100 ways to show your dog you love them

100 ways to show your dog you love them

Who needs an excuse to show their dog how much they love them? No one. With the tough year we’ve just had and St Valentine’s day on the horizon I thought it would be nice to create a list of 100 ways you can show your dog just how much you love and appreciate them.

Our dogs rely on us for everything, and often we rely on them for everything too. They ask us for nothing in return. Here’s some ways you can give some love back everyday.

  1. Dogs love a good ear rub. Be sure to give them a good ear rub several times a day and remember to scratch behind the ears a bit too.
  2.  If you have a large dog, lean against him while sitting on the floor or couch. Dogs in packs lean on, sit on, and lay snuggled next to each other for warmth and comfort. 
  3. Learn about 12 Surprising Superfoods for Your Dog over at I Heart Dogs.
  4. Train your dog with patience and calm assertiveness. Discover 10 Commands to Help you Train Your Puppy from House that Barks.
  5. Play catch. Dogs, especially retrievers and hunting dogs thrive on both the exercise and the affirmation of retrieving a ball, frisbee or stick for their human.
  6. Give frequent belly rubs. There can be no greater joy for a dog than to roll on their back and have their human rub their belly. And it’s fun to watch when that back leg starts scratching at the air from sheer pleasure. 
  7. Read our blog on Tips for Walking Dogs in Winter which can help you know how to protect your beloved pet during the coldest days of the year.
  8. Most dogs need regular exercise. Short walks, sniffaris, long rambles are all good for both of you.
  9. Make homemade doggie treats for your furry family members. Discover our Crunchy Carrot Biscuits recipe and treat your pet with a little homemade love. 
  10.  Let them be around other dogs. From time to time, invite over your friends with their dogs so that they can sniff each other, rough play, and enjoy social time with a pack of other canines.
  11.  Train your puppy early to avoid misbehaviours. It’s so easy to love on your adorable puppy but the earlier you train your little companion the better they’ll behave. 
  12. Dogs are animals and act upon instinct, that’s why it’s important to train them to respond to your expectations and rules through positive reinforcement. Through repetition, they’ll come to understand what pleases you and what doesn’t, and they’ll trust you to take care of them. 
  13. Enforce the rules by being consistent. If you allow them to break the rules from time to time, they will be confused by your expectations. They’ll repeat behaviors that are rewarded so teach them what to do to get the reward.
  14.  Leave toys available for play whenever you have to be gone. Puzzle toys keep them busy as they work to figure out how to get a treat out of the toy.
  15. Do trick or treat with your dog regularly. While it’s easy to give a treat for no reason, dogs are smart animals so celebrate their intelligence with some tricks.
  16. If you have a dog that doesn’t like getting in the water for a bath, you can use dry shampoo instead. The dog will love it since you’ll be rubbing it into the fur. They’ll just think you’re loving them and won’t be a bit scared.
  17. Clean their rubber/plastic toys frequently to prevent bacteria and germs from building up. This will help to keep your dog healthy.
  18. Make a custom memory foam dog bed to make your pet’s sleep space as comfortable as possible. This DIY Dog Bed Guide from Dog Care 101 will show you step by step how to do it.
  19.  Let your dog spend time with you. Whether you are sitting at your desk doing paperwork or watching a movie with the family let the dog curl up at your feet to feel included with the family.
  20. Play hunting games by letting her smell a toy or piece of clothing. Then, tell them to sit, and stay while you hide the object. Then, let them go on the hunt to sniff out the item.
  21.  Talk to your dog bestie. According to the researcher, Dr. Attila Andics, of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, dogs can understand human speech.
  22. Spend time each day reinforcing learned tricks. Let them repeat previously learned tricks so the behaviors stay fresh in their minds.
  23. Take your dog with you. They’ll love getting to hop in the car and go for a ride and be sure to roll down the window so they can enjoy the fresh air on their face. 
  24. Is your dog rushing their meal? Try these snufflemat tips for slowing them down so they enjoy their food
  25. Dogs can sense danger long before humans can. Be sure to pay attention to their body language and doggie speak. Reward them when they alert you to potential danger and reassure them when everything is OK. 
  26. Provide brain games for your furry friends. Dogs are intelligent, curious, and playful, these 5 Fun Brain Game for Dogs from Love of a Pet offer good ideas for keeping their brains active and engaged.
  27. Know what foods are not safe to feed your dog so that you can ensure that they stay healthy. This blog on 7 foods not to feed your dog will help you to prep ahead to keep your dogs safe.
  28. Vacuum your dog’s bed regularly to remove loose hair and other debris that has accumulated. Be sure to use the hose in the crevices, around the seams, and even underneath the bed.
  29. Dog hair can become matted quickly. So, keep up with brushing to help their coat stay shiny and soft. Here’s our guide on how to give your dog a haircut at home
  30. Remember to schedule regular veterinarian appointments to help your furry family member stay as healthy as possible. 
  31. Take your dog for a run and help them get good exercise. Discover 5 Tips for Running with Your Dog at Marathons and Motivation.
  32. Make sure that your doggie gets plenty of water. Use a continuous water bowl so they have the opportunity to drink whenever they need it.
  33. Give your dog a job. When you go for a walk attach a backpack with a bottle or two of water. Or teach him to fetch the leash when he wants to go for a walk. Having a job keeps them mentally stimulated.
  34.  Discover how aromatherapy can safely be used for your animals.
  35. When calling your dog, use their name. Your dog will come to know its name pretty quickly. So be consistent in what you call it. They’ll gladly respond when you call them by name. If you want to change their name for a new one ( eg. if you’ve just rescued a dog ) then check out the blog post here.
  36.  Big Dog Mom shares how you can Know the Signs of Heat Stroke. Learn how to protect your pooch on hot summer days.
  37. Dogs are part of the canine family. That means they need meat in their diet. A lot of dog foods are made from corn and grain products. You can freeze leftover portions of meat and add it to your dog’s bowl from time to time. Make this carcass bone broth as a super doggy gravy treat.
  38. Everyday Dog Mom shares why you should Keep these 13 Must-have Items in your Pet First Aid Kit
  39. Blow doggie bubbles using a bubble machine for your curious little pup. They love to chase them, and this will be such a great way to give them exercise while you relax nearby and watch the fun.
  40. Rotate your doggie toys. From time to time move rotate toys out of sight and bring in new toys for your pet to play with and explore. Just like we get bored dogs can get bored too. 
  41. Don’t ignore your sweet friend when you get home. They’re so excited to see you and just talking to them helps them to calm down and be comforted by your voice. 
  42. Read a book to your dog. Research shows that the sound of your voice reading calms a dog. So, reading aloud to them from time to time helps them to not be anxious. 
  43. Pick a sunny Saturday and go to the dog park to help your pooch burn off some pent-up energy.
  44. Did you know that you can get a dog massage for your sidekick? Some believe that doing so helps improve circulation and aid in digestion.
  45.  Remember to get their nails clipped regularly. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself you can take them to the groomer, but this helps them walk more comfortably and also saves your furniture and floors from scratches.
  46. Crates can be super convenient for pet owners. But do you know the proper way to use them for training? Learn the Benefits for Dogs when Proper Crate Training from Dog Sense.
  47. Light a fire. There’s nothing quite as pleasant as a warm fire in the fireplace in the fall and winter, and seeing your pet curled up next to it will be calming to your soul as well. Here’s how to hygge with your dog.
  48. From time to time take a hike in the woods. The exercise is good for your dog’s legs and heart and also, they will enjoy being around new smells in nature.
  49. Dogs are natural helpers, call ahead and get permission, then take your sweet pooch to visit the elderly in a nursing home. They’ll love the extra attention and the residents will find a little respite getting to love on your dear doggie. 
  50.  Learn doggie CPR. This emergency, life-saving procedure may save the life of your furry family member one day
  51. Play tug-of-war with your dog. It’s a great natural way to tap into their need to tug and wrestle. 
  52. Stop in at a drive-thru that you know offers dog treats when you have your pups in the car with you. 
  53. Dogs pee and poo. It’s a natural body function just like it is for us. While it can be frustrating when they do this inside the home it’s usually a sign of another problem. Here’s how to housetrain your puppy.
  54. Let your dog head out in the snow. They love chasing flakes and rolling around in mounds of the fluffy white stuff. But avoid ‘snowball legs’ with this easy method before you go out.
  55. When you have to go out of town do a little extra research and find pet-friendly hotels and restaurants so you can take your fluffy friend along with you. 
  56. Fill their KONG with a variety of treats. Southern Eats & Goodies shared this 15+ Kong Filler Ideas list to give you some great inspiration.  
  57. During the hot days of summer fill up a baby pool with water and let your little friends have fun rolling around in the cool water. 
  58. Give them cheap toys that they can destroy. Yes! They have an animal instinct to tear something apart and it’s far better to let them destroy a cheap toy than your expensive throw pillows or shoes.
  59. Use a Popware cup to give your travel companion a drink while walking, jogging, or taking a road trip.
  60. Give them plenty of praise. Yes, the tone of your sweet doggie voice is a good way to motivate her to do what you expect her to do. 
  61. Help keep all of your doggie things organized so you don’t have to go on the hunt when you need to take him out for a walk. Create a Doggie Command Center using these tips from The Boondocks Blog.
  62. Have you ever given your pooch a doggie popsicle? You can make your own by putting a few soft treats in water and freezing them in a zip bag. They’ll enjoy the puzzle of getting the treat out of the ice, plus it helps to cool them down on a hot day. 
  63. Fresh air is good for animals. So, when you are out and about leave a window slightly open to allow fresh air to flow into the room. 
  64. If you live in a location where your dog has a safe space outdoors, such as a fenced yard, add a Hi-Tech Dog Door like the one at Protecting Your Pennies so that your best friend can come in and out as they please. Learn more about automatic
  65. Turn on fun doggie videos on YouTube. You’ll be so surprised by how engaged your sweet friend seems to be by the movement on the screen.
  66. Discover the 10 Best Veggies for your Dog from Luxury Dog the Blog.
  67. Your best pet friend is loyal. So, don’t argue with other family members in front of the dog because it can confuse them about who to be loyal to. 
  68. Don’t forget to brush. The dental health of your dog is important to their overall health. Here are 5 serious illnesses that can happen when a dog has dental problems.
  69. We all know that dogs can be messy when it comes to eating. Clean up around their food and water bowl regularly so they have a safe, clean, place to eat.
  70. Don’t overfeed your pooch. It can be tempting to give extra treats and rewards throughout the day. And, while treats can be used to reinforce good behavior too many can be harmful to their health. A good solution is to break treats into smaller portions, they don’t care what size the treat is, they just respond to the treat.
  71. DIY a Dog Bandana for your Pooch with instruction from Fix She tup. She’ll look so cute all your neighbours will want to give her ears a rub.
  72. Be consistent with feeding. They’ll expect their food at the same time each day and show them you love them by being consistent.
  73. Don’t over bathe your furry friend. Learn more about the proper grooming of your pet by reading these Grooming Tips.
  74. Be sure to provide your number one sidekick with their own space. Whether it’s a crate with appropriate bedding, a doghouse outside where they can rest in the shade, or a dog bed at the foot of your bed, give them a space they can consistently go to for rest and quiet.
  75. Be a patient pet owner. Training takes time no matter the age of the dog
  76. Check your dog for fleas and ticks regularly to ensure they are staying as healthy as possible. You’ll not only protect them but your whole family as well.
  77. Learn about dog paws and how to clean and check for cracks, cuts, or sores often.
  78. Be sure to provide safety during travel time with your pooch.
  79. Just as proper ID is important for humans, it’s also important for your furry family member. Having a dog collar with their name, and your contact info is a great way to ensure they get returned if they get lost. Microchips are compulsory in the UK and help if your dog loses their collar. 
  80.  Understand Signs of Dehydration in Dogs and learn 9 Tips to Help them Stay Cool in Summer at Iconic Pup. 
  81. Be reproductive responsible for your pet. If you plan to breed your dog, learn what is necessary for proper breeding. If not, then spay or neuter at the appropriate age. 
  82. Patronise stores that are dog friendly. Bark Spot has a List of 33 Stores that will let you bring your bestie inside (US).
  83. Lift your eyebrows when you look at your dog upon arrival. A Japanese study shows that dogs when greeted by their dog owners lift their eyebrow in recognition. By returning this behaviour you’ll show your pet your familial recognition of them as well. 
  84. Learn about canine enrichment to help them keep their brains healthy and active.
  85. Learn how to teach your dog not to jump up at people to keep anxieties at bay for both your dog and your guests.
  86. When walking do you feel like you’re the one getting pulled? Discover how to stop your dog pulling on the leash when you are out and about with your pooch.
  87. Dogs need rough play from time to time and as their number one, it’s up to you to provide that rough play. Get on the floor and push and roll and nudge them with your head. They’ll nudge back, push and rollback, but don’t let them get the better of you.
  88. Give your pooch some special treats from time to time. Like this Banana Peanut Butter Dog Ice Creamthat you can find at Spaceships and Laser Beams.
  89. Don’t ever leave your pup alone in a car, no matter their age. The heat builds up in those cars and can become dangerous very fast, especially for your furry friend.
  90. Learn your dog’s love language.
  91. Learn about vaccines for dogs and be sure to schedule your best fur buddy for their shots.
  92.  Why Do Dogs Lick? Barking Royalty shares how licking behaviours can indicate a dog’s needs. Read these tips to learn how to help your pup if licking becomes a problem. 
  93. Know the signs of stress in your dog. The Complete Guide to Stress in Dogs by The Dog Clinic will also help you to know how to relieve stress when it happens.
  94. Prepare ahead of time for natural disasters. Pet Hub shares How to Protect Your Pet in Case of a Natural Disaster Emergency.
  95. Dress them up for Halloween and have some fun together. Here’s how to teach them how to wear a costume so they don’t get stressed out.
  96. Curl up on the sofa under a blanket and binge watch these dog-friendly box sets on tv.
  97. On a rainy day, spend time playing indoor nosework games together to pass the time.
  98. Go on a Sniffari. Let them lead and sniff the way on a walk the entire time, even if you only end up going round the block ( or round in circles)
  99. In Spring, check out these 5 games you can play together now the weather is getting better.
  100. Read up on the 10 signs your dog is happy to make sure you’re getting it right!

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