Cool names for dogs

Cool Dog Names

Bringing home a new puppy is almost as exciting as bringing home a baby, and naming the new member of the family can become a fun project. Here’s some inspiration on how to find a cool name for your dog.

That new little puppy needs a name, so what should it be? Sometimes a dog has to live its lifetime with a name that was picked by a five year old!

How do owners pick a dog’s name?

What do people use as a basis for a pet’s name? Sometimes it is based on the colour. White puppies may get named Snowball or Cotton, black ones are often called Pepper or Shadow. Some celebrity dogs inspire a wave of puppy copycats, such as Lassie (from the TV series), Benji and Air Bud (from their movies) or Sandy (Little Orphan Annie).

Think Twice about that name for your puppy!

A quick reality check is recommended for the name by imagining calling the puppy’s name in public. ‘Tricki Woo’ was a funny name for a dog in the series All Creatures Great and Small, but might prove embarrassing at the park.

Keeping these basics in mind, we have many great names for you to choose from. Here’s top ten cool dog names by gender as follows.

Top Ten male dog names

  • Max
  • Jake
  • Buddy
  • Bailey
  • Sam
  • Rocky
  • Buster
  • Casey
  • Cody
  • Duke

Top Ten female dog names

  • Maggie
  • Molly
  • Lady
  • Sadie
  • Lucy
  • Daisy
  • Ginger
  • Abby
  • Sasha
  • Sandy

Unique dog names

If a more unique name is in order, you can use creativity that represents your own personality.

If you, the owner, are a jokester, the focus can be on humour – you can name an all white dog, ‘Spot’, or a Chihuahua ‘Curley’. You can use a smile provoking name such as ‘Doodle’ or ‘Giggles’.

If you are a sports nut, you can use an athletic spin. Some names that come to mind are ‘Babe’, ‘Hogan’, ‘Jordan’, ‘Hank’, ‘Phelps’ or ‘Sasha’, ‘Jelena’, ‘Billie Jean’, or ‘Steff”.

Traveller? Geography can be useful – ‘Vegas’, ‘Paris’, ‘Cali’, ‘Aussie’, ‘Dakota’, ‘Rocky’, or ‘London’.

Love nicknames? You can pick a prestigious or controversial name with a plan to use a nickname. Examples would be ‘Roid’, short for ‘Steroid’, ‘Ham’ for ‘Abraham’.

Environmentalist? Green pet names are sure to become the new “in” craze!

Whatever method is used to name that sweet little pup, if it’s said with love they’ll respond in kind!

Check out our mega 1300 names for pets for more inspiration.

Cool Dog Names
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