Pooch And Mutt: Good Mood Dog Food Product Review


I’m always keen to investigate dog food brands. Ever since I studied canine nutrition as part of my degree, I was horrified by what is actually in our dog’s food and what manufacturers got away with, and many still do. My colleagues and I took the top brands at the time and in the lab broke them down completely to review their contents and actual nutritional value. The results, I’m sorry to say, were awful. Even the brands that claimed to be ‘scientifically formulated’ were disappointing.

But over the last few years, there have been some brilliant new dog food brands who have helped the public understand the importance of feeding our dogs well. One of these brands is Pooch & Mutt, founded in 2007 by Guy Blaskey when his dog Cookie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 3 months and told they would need a hip replacement by the time they were 3. Cookie was treated with a natural joint supplement for horses made by Guy’s mum’s company, Blue Chip Feed.

The product worked amazingly (Cookie never needed the hip replacement and led a full, active life for another 11 years), so Guy decided that he had to reformulate it and repackage it for dogs, and so Pooch & Mutt was born.

Pooch & Mutt have created an enhanced range of natural meals, treats and supplements that does good and tastes good, to give your pet the optimal ingredients needed to boost their mood and behaviour paw in paw with their physical health.

I decided to check out some of their products in detail. I used the ‘Find Your Food’ questionnaire on the website to help me chose products to suit Dolly my little French Bulldog. She is currently recovering from the second round of surgery this year for her luxating patella, so I took this into consideration when answering the questions.

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5 Things You Didn't Know Your Dog Could Do!

These are the products she tried:

• Soft and Shiny Dry Dog Food

• Health and Digestion Mini Bone Treats

• Salmon Oil

• Joint Daily Care Supplement

Soft & Shiny Dry Dog Food – 2kg £13.99

I was worried about switching my dog’s food because she is so picky. I decided to try Soft & Shiny Dry Food, and I’m impressed! She loved the taste! It has no grain, so it’s perfect for dogs with sensitivities, like Dolly, who is a typical Frenchie with a sensitive tum.

The formula also contains Omega 3 and 6 to nourish the skin and reduce itching and scratching. This food also contains prebiotics and probiotics that can help support gut health. All of this makes Soft & Shiny Dry Food an excellent choice for any dog that needs a good alternative to their current dry food.

The product is a complete food suitable for dogs from 8 weeks old that contains functional ingredients to keep your dog’s skin and coat in good shape. These are vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for general health, along with a ‘NUTRA-BIONIC’ supplement which contains ingredients that help promote healthy skin, reduce stool odour and support urinary tract health.

  • Soft & Shiny is a vet recommended, complete food
  • Contains 47% herring (a novel protein that aids digestion) for dogs with dry skin or itchy skin
  • Omega 3 and 6 to nourish the skin and reduce itching and scratching
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics balanced gut flora which can help nutrient uptake
Soft & Shiny Dog Food Ingredients – look good enough to eat myself!

Health & Digestion Mini Bone Treats – £15.99 for 6 Tubes

I get through many treats when training and constantly worry about what’s in them and how many extra calories I might be loading into Dolly’s diet. Since she was spayed earlier this year, she has developed a tendency to put on weight. Combine this with the five weeks of strict rest she’s had after her luxating patella operation, and I was delighted to find some treats that were low calorie and packed with beneficial ingredients.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much she liked them. In fact, she loves these Pooch & Mutt Mini Bone treats so much that every time she sees me with one she drools in anticipation, a great big bubble of it!

The best thing about these treats is that they’re healthy–they’re wheat-free, junk-free, and contain charcoal to absorb any gas caused by flatulence to make sure my dog has regular stools. They also include chicory (a natural prebiotic) and parsley (a traditional digestive aid). It’s a high five from Dolly for these!

  • Wheat-free, junk-free
  • Baked by hand
  • Low calorie recipe with chicory, parsley and charcoal
Pooch & Mutt Mini Bone Treats – 3 flavours to choose from

Salmon Oil £12.99 for 500ml Bottle

Dolly has enjoyed taking Pooch and Mutt’s Salmon Oil supplement, which is sold in a 500 ml bottle. Omega oils have been confirmed to be essential for growth since the 1930s, and she has been happily taking this supplement every day. I can already see a difference in her skin and coat quality. She seems very happy when she is eating it too. I did have a sniff, and it doesn’t really smell of anything to me, which is great as I didn’t want a constant whiff of salmon in the house!

Good for skin and coat quality, one bottle will last Dolly for two months, but if you have a large dog you’ll need a bottle a month so take advantage of their Subscribe & Save option which will bring the cost down to £9.74 a month.

  • An easy way to add Omega 3, 6 and 9 into your dog’s diet.
  • Omega oils are essential for skin and coat quality, cardiovascular/ heart health, immune response, cognitive/ brain function and joint function/ mobility.
  • Your pet’s body cannot make omega 3 fatty acids, so it is vital that your pet consumes them as part of their diet.
Salmon Oil can be added straight to your dogs food – and it doesn’t smell!

In September 2004, the US FDA gave “qualified health claim status” to EPA and DHA.

Research has proven that DHA from fish oils makes puppies more intelligent, easier to train and improves memory. For the research, carried out by Eukanuba, 9 week old puppies were taught how to recognise shapes that led them to a treat. After 5 days training twice the number of puppies fed on the high -DHA diet achieved an 80% success rate (in finding the treat in a T-shaped maze). The studies authors claim that this could save owners up to £1000 per year in behaviour correction fees.

British veterinary surgeon and dog behavioural expert Sara Heath commented on the research: “Enhancement of a puppy’s cognitive development and exposure to various learning opportunities can maximise the potential for it to develop into an adult dog that can be readily welcomed as a member of society.”

Joint Daily Care Supplement 100g £14.99

Dolly has been taking these tablets for a few weeks and she seems to like them. They help her walk around and play with her toys even more than before and I noticed that her legs seemed less stiff. It’s like she can do everything without too much pain and it doesn’t seem like she is in as much discomfort anymore. I think they are really helping to speed up her recovery.

This is a product that contains glucosamine, chondroitin and Pooch & Mutt’s ‘secret ingredient’: Type II collagen. Collagen makes up over 70% of a dog’s cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments. The stores of collagen diminish as your dog gets older, so replacing it with a supplement is a great idea.

These tablets also contains Vitamin C, which helps with cartilage production. This supplement can help breeds prone to joint problems develop good habits early on or can be used as an additional supplement for older dogs. The tablets are small, so they are easier to chew for smaller dogs, and they can be given as a treat.

There is a handy feeding guide on the website which recommends two tablets a day for a Frenchie and up to 10 tablets a day for a Great Dane so you can be sure you’re giving the correct dose to your dog. If your dog doesn’t like tablets, they crush easily so can be sprinkled on or mixed in with their regular food.

  • Developed by vets
  • Help stiff joints & mobility
  • Reduce pain and aid joint comfort
  • Use a treat or add to main meal
  • The perfect preventative measure for breeds prone to joint issues
Joint Care Supplement for a daily boost

Wrapping up

Pooch and Mutt products are a great way to help your dog live a more comfortable life no matter what stage they are at. They have a whole range of products for your dog to suit different conditions and life stages. Vets have developed them, so they’re safe for even the fussiest dogs! Let us know what product works best for your pup today because we’d love to know.

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