Easiest Way To DIY Beef Jerky Treats for Your Dog

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Wondering if your puppy would love to munch on some dried beef slices as you do? Or have you already shared a few slices with your dog but now that it wants more, you’re worried about your pet’s health?

You’re in the perfect place because we have got you covered. In this article, we take a look at what are the easiest ways to DIY beef jerky treats for your dogs.

Is Beef Jerky A Good Snack For Dogs?

Your first and foremost priority is your dog’s well-being and since we know that, this is the first topic we’ll discuss.

We all have our own favorite beef jerky brands that we enjoy and our beloved pooch deserves to indulge in them as well. As the next best alternative, you can make these treats at home and ensure their safe consumption.

Health Benefits of Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is an incredible source of protein and your dog needs it almost as much as humans do. Beef jerky is surprisingly filled with a multitude of vitamins and minerals too such as iron, zinc, folate, etc. Your dog’s teeth are also jogged when it chews on the jerky. Who knew such a light and easy snack could do so much for the body?

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Why Your Dog Might Absolutely Love Indulging In Beef Jerky

Most dogs love munching on beef jerky. It might simply be because your dog’s most beloved human loves to snack on jerky, or your dog may actually enjoy the taste of the beef. Chewing relieves stress which is a big contributing factor to dogs loving beef jerky.

Is Homemade Beef Jerky Safe For Dogs?

As a pet parent, your main aim in your parenting journey should be finding the right balance between keeping your fur baby happy and letting them have guilty pleasures, all while keeping them safe. Not all jerky is suitable for dogs, and dogs don’t generally react well to abrupt diet changes.

Jerky Treats That May Not Be Suitable For Your Puppy

Store-bought beef jerky may have ingredients that could potentially be harmful to your furry child, like excessive salt, garlic, spicy flavors, onion, etc. 

You should avoid beef jerky if your dog is immunocompromised, is overweight, has underlying health issues, or is allergic to beef. If you want to ensure this yummy treat is not harmful to your little buddy, try to look for flavorless or unsalted versions of beef jerky brands.

If nothing seems to be working out but you aren’t able to resist your dog’s gentle eyes asking for the delicious jerky treats, we have got you a recipe you can try at home with a few simple ingredients.

How Do You Make Dehydrated Dog Treats At Home?

Even if we don’t usually like to experiment with new recipes, we would surely be lured into the kitchen to make our puppies happy. Have no idea where to start? Read on to learn the easiest way to DIY beef jerky treats for your dogs.

The Tools You Need

You probably already have these in your pantry or alternatives that’ll work just fine.


This will depend on which cut you’re going for. A multipurpose Chef’s knife or a carving knife might be your best choice. An extra tip: you can skip this entire step and tool just by buying meat that is already cut.

Parchment Paper

You should not go for aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Parchment paper is not damaged by heat and prevents your beef jerky from getting stuck to the tray or slipping through the holes.


If you’re looking to buy a dehydrator, you should look into the warranty, temperature, and timer ranges, as well as the capacity. Not all dehydrators are suitable for beef jerky so be careful of which you pick. If you don’t have a dehydrator and don’t want one right now, you could use your oven too.

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Beef jerky made in the oven

The Ingredients You Need

You should keep your dog’s dietary requirements in mind when picking these.


Apple cider vinegar, liquid aminos, fish sauce, and unsweetened pineapple juice are amazing options low on sodium.

Different Kinds Of Cuts

You could go for the usual roast jerky strips, thin and lean Schnitzel cuts. Trim your beef off any fats and cut it up into small nuggets

Home made Beef Jerky. Dolly loves it!
Home made Beef Jerky. Dolly loves it!

How To Dehydrate The Beef Treats

You should marinate the beef for at least 4 hours to one day. Your dehydrator should be preheated to 160 °F, or your oven to its lowest setting.

You should make sure your beef pieces are dry using a paper towel. Let your beef jerky breathe by keeping space between each when laying them on the tray. Beef jerky takes four hours in a dehydrator and only three in the oven.

How old does your dog have to be to eat beef jerky?

You know the harmful effects as well as benefits of feeding your dog beef jerky. You also know how to do it right. Your puppy needs to be at least 16 weeks before you share jerky treats with it.

You should closely observe what your dog’s chewing and keep an eye out for apparent allergic reactions or other negative side effects. If your puppy has any health issues or has been ill in the past, it is always better to consult your vet before adding anything new to its diet.

Final Words

Whether you are able to choose from the numerous beef jerky brands or have begun to recreate the delish treats at home, you now know everything you need to make an informed decision about letting your dog enjoy dried slices of meat.

Knowing the easiest way to DIY beef jerky treats for your dogs will certainly make things a lot easier. Your heart will surely melt when you get to see your lovely dog indulge in yummy but healthy snacks.

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