15 Most Difficult Tricks To Train Dogs; Can you do it? (with videos)

tricks to teach your dog

There’s nothing unlike the happiness once our pooch perfectly pulls off every command and trick we trained him.

But you know what?

Training a dog is a never-ending journey, and there’s a lot more that you as a dog owner need to teach, and they as a pet need to learn. 

Once you’ve trained your furry friend to perform basic commands and tricks according to your instructions, you can move on to more advanced tricks. 

Teaching your dog these advanced tricks can be very helpful as it can promote overall better health, improve stamina, increase flexibility, concentration, and balance.  

How to use a snuffle mat by Ruffle ...
How to use a snuffle mat by Ruffle Snuffle

Below we’ve listed 15 of the most challenging tricks that you can teach your dog. Each one of these tricks will test your patience, along with your dog’s abilities, but the end result will be absolutely worth it.

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Facts You Need To Know About Dog Training

Before getting started with the 15 dog training tricks, taking a look at some of the facts about dog training can be actually worth a while, especially if you’re a newbie. 

Stay, Come, Leave It, The Most Important Of All

Stay, Come and Leave It. These three commands can be life-saving.  

No matter what other tricks and commands you are going to teach your dog, these three should be covered first and should be mastered. If you have not taught these commands yet and find it hard, check this dog training program out.

Any Dog Can Learn New Tricks

If you think that your dog is old and is not able to learn new tricks anymore, you’re wrong!

Frankly, any dog can learn  new commands and tricks, no matter its age. All you need is just patience and consistency; with these, you can achieve anything in dog training.

The Easiest Commands And Tricks To Teach Right Away

Dogs are extremely intelligent, and it’ll be very easy for them to get along with commands such as sit-stay, leave it and lie down. So make sure you teach them right away.

The easiest tricks you can teach your dog right away include rollover, shake hands, and high five.    

These Dogs Make Things Easier

While all the dogs are easy to train, there are some dogs that are easier to train. These are some of the intelligent breeds that have a natural ability to learn. Those breeds include Border Collie, Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer, Labrador Retriever, and German Shepherd. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Teaching These Difficult Tricks

These are some of the essential things you should follow while training your dog. Doing so will not only make the process easier but also provide you with faster results.   

  • Be patient
  • Be consistent
  • Start learning the new tricks in a room where there are fewer distractions
  • Break training into short sessions
  • Use reward-based dog training
  • Use just one cue for one trick; avoid using more than that
  • Once the dog has got the hang of the tricks, make sure to take them to different environments 

15 Most Difficult Tricks To Train Dogs

Below are 15 of the most difficult tricks you can teach a dog. Keep in mind that this is not something that you can achieve overnight. 

It is worth bearing in mind that dog training will also depend on the breed, gender, and, most importantly, you. As I’ve outlined above, consistency and patience are vital to getting through all of this. 

Go and Fetch

As you may already know, dogs love playing and pleasing their owners, and interestingly fetch involves both of these. Because of this, most owners think that teaching a dog to fetch is easier said than done.

And if you were thinking the same way all this time, I have to say that you’ve been wrong. 

Some dogs can straight away understand the scenario and retrieve the object you used, while most others will not even move. 

Check out this video to train your Dog to fetch perfectly.  

Playing the piano

Humans aren’t the only species who’ve become addicted to music; animals are, too and especially dogs. If you want your dog to be the next Ed Sheeran, oh wait, is he even a pianist!?

Anyways, to listen to your little pals’ exceptional performance all day with the piano, you’ll have to work hard. And treats will play a huge role throughout the journey. 

If you want your dog to pull it off a paw-fectly, check this video out. 


This is something that’s useful in a lot of situations. Training your dog to “wait” is probably the easiest out of all these tricks. The main goal of this trick is to teach your pal to be patient.   

No one wants their dog to bolt out of the door when opened. The same goes while he’s inside a vehicle; you don’t want him to run out of the vehicle until you’re ready. So in these instances, the “wait” command plays a considerable role. 

If you want your dog to master “wait,” I recommend you check this video out.

Play Dead

This is a classic and a very fun trick to execute. Play dead is all about training your dog to flop on their sides with their belly exposed. It is an excellent show off too. 

To start training play dead, all you need is a handful of treats, and that’s all. However, before training to play dead, your dog should execute the “lie down” on command flawlessly. Only then you can continue further.

To get started with Play Dead, check this video out.

Sit Pretty

Often referred to as “beg,” sit pretty is a cute trick. It starts with your dog in a sitting position. And yes, it can save a lot of time if your dog already knows how to sit. 

Anyways, coming back to sit pretty, once your dog is firmly in the sitting position, he’ll raise his front legs, keeping it in front of him with the feet legs curled. Doing all this at once puts him in a situation where he’s just using his back legs to sit. 

This trick will be a good stretch for your dogs, too, because it strengthens their back muscles. 

Also, avoid doing this trick very often and continuously for a few seconds because it can be quite taxing in the back legs.  

Here’s a walkthrough on how to train your furry pal to “sit pretty.”

Walking Backward – “Back Up”

“Walking Backward” or “Step Back” Is a fun trick that has some practical uses to it too. For example, imagine if you’re able to command your dog to step back when you are entering through the door with an armload. 

Seems pretty useful, right?

However, This is a challenging trick to pull off though, because walking backward is not something that your dog is able to do naturally. The way dogs walk backward is through turning around and moving forward. 

Keeping the training sessions fun while teaching this trick is crucial because the more fun it is for your pal, the faster he’ll learn. 

If you’re interested in training your dog to “Walk Backwards,” then make sure you check this video out, which’ll make the process easier. 

Tug / Tugging (Open The Door)

Imagine every time in the morning your dog, without waking you up, is able to open the door and go for a walk.

I mean, practically, it isn’t gonna happen because of the simple fact that your door will be locked. But, there are other similar situations where teaching your dog to open the door can come in handy.    

This is not a complex trick; however, not all dogs are able to do this trick. Before you start training, make sure your dog is big enough to reach the pull open your door.

To start teaching your dog to open the door, this video can help. 

The Bang Performance

If you want a show-stopping performance from your dog that’ll make your friends speechless, look no further than the Bang Performance. 

This trick is so complex and will need a lot of work to master. But the end result will be absolutely worth it. In fact, the bang performance is also known as one of the best tricks that you can teach your dog ever.   

But before you go all out and start teaching your dog the bang performance, you’ll need to master other tricks such as the limp, crawl, and play dead. Only then you can continue forward. 

Get started with training your dog the bang performance with this video. 


This is another one of those difficult tricks that need hard work to master. 

Even Though howling seems adorable, especially when it’s done on cue, making your dog sing on cue is a special feeling. 

If your dog is somewhat vocal, the process can be a bit easy, but teaching this trick can pose a challenge if it isn’t vocal at all.   

This video can help you train your dog to sing perfectly.

Hoop Jump

Patience is critical if you’re to teach your dog to jump through a hoop. Training your dog to jump through a hula hoop on command is excellent entertainment for people who’re watching it. 

Hoop jump is somewhat more straightforward compared to the other tricks on this list. But it still needs hard work to get your furry bud to run, launch and glide effortlessly through a hoop, just like a circus dog.   

If you want your dog to become the definite show stopper, then I’m pretty sure this video will help you achieve it. 

Wave Hello and Goodbye

Wave hello and goodbye is another fun dog trick. Just Imagine being greeted by your little pal every time, great, isn’t it?

Teaching your dog this trick is also a great way to allow him to interact with people. All that is needed for your dog to shine among guests is a polite wave.    

But before you train your pooch to wave, he should be able to “sit” perfectly and will need to know how to shake paws. 

Train your Fido to wave hello and goodbye with the help of this video. 

Pick Up Trash

Ever thought of getting some help while cleaning up?

If so, this is your chance, Just kidding! Even if you can’t train your dog to pull out a total clean-up, you can at least train them to pick up certain trash and work alongside you every time you’re in for a clean-up. 

Teaching this trick is also a great way to change the perspective of how your dog thinks about thrash. The training process can take time, but it can be beneficial once completed. 

Here’s a video that you can use to train your pooch to pick up trash. 

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Speak, Bark Or Howl

Dogs naturally bark, but training them to bark on command is not easy. 

Teaching your dog to bark, speak, or even howl on command can be very helpful, as it can reduce excessive barking and help ward off intruders. It can also sharpen your Fido’s natural instinct and stop its barking whenever you need it.  

Check this video to start training your dog to speak and bark on command.


There’s nothing better than flashing out some moves with your furry pal. Teaching your dog to dance is a very fun process and a very cute trick. 

If provided with the right training, any dog will be able to dance. Consistency and patience play a significant role throughout the process. 

Before starting the training, make sure your dog is healthy. Also, avoid training if your dog is overweight because the hind end of them will not support the movements of dancing.   

To start surprising your friends and family with your hit moves with your pooch at the next party, take a look at this video.  

Say Your Prayer

This is a super funny and adorable trick to teach. There’s nothing funnier than seeing my dog put both of his paws in front and bow his head down to say his prayers. Such a cute trick. 

Teaching this trick is not very challenging, but you might have to spend some time getting your dog accustomed to that position. 

However, dogs with any type of injury should not try to execute this trick, so, before actually getting started, make sure that your dog is healthy.  

To get your Fido saying blessings in no time, take a look at this video.

What Are You Waiting For?

So there you have it! Now that you know some of the most difficult dog tricks, it’s time to try them out if you think you’re up to the task. 

The entire journey can be a joyful experience and can even improve the bond between you and your furry friend. Start training and prepare to mind-boggle your friends and family.   

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