Pet Safe Ice Melter

paw safe ice melter home made

If you are looking for a chemical free, paw friendly de-icer this winter then this is the solution for you.

paw safe ice melter home made

Pet Safe Ice Melter – Cheap and Easy Homemade Instructions

Here's how to make an easy home made pet and paw friendly solution to melt the ice and snow around your home
Prep Time 5 mins



  • 2 tsbp Fairy washing up liquid Dawn dish soap for the US
  • 2 tbsp Surgical Spirit Rubbing Alcohol for US
  • 5 litres Hot Water


  • Put the washing up liquid, surgical spirit into your watering can first then add the hot water to mix
  • Pour the solution onto the ice and snow


You may wish to use some rock salt on stubborn ice areas to soften it before using the solution. Remember to wash salt away thoroughly as although safe for your dog’s paws, it can still dry them out.
You will need several refills to tackle a large area.
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