National Canine Enrichment Day [2021]

national canine enrichment day

Are you ready for the 5th September?

Our dogs are lucky to live in a modern world where the behaviourial science studies have helped us understand more about our four legged friends than ever before.  Enrichment not only allows our dogs to be themselves, but can help offset problems that lead to behaviour issues, such as separation anxiety.

Studies have shown that you can lower the stress levels in your dog with activities of moderate to high intensity.  These activities encourage your dog to learn more efficiently, increases their problem solving abilities and will lead to a more emotionally balanced and confident dog.

This day founded in 2018 by Sarah-Jane White of Ruffle Snuffle® has been created to raise awareness of the importance of enrichment by encouraging everyone to share ideas for improving the wellbeing of our dogs through mental and physical enrichment games and ideas.

How to take part

Get involved by sharing your dog’s favourite enrichment activity and joining us online using #nationalcanineenrichmentday on social media.

Why not take some enrichment games to your local animal rescue centre, or volunteer as a dog walker for them?

Come over to our Facebook page and post your enrichment day fun to the page for everyone to see!

There are six main categories of enrichment which are: sensory, food, cognitive, environmental, social and training.  I believe that we, the dog owners, have a responsibility to seek out and provide these enrichment opportunities for our best friends.”  

Sarah-Jane White, Animal Behaviourist and Trainer
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