7 fun things to do to turn around a bad day

how to turn around a bad day

There’s no denying that we all suffer from bad days and sometimes it becomes difficult to get through such terrible times.

Having a bad day is so underrated because that happens to everyone. However, for someone suffering from mental illness, it’s super depressing and really hard to turn around on some days.

You don’t feel like working on any of your important tasks, the idea of talking to someone about your problems seems pointless, you start doubting all your decisions and this makes life miserable.

These are some terrible days when you lose the will to live and everything negative is shouting inside your head. I always try to focus on the brighter side of life but sometimes things don’t work out as we planned and this makes me feel sad. It feels like nothing can help us to feel better but to my surprise, I did find some helpful tips to follow during low times.

If you have been feeling the same, you’re in the right place. I share these useful ideas to help make you feel better during bad days.

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7 fun things to turn around a bad day 2

Do what makes you happy

I love this idea of creating a list of things that make me happy during bad days. Whenever I feel low, I grab this list, a pencil, revamp it according to my current mood and start doing something fun.

For instance, I love taking care of plants, so I planted a herb garden during the first lockdown and now I go out into my herb garden ( I say garden, but it’s a patch really) on my bad days and potter about sniffing the different scents. Dolly always comes with me, she loves it too. You may not feel super excited or charged at first but I’m sure that once you start planting, you will feel your positivity grow as the plants do. There’s nothing quite like making chamomile tea from your own flowers.

The sole purpose behind taking a break and doing some thing else is to break the chain of monotonous work and do something that you truly enjoy. Do not feel shy about listing anything silly as a fun activity. Blowing soap bubbles is also one of happy things and I always have kids bubbles in the cupboard ( despite the fact my kids are now older).

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Spend time in nature

Nature and mental health are so well related. I always feel super soothing when I’m in the woods or alongside the river. It’s so refreshing to go out for a brisk walk among the trees and rejuvenate ourselves.

On these low days, I would highly suggest getting out of your home and exploring nature. You will find so many beautiful things all along your way that will make you realise how incredible this life is. Also, if you have a pet, you can totally take it along with you and spend some time with your fur baby. They are a huge source of happiness and selfless love.

Even in winter you can still enjoy a walk and get some fresh air.

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A random act of kindness

When we are stuck in our life with all the negative feelings, we completely forget that we are not alone. Everyone out there is struggling with their own challenges and it’s such a sweet thing to spread kindness around.

Being kind doesn’t cost much but it has a smooth rippling effect. It will make you feel calm from within and this feeling really helps during bad times.

Compliment someone, buy flowers for your co-worker, do some household chores, open a door for someone, throw a positive smile at a hopeless being; even these tiniest things create a huge difference in the world. Just imagine someone doing it for you, how wonderful you would feel!!

Journal your thoughts

There’s no better gift to stop your racing thoughts and bring calm than the art of journaling. Whenever I feel low, this is the first thing that comes to my mind. Journaling helps you slow down and analyse the current issue and sometimes while writing those pages, you may even find solutions to your problems.

Note down everything that hurts you without thinking much about language or grammar. Your journal is your safe place to clear your mind and bring clarity. You don’t have to show it to anyone else. Try this beautiful practice and see how your bad day turns around!

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Talk to a friend or your dog

Sometimes we don’t wish to share our problems with others but know that they are your own and are always looking for your best. It’s safe to share your worries and something that’s eating you up inside to your trusted friend or loved ones. They may not always be able to provide a solution but they surely will lend you an ear to hear all your troubles. And sometimes that’s all we need.

Talk about your time together, your best moments, relive your memories and cherish this bond. Sharing your thoughts with someone who understands you is such a relief and it takes down so much pressure off your head.

You’ve always got a friend in your dog and they will listen to you, dry your tears and bring you great comfort every day.

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Read a book

I have always been able to get lost in a good book. Books are indeed a great source of knowledge and inspiration. Also, there are a few great books that make you feel less alone. I love reading self-help books during my low days and they give me so much hope.

Make a list of your favourite books and keep them with you during your bad days. You can also try eBooks or audiobooks if the paperback isn’t available on time.

A good book has an immense power to make you laugh, smile, and feel calm.

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Practice gratitude

Being grateful for what we have creates more of it. Sometimes in this fast-paced world, we are so busy chasing our goals and running behind our endless wishes that we forget to realise our blessings.

On your bad days, make a list of things you are grateful for. Healthy food, getting up healthy, surviving these days is also something to be thankful for.

Practicing gratitude can be difficult during bad days but it can be a powerful force to make you look at the brighter side of the darkness.


Final thoughts:

Getting through a rough time or bad day isn’t always easy. Sometimes, we don’t feel like doing any of the above-mentioned ideas. But, I would really suggest that you try at least one of them and feel the change.

In the end, know that you’re only human and we all have these bad days. The only thing is, don’t forget the silver lining. Just as the bad days, the good time shall arrive soon. This is just temporary and I know this too shall pass.