So, you’ve plumped for a girl dog and now you have to find the perfect name to suit her. There are SO many names, it can be an incredibly difficult choice but we’ve come up with a few options to help you out. So, whether you’ve bought a puppy or bringing home a rescue, now comes the tricky task of naming your new fur baby. For puppies, it’s OK to try out a few names to see which one really sticks as it will take your dog a little while to realise what her name is. If you’ve rescued a dog and want to call her a new name, just follow these simple steps to change it when she comes home.

How to change the name of your dog

  1. Decide on the name you wish to call your dog.
  2. Have to hand some good tasty treats – in little jars in different rooms of the house is the best ( like the kitchen, the lounge, the hallway). You could use your pocket, but that may lead you into trouble with your dog nosing you all the time!
  3. When you want your dog’s attention, call out his new name and as soon as she looks at you immediately smile, praise heartily, and feed a treat.
  4. It won’t take long before she knows who he is. You can then start training other behaviours with your handy treat stashes.
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Top 20 names for girl dogs

There are the 5 most popular, cute names, foodie names or names inspired by TV/film. Here is a tiny selection of the huge list you could pick from, in no particular order.

Most popular girls names for dogs

ZoeThis name means active. Dogs named Zoe are often friendly, loyal and playful.
LucyThe name Lucy means light. If your dog lights up your life, then Lucy is a great name for her.
DaisyDaisy is obviously the flower and is great for dogs who are delicate and dainty. 
LuckyThis name means happiness and good fortune and is often used for rescue dogs. Dogs called Lucky will often be loyal and affectionate. BellaBella means beautiful in Italian and is great for all types of dogs but seems to be especially popular for Labradors.

Cute names for girl dogs

CupcakeWho doesn’t like cupcakes, after all? If your dog is as cute as a cupcake, then why not call her that?
FairyA fairy is a small, ethereal creature. A great name for a pup that has a faraway look in her eyes.
HoneyCall your pup Honey if they are rich yellow and sweeter than sweet. 
MillieThis name means gentle strength so would be great for larger dogs who are placid and laid-back.
PrincessNo need to explain the meaning of this name but dogs called princess are regal and might sometimes be a little prima-donna. 

TV and film inspired names for your dog

Mary PuppinsWordplay on Mary Poppins, film and book character
Betty BoopClassic cartoon character
LeiaPrincess Leia, main character in Star Wars
LunaLuna Lovegood, the quirky character from Harry Potter
WinnieWinnie the Pooh, book character

Foodie names for your dog

CherryAlthough you can call your dog after this fruit, you shouldn’t feed your puppy cherries as they are toxic to dogs.
CookieCookies are a firm favourite with most people and if your pup is super sweet, then she will suit her name perfectly.
PepsiA good name for your dog if she is very active and fizzes with life, especially if she’s dark brown or black.
CocoGreat for chocolate brown dogs who love to have fun.
MarshmallowIf your puppy is white or very light coloured and fluffy, then this could work well.

Of course, there are thousands of other girl dog names you could pick and we’ve put them together in a whopping A-Z of over 1,000 names for dogs.

When you’ve chosen your new puppy’s name, send us a photo and let us know what you’ve decided on and why.

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