7 Unique Tech Finds for Pet Lovers

7 tech finds for pet owners

Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or something else entirely, there’s no denying the joy pets can bring to our lives. From providing us with companionship to serving as furry therapists, pets are truly special. And if you’re a tech lover who also happens to be a pet lover, we’ve got some great finds for you! Check out these seven unique tech gadgets and tools that are perfect for pet lovers.

Have you considered getting your dog an automatic ball launcher for when you’re too tired to play fetch? What about replacing your cat’s watering bowl with a premium water fountain that keeps the water fresher for longer?

Going away? An automatic pet feeder can be set to dispense food at any time of day. Do you want to take a break from scooping the cat’s litter box? The dirty work is done for you by a self-cleaning litter box.

Indeed, the market has evolved with cutting-edge technologies to make pet care more manageable for your household.

Bring your pets into the modern era with these incredible advances in pet technology designed to improve their quality of life (and yours).

Do you know these fun cat facts?
Do you know these fun cat facts?

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1.     GPS device

The first thing we recommend after a collar and an ID tag is getting a GPS device to attach to your pet. Think Apple airtag, which can be attached to dog or cat collars. This safety measure decreases the likelihood of your pet becoming lost, as you would be able to find them quickly.

Some GPS devices also have a built-in pet tracker app, which can provide extremely detailed health data, including activity levels, calorie burn, sleep habits, and more.

We recommend purchasing smart collars that already include GPS trackers and other useful features such as an intuitive companion app, consistent wellness reports, and a built-in light that may be difficult to find elsewhere.

2.     Cameras

Whether they are CCTV cameras situated around or inside your home or fish-eye lens attached to your pets’ collars as a smart feature, a camera is another piece of pet technology you should invest in right away.

Many of us have jobs that do not allow us to work from home indefinitely, but that doesn’t mean you have to go through the day completely unaware of what your pet is up to while you’re away. A good pet camera can be attached to your pet’s collar and has an app that can be accessed from your smartphone for regular check-ins.

3.     Automatic pet feeders

Automatic pet feeders are ideal for feeding cats and dogs on a set schedule and in precise portion sizes and food supplies. Smart pet feeders can be controlled by smartphones and computers, allowing you to feed your pet while you’re away.

Most pet feeders include a magnetic lock lid to keep curious paws from “sampling” and a camera, allowing you to visually inspect your pet. Some even have features where you can record a special message to announce mealtimes!

4.     Self-cleaning litterbox

Cats, being notoriously tidy creatures, prefer clean litter boxes—and some will even refuse to use a filthy bathroom. What is the solution? A Wi-Fi-enabled self-cleaning litterbox that is virtually touch-free. Set it and forget it is how pet poop cleaning systems work, removing clumps immediately after your pet finishes “business.”

Following your cat’s answering the call of nature, the included crystals in the self-cleaning litterbox absorb some of the moisture and dry out the solid waste. Then, about 20 minutes after your cat has gone, sensors activate the stainless steel cleaning rig, raking the waste into a covered trap so you never have to touch or smell it when you get home.

5.     Automatic water dispenser

Just as a smart feeder can automatically provide food in your absence, a smart water dispenser can do the same. It is suitable for pets of all sizes, as well. The free-falling stream adds oxygen to your pet’s drinking water, and a replaceable filter removes bad tastes and odors for better-tasting water.

Choose a water dispenser that has features such as a receiving ramp to reduce splash and adjustable flow control to allow you to adjust how much water your pet receives. A large built-in reservoir expands capacity and necessitates less refilling, resulting in more water for your pet and less work for you.

6.     Automatic ball launcher

We all know that dogs are ball-crazy, and their frenetic energy levels sometimes exceed our own. An automatic ball launcher allows you to play fetch with your dog without lifting a finger.

The top of the device is tilted away from the launching hole to encourage your pet to stand behind the machine for safety. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is powered by a power cord or six C-cell batteries. It even comes with a training manual to help you teach your pet how to use the machine without your help.

7.     Self-emptying smart vacuum

We also know our furry friends are, well, furry. They shed their fur seasonally, with hard-to-reach fur that gets caught or snagged in the darkest corners of your house.

A self-emptying, smart vacuum automatically roams around your house and takes vacuuming to the next level by utilizing a self-emptying function, which eliminates the need for you to get your hands dirty.
The device’s self-emptying base, which also serves as the vacuum’s charging station, can hold up to 30 days of debris, effectively eliminating the need for you to meet any dust bunnies for a month.

Purchase a smart vacuum that performs well in terms of suction, effortlessly picking up crumbs, hair, and other debris from deep within carpets. Some come with a self-cleaning brush roll that prevents hair from becoming entangled and clogging the system.

Final thoughts

We don’t mind if we love our pets a little too much. After all, they provide companionship and are always delighted to see us. Pets are basically like family members, especially for those of us who don’t have children at home.

Therefore, we’re all about giving our good doggos and pretty kitties the best life possible. And as they deserve nothing but the best, we must get on with the times and use new pet technology that can make theirs and our lives more comfortable.

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