Top 10 Dog-friendly box sets worth a binge this February

dog friendly box sets to binge on

There is no doubt that many of us will spend the majority of our February evenings on the sofa with some snacks and the next episode of a box set. We need that sort of reliable routine and escapism. Dog owners will also find their canine companion at their side a lot of the time. So, we all need some great box set recommendations for February. 

Dogs love to watch TV with us and have strong opinions on what they like. 

A recent survey by Rover.com of TV-watching habits shows that not only do dog owners love to watch with their pets, but they have increased that screen time because of the pandemic. 88% of respondents said that they now watch more TV together and can binge watch series with their cuddly companion. 

Around 46% of them also claim that their dogs have favourite shows that they engage with a lot more than others. Comedy shows came top of the list, with 27%, but action and romance also seem to be popular too. While many pooches seem to enjoy watching daily soap operas, there is also a lot of love for The Simpsons. 

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With the pandemic far from over and lockdown continuing for a while to come, we all need some great shows that we can enjoy with our pets. The following recommendations could help you out. 

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1) Parks and Recreation.

As comedy shows are such a popular choice with dogs, let’s start with a classic. There is a lot about Parks and Recreation that will appeal to dogs as much as humans. The piece-to-camera mockumentary style is engaging, it is fast-paced, and it is nice and colourful to keep their attention. Champion the three-legged dog in later seasons could become a favourite character and who doesn’t love Lil’ Sebastian. The whole show is on Netflix and usually available on Amazon Prime

2) Futurama.

If you are one of these dog owners that love sitting and watching The Simpsons with your pet, you can always try some similar cartoons together. Sadly, Disney seems to have hold of the box sets of The Simpsons now. But, you can binge-watch its cousin on Amazon Prime. Futurama takes you and your pet into the weird alien world of a delivery company and its assorted crew. Dog’s can have fun watching little pet Nibbler gobbling up everything, or become fascinated by the “toys” on screen. 

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3) Tuca and Bertie.

This show is a little weirder and potentially more adult than Futurama, but the more confusing elements will go over your dog’s head and they can enjoy all the colourful characters. This is a new series from the same world as Bojack Horseman, so all the gags and ideas will be new to you too. It is quirky and weird and could prove to be great escapism during a long, cold February stuck inside. 

4) Aggretsuko.

If you want something weird for escapism, you could also give this strange Japanese Netflix cartoon a try. Japanese animation always has the potential to engage animals and humans alike, and you can also try some Studio Ghibli films for a longer session in front of the TV. But, this little show is great for short bursts. Dogs could find the red panda lead very engaging while humans relate to her struggles more than they expect to. 

5) Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

 An old Netflix survey to find a dog’s favourite TV shows concluded that Stranger Things was the top pick for pups. There must be something about the supernatural forces and the nostalgia energy of that show. So, if you want to go down a similar route, why not see what your dog thinks of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It has action, comedy, romance, and tonnes of vampires to warn off. It is pretty easy to find and is even free on All4 right now. 

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6) The Last Kingdom. 

Alternatively, you might want to go for a more “classic” style of action on the lines of Game of Thrones or Vikings. Something with big battles and a simple good vs evil concept that your dog can get behind. The Last Kingdom is actually similar to Vikings in terms of its history – which is another great recommendation if you haven’t seen it. But, takes you on a different journey. There are three seasons currently available on Netflix with a new one to come. 

7) Downton Abbey.

This might sound like an odd pick, but there are dogs that like to curl up and watch this classic show. Some say it is the romance that they are most attracted too and they can appreciate the relationships. Others say that they just want to run around the big country estate and live in that mansion. This “aspirational” show could be worth a try, especially if you missed it the first time. Check it out on Netflix. 

8) Our Planet.

Nature programmes are always a big hit with dogs and their owners. There are always plenty of social media posts of dogs getting up and trying to interact with the animals. So, why not settle down to watch a beautiful series together where they can see all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures from across the world. Anything narrated by David Attenborough is also sure to be soothing as you snuggle up on the sofa. Our Planet is currently available on Netflix.

9) Dogs.

Perhaps your dog feels that their species is under-represented on screen, with nothing more than minor roles as loyal sidekicks. If that is the case, you might enjoy watching the Netflix series Dogs together. Here, real dogs from different vocations, including emotional support dogs, take centre stage. It is sure to pull at the heartstrings, so be careful watching this around Valentine’s Day.

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10) Pooch Perfect.

Finally, we should give a quick shout-out to a show running on the BBC right now. Pooch Perfect is one of those shows you will either love or hate as a dog owner. But, it puts pets right in the heart of the competition, and groomers battle to win a top prize. You and your dog can pick your favourites and enjoy watching the little catwalks show of gorgeous dogs. The whole series is available on iPlayer.