of Riding Horses

Apart from being a fun and freeing activity, you will also get to enjoy the following benefits of riding horses:

  • It helps to tone and strengthen your muscles.
  • Your balance and coordination will be improved as you must coordinate your movement with your horse.
  • The natural rhythm of your horse helps promote healthy blood circulation, allowing you to feel relaxed.
  • It also helps stretch the muscles in your hips and joints
  • Horseback riding is a great way to work on your mental health as you must always stay focused and develop quick responses to adapt to the horse’s speed and direction. Therefore, no matter what’s troubling you, your mind is sharp enough to help you figure it out.

Final Thoughts

Riding horses is fun and liberating, but you must be careful as it’s a dangerous sport or pastime activity. It’s essential to have the right gear from the clothes, shoes, and hat and choose the right horse riding school. You can properly prepare for your first horse riding lesson through the tips above.

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