Dog Friendly Bubble Mixture

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Have lots of fun with this great home made bubble solution. Check out the article all about playing with bubbles with your dog!

Dog Friendly Bubble Mixture Solution
Yield: 1 litre

Dog Friendly Bubble Mixture Solution


    You need to use 1 part eco-friendly washing up liquid to six parts water. So if you have 100ml of washing up liquid, use 700ml water.

    1. Start by dissolving a stock cube into some hot water. Then add to the rest of your water.

    2. Add a little of the dish soap at a time and stir in slowly so you don't make lots of bubbles.

    3. Use a jar or bottle with a tight lid to seal the mixture and leave it to rest overnight. By resting you will have bigger, longer lasting bubbles.

    You can use anything with holes as a wand:

    1. Straw
    2. Cookie cutter
    3. Fly swat
    4. Colander ( if you've made a bowl full of bubble mixture!)


Add a tbsp of glycerin to make your bubbles last longer.

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