Why Does My Dog Bite Me And Not My Husband?

why does my dog bite me and not my husband

Some may argue that there is nothing better than a man’s best friend; but what do you do when that best friend wants to bite you. You may be wondering why your dog bites you but not your husband. Understanding a dog’s mentality can help resolve negative behaviours such as biting.

Some common reasons your dog may be biting you or other members of your family are:

A combination of proper training techniques and patience can correct this negative behaviour.

For a more in-depth understanding of why your dog chooses to bite you and not your husband continue reading.

The Heart of the Issue: Understanding Why Your Dog Bites You

Why Me?! You think for the umpteenth time today; why can my husband interact with our dog and leave unscathed but I look like I fell into a pool of piranas? If you can relate to the prior statement you are not alone.

Why does my dog scratch my bed shee...
Why does my dog scratch my bed sheets?

If you find that your dog nips at or bites you but not your husband there may be a few reasons. Begin by observing the way your husband and the dog interact.

  • Do they play rough and get excited a lot?
  • Is your husband the person who primarily feeds and cares for the dog?
  • What tone of voice does he use when speaking or giving commands?

The answers to these questions can help you to find the solution you need to keep your dog well-behaved and your skin intact.

If your husband and the dog tend to play hard and rough it is likely that your dog thinks it can behave that way with everyone. A dog will generally follow the commands of whoever is in charge of providing food, water, and treats.

If this duty falls to your husband that could also be another reason why your furry friend is more respectful of him. If your husband speaks in a lower more stern voice the dog is more likely to listen than to someone with a more high-pitched voice.

Continue reading for more reasons your dog may be biting you.

Other Reasons Your Dog May Be Biting You

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are multiple reasons why your dog may prefer to use you as their chew toy. While some behavioural issues can be corrected more easily than others they can all be handled if they are done with consistency, love, and patience.

Before continuing it is necessary to understand that there are two different kinds of biting; one being playful and the other aggressive. Identifying if your dog is being aggressive or simply trying to have a good time can affect the way you correct this negative behaviour.

A Ball of Nerves

Anxiety is not a condition specific to the human race; dogs can have feelings of anxiety just like we do. The key is to try and locate the source of the anxiety so you can work with your four-legged friend to correct the behavior. Some common sources of anxiety for dogs are:

  • Being held too tightly and feeling trapped
  • Having a person too close to their face
  • Memories of a negative experience from the past
  • Mistreated by previous owners
  • Other animals in their territory
  • Over stimulation; too much noise and commotion

It’s A Pup Thing

Teething is rough on your pup but even rougher on your skin and valuable possessions. Don’t take it personally if your new pup is biting you until it feels like you have been thrown into a meat grinder.

It is 100% normal for a puppy to go through a teething stage where it seems as though everything is fair game. Now is the time to nip that habit of biting and chewing in the bud before it becomes a bad behaviour that is difficult to break.

Lack of Socialisation and Manners

Sometimes a dog will nip and bite simply because they have not been trained. If their behaviour has not been corrected they do not know it is wrong and will continue displaying said behaviour.

A lack of socialization can also lead to bad manners like biting and aggressiveness in dogs so it is important that you start socializing with your dog at an early age.

You Are Just There For A Good Time

Most of the time your dog is just looking to have a little bit of fun. It is not uncommon for dogs to see their owners as their own personal playthings. You have played with them since they were a puppy and they associate you with fun.

Proper Training and Patience Curbs Negative Behaviours

You have to remember that dogs are people too and they need training just like a child. If you don’t set boundaries and expectations they will run amok and control you instead of the other way around. If your dog is biting you and not your husband it will require a team effort to show him or her what is acceptable, but with time your hard work will pay off and you will have a calm, well-behaved dog.

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