10 Powerful Benefits Of Reiki Healing Therapy For Dogs [And How To Do It]

dog reiki healing therapy

Dogs are our best friends and we want the best for them. If you have a dog that suffers from anxiety, pain or even cancer, Reiki healing may be able to help.

What is Reiki for dogs? Reiki is an ancient therapy that is done by channeling life force energy in order to heal physical, mental and emotional ailments for dogs. It can be done in person, or from a distance by an Animal Reiki Practioner.

In this article I will discuss 10 benefits of Reiki healing for dogs and how to perform it.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient therapy that originated in Japan. It’s done by channeling life force energy to heal our physical, mental and emotional ailments. The term “rei” means universal life or spirit and “ki” refers to the vital energy we all have within us as well as around us (this includes animals). So Reiki is using the universal life force energy to heal us.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is a hands-on healing therapy that stimulates your own self-healing power, or ki, according to Eastern holistic principles of balancing and aligning your energies for physical, mental and emotional well being. It also works by clearing away negative energy and returning the body to its natural state of balance.

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What are the benefits of Reiki for Dogs?

Many people use Reiki for their animal companions in order to calm them, heal any physical or emotional issues they may have, and provide them with a sense of peace.

  • Promote deep relaxation in stressful situations – for example visiting the vet, travelling in a car, or introducing an animal to a new environment.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, including separation anxiety.
  • Reiki can be sent distantly to pets when we are away from them at work or on holiday.
  • Reiki can support and accelerate healing following surgery, illness or injury.
  • Reiki can help with behavioural or emotional problems following trauma, abuse or neglect.
  • Reiki can help a grieving animal if their owners have passed.
  • Naturally reduce side effects/boost positive effects of traditional medicine. 
  • Reiki can provide support for pregnant animals, animals with disabilities or older animals with terminal conditions.
  • Reiki can help dying pets cross over, and also support their owners who are grieving.
  • Reiki can be sent distantly to animals in distress – for example to animals affected by poaching, deforestation, pollution, hunting, oil spills, natural disasters and other human activities.
  • Reiki can naturally improve wellbeing and help to maintain health. 
  • It can help us deepen our bonds with the animals in our life. And so much more! 

Reiki is a non-invasive therapy that does not involve drugs or needles for treatment.  

The major benefit of Reiki for Dogs is that it’s non-invasive. The process does not involve drugs or needles, and the animal will feel no pain during treatment. 

Animal energy work, the practice of which Reiki falls into, uses touch and intuitive guidance to release emotional conflicts which may be causing physical problems in your pet’s body. Reiki has been used medically on humans since the 1920s so it’s no wonder that it has helped many pets.

Reiki can balance your dog’s energy in their body to enhance well being and wellness as needed. 

Reiki for dogs can help balance your pup’s energy. This means the Reiki therapist will use their hands to direct a gentle, natural flow of healing energy into your dog’s body in order to bring about deep relaxation and release tension or pain. It usually feels like a warm, soothing sensation to the animal.

The best part about Reiki for dogs is that it can be used whenever your pup needs a little help with their balance or relaxation – even when they don’t know what’s wrong.

Reiki sessions are conducted with the intention of relaxing and calming your pup.

Some people call it “doggie zen.”  Some dogs will lie down and sleep while others might sniff around or give a few tail wags; but whatever their reaction, the goal of Reiki for dogs is to offer them some relief from physical pain, anxiety, or emotional trauma.

Reiki boosts your dog’s immune system to fight illness

Reiki boosts your dog’s immune system to fight illness. It has been shown that Reiki can also increase production of antibodies and white blood cells in dogs, which are important for fighting off harmful bacteria, viruses and some claim even cancer. 

Reiki helps to relieve anxiety and depression in dogs.

Just like humans, animals can experience anxiety and depression after a traumatic event. Whilst Reiki might sound less intuitive than the idea of treating physical pain in dogs; but it’s an important aspect to consider for dog owners because these conditions not only affect your pet’s quality of life, they also make them more likely to self-harm or act aggressively.

Reiki relaxes muscles and joints that may be sore or in pain from injury or movement restrictions such as arthritis

Reiki can help relieve these conditions as it uses touch and intuitive guidance to release emotional conflicts, which may be causing physical problems in your pet’s body.

Reiki helps recovering animals feel safe while they heal after surgery by lowering stress levels.

Reiki helps recovering animals feel safe and relaxed while they heal after surgery.  This is an important time for the animal as it cannot care for itself in its weakened state, so Reiki can help them to lower their stress levels which will aid in a successful recovery. Reiki also aids with pain relief during this time by helping to release endorphins.

Reiki can be performed at home, in the office, or anywhere your pup feels comfortable.

You don’t need a special place to perform Reiki, in fact it can be performed from a distance.  All that is needed to perform Reiki on your dog is a calm, quiet space where your pet will feel safe.

You and your dog can both benefit from Reiki therapy together

You can both benefit from Reiki. You will be are able to relax and release yourselves of stress as you give and your dog receives the healing treatment. 

This is also an excellent way for pet owners to bond with their dog on a deeper level by providing them with comfort, love, care and nurturing touch that all animals need to live a healthy and happy life.

How to Perform Dog Reiki At Home

Here are three videos to demonstrate the power of Reiki healing and how you might perform it at home on your dog. If you want to learn how to perform it properly, then check out this online Animal Reiki course.

Dog Chakra Points for Reiki Healing

The energy of the Dog flows through all the chakras. Each has an effect on different aspects of our lives, from health to happiness.

  • Crown  or top of head—the brain center or “crown” chakra (indigo)—located at the back, just above left and right ears
  • Brow —or third eye (indigo)—located where the bridge of nose meets forehead
  • Throat—or throat chakra (pink)—located at base or front of neck, near Adam’s apple
  • Heart centre—the heart chakra (green)—located in middle chest area
  • Solar plexus—the solar plexus chakra (orange)—located in upper abdomen, just below the rib cage
  • Sacral—or sacral chakra (red)—located at base of spine
  • Root or base center—the root center chakra (earth brown), located at bottom of torso or pelvis)

How to Learn Animal Reiki and Become A Healer

Becoming a practitioner of Reiki is one of the most simple and safest ways to care for your pet is through natural healing therapy and is becoming increasingly popular.

Whether you are a complete newbie to energy healing, or an experienced Reiki Practitioner/Master interested in expanding your knowledge and experience of Animal Reiki, this course was created to provide simple yet focused tuition, so anyone can learn about the healing power of Animal Reiki. 

  • Reiki Session with Hands-on and Distant Reiki – from start to finish
  • Learn how chakra imbalances can affect an animal and how to interpret their behaviour to tailor a session to their individual needs
  • Understand the practical considerations when working with animals of all sizes & how to communicate with them intuitively during a treatment
  • Learn how to attune animals to Reiki 

If you’re interested in learning you can check out these fab home study courses for Reiki Healing, they also do live learning too.

Rob Fellows- Animal Reiki Master who will teach you how to perform Reiki on your pets with his courses.

Dog Reiki Techniques to Try At Home

Reiki Techniques For Doggie Zen Relaxation

These techniques are designed to help animals feel better, starting at their neck area and moving down their body. They finish near the base of your dog’s tail.

Reiki is a practice that involves holding the hands in certain positions for several minutes. Take a deep breath and let your own calm energy seep into your dog.

1. Dog Shoulders

Place your right hand on the dog’s left shoulder and your left hand on its right, then keep them in place for 3 minutes. If your dog is lying down, use both hands on that side . If your dog is sitting or standing, place them on each shoulder blade from behind.

2. Dog Midsection

If your dog is laid down, place your hands on the middle of his belly. Try placing your hands on your dog’s back, touching the spine on either side of his body, if he is sitting or standing.

3. Dog Lower Back Area

Place your hands next to each other on your dog’s lower back, just above the tail. If your dog is lying on his side, position hands next to one another. When your dog is sitting or standing, place your hands on either side of their spine.

Reiki Techniques For Dog Emotional Healing

Some hand positions can help with emotional healing and balance for your dog, try these:

1. Dog Back and Chest

Place one hand on your dog’s back between the shoulder blades . Then place your other hand on their chest.

2. Dog Head and Chest

Place one hand on your dog’s head between their ears. Then place your other hand on their chest.

Here’s some music to play whilst you are healing together.

Reiki Healing Music For Pets
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