So, whether you’ve picked out your new pup or bringing home a rescue, now comes the tricky task of naming your new fur baby. When it comes to giving your dog a name that suits him, you will be spoilt for choice. For puppies, it’s OK to try out a few names to see which one really sticks as it will take your dog a little while to realise what his name is. If you’ve rescued a dog and want to call him a new name, just follow these simple steps to change it when he comes home.

How to change the name of your dog

  1. Decide on the name you wish to call your dog.
  2. Have to hand some good tasty treats – in little jars in different rooms of the house is the best ( like the kitchen, the lounge, the hallway). You could use your pocket, but that may lead you into trouble with your dog nosing you al the time!
  3. When you want your dog’s attention, call out his new name and as soon as he looks at you immediately smile, praise heartily, and feed a treat.
  4. It won’t take long before he knows who he is. You can then start training other behaviours with your handy treat stashes.

Now it’s time to choose the name so here’s some great names for boy dogs to get you started.

Top 20 names for boy dogs

There are old favourites, cute names, “tough guy” names or names inspired by TV/film. Here is a tiny selection of the huge list you could pick from, in no particular order.

Old favourites

CharlieThis name means strong and masculine. Dogs named Charlie are often friendly, loyal and playful.
MaxDogs named Max are generally fun-loving happy dogs that make very trustworthy companions.
BusterBuster means joy and this name can work for many types of dogs, especially small dogs with big personalities. 
LuckyThis name means happiness and good fortune and is often used for rescue dogs. Dogs called Lucky will often be loyal and affectionate. 
PatchPatch is a name often used for dogs that have distinctive markings around one eye. Dogs called Patch are generally loyal and friendly.

Cute names for dogs

AlfieThis is one of the most popular cute name for dogs in the UK this year. Meaning wise counsellor, call your dog Alfie if he is smarter than you ?
BuddyThe meaning of buddy is Messenger Man and is often used for rescue dogs who might come you’re your life for a reason. They are usually loyal and loving.
TeddyMeaning a gift from God, Teddy is often used for cute looking fluffy dogs that look like teddy-bears. 
OllieThis name means a symbol of peace, but watch out, rumour has it that dogs named Ollie can be chewers!
BearNo need to explain the meaning of this name but dogs called bear are often long haired, fluffy dogs that are loyal but can be feisty. 

TV Inspired names for dogs

DexterThe main character in the TV series of the same name
RexThe dinosaur in Toy Story
ChewbaccaThe legendary Wookiee rebel from Star Wars 
TrumanThe main character Truman Burbank in the Truman Show.
ScrappyScooby Doo’s nephew in the cartoon

Tough guy names for dogs

TysonAfter heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson
SamsonSamson was a biblical hero given exceptional strength by God
BrutusBrutus, the legendary Roman hero
BrunoAfter heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno
RockyAfter Sylvester Stallone’s character in the popular Rocky movies 

Of course, there are thousands of other boy dog names you could pick. So we’ve put together an A-Z of the best ones for you!

When you’ve chosen your new dog’s name, send us a photo and let us know what you’ve decided on and why.

If you have a girl dog, check out our female dog names here.