50 questions to help discover your best self : Journaling for beginners

Journaling to find your best self

We all wish to live a happy, fulfilled life. But is it possible to live that kind of life without discovering your true self? I guess not.

When you realise your best self, you get to know about your happiness and everything that you need to live the life of your dreams.

Discovering your best self is not always easy. There are many life incidents that teach us how to live and grow through a tough period. And with these experiences, we truly learn how to be ourselves.

But, why do we need to be our best selves?

Well, to put it in a super simple way, we get this life only once and it solely depends on us how we spend our time on this planet.

We may earn well, live our full life but imagine the regret of not knowing your true self when you still had the time. It is insanely painful to live a life without a purpose or a goal.

Finding your best self will answer some serious life questions which will remain a mystery otherwise. This life is a gift and how we use it, is our gift to the world. Plus, when you know yourself the best, you don’t need to seek approval from anyone else or any outside validation.

You will be your best self who knows what is right and what isn’t. This is a journey to discover yourself and to set you free.

At the beginning of this year, I set out some questions for myself to know who truly was I and what was best for me. These journal questions helped me find my authentic self and I am so proud of doing this work.

It is super normal to get overwhelmed with this long list of questions. At times, it may feel like someone is interviewing you and you gotta be superficial. Well, don’t worry because your answers are for yourself only and no one else to judge. So, just be true to yourself as this work is solely for your betterment.

You don’t need any validation or approval to start this inner work. All you need is some patience and dedication to discover your best self. I cannot wait to start this beautiful journey with you.

Here are some thought-provoking questions that will help you find and discover your best self. I would highly recommend writing them down and ponder deep while answering.

50 Questions to find your best self:

  1. What was my biggest fear when I was young?
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2. What activity gave me the most joy when I was young?

2 3

3. What do I love about my life?


4. What I feel is missing in my life and how can I get more of what I need?


5. Which are the things that bring me joy and peace?


6. Can I improve on any of my daily habits?

7. What steps am I taking to reach my goals?

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8. What makes me upset?


9. How can I add to my happiness?

10.  When was the last time I fully enjoyed myself?


11.  What are the 5 things that I love about myself?


12.  Am I showing compassion to myself?

13.  Which are the three things I need to let go of?


14.  What am I criticizing myself about?

15.  What is the happiest version of me?

16.  Which areas of my life can I improve?

17.  Which are some of the things I can have in my routine to feel happy?

18.  Write the list of things that bothers you.


19.  How I will accomplish my goals for this year?

21.  Which things bother me a lot and how can I overcome this feeling?

22.  How can I practice forgiveness and forget the past mistakes?

23.  What are some of the advice that I will give to my future self?


24.  Write a letter of love to yourself.


25.  If I can relive one moment of my entire lifetime, what it would be?


26.  How do I invite more peace and joy in my life?

27.  If I could be anything in the world, what I would be?

28.  How can I create more positivity in my life?

29.  What are some limiting beliefs that I’m holding onto?

30.  What would I be if everything was possible?

31.  What are some of my biggest strengths and something that I need to improve?

32.  Am I looking for external validation? If so, why?

33.  How can I accept myself the way I am and not what others want me to be?

34.  Which are the moments of my life that I truly enjoyed?

35.  How can I be my own authentic self, a true version of me?

36.  What is keeping me away from my own truth?

37.  Who are some of my favorite humans on this planet and why do I admire them so much?

38.  Is there something that bothers me a lot? How can I free myself from that?

39.  How can I create a better space for my well-being?

40.  Are my goals aligned with the things that make me happy?

41.  What sets my heart on fire?

42.  Do I care about what others think about me? Why? Or why not?

43.  What do I want to be remembered for?


44.  What failure was I grateful for from last year?

45.  Am I pushing myself to my fullest potential?

46.  What do I wish I could make money doing?

47.  What is my favorite part about being single/married/in a relationship?

48.  Am I comfortable with my finances?

49.  What makes me angry or frustrated? How can I overcome that?

50.  What is the purpose of my life?

These are some of the questions that I use every time when I feel the sudden urge to pick  up my journal.  It is recommended that you answer these questions one at a time, if you’re not comfortable with some questions don’t bother about them and move on to the next ones.

The ultimate goal here is to get to know yourself better, so try to answer them as honestly as you can.

Also remember, we are all work in progress. So do not be hard on yourself in this journey of self-discovery.

I would love to know which of the above questions appealed to you the most. Do leave your views in the comments below.

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