Chippin Dog Food & Dog Treats: Reviewed

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Did you know that industrial livestock farming contributes about 15 percent of Greenhouse Gas emissions? But the human appetite for animal products is not the only contributor to this environmental threat. Our furry companions also contribute to the global carbon dioxide levels. Studies indicate that pet food production accounts for about 1-2 percent of the total Carbon dioxide emissions in industrialised countries. 

Fortunately, there are eco-friendly alternatives, and many pet owners are turning a new leaf. Pet food manufacturers like Chippin use novel protein to make food good for pets and the planet. Read on and learn how you can cut down on your dog’s carbon pawprint and provide adequate nutrition naturally. 

What you will find in this Chippin dog food and dog treats review:

  • Why choose eco-friendly pet foods?
  • What are Chippin dog food and treats?
  • Benefits and downsides of choosing Chippin dog treats 
  • What other dog owners say about Chippin dog food and dog treats

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Why choose eco-friendly pet foods?

Reports indicate that pet food is responsible for 25 per cent of the environmental impacts of meat production. As the number of companion animals rises, these figures can only increase. Pet owners in the UK must provide nutritious diets to their dogs. It’s not just about supplying protein and carbs, but also veggies and fruits rich in essential nutrients. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 penalises pet owners if they fail to provide a ‘suitable diet’ that meets their dog’s nutritional needs. 

What is a snuffle mat? x
What is a snuffle mat?

Fortunately, there are healthy and nutritious pet food alternatives available. Eco-friendly pet food manufacturers like Chippin use novel proteins and other sustainable ingredients to develop healthy dog foods. By switching to eco-friendly pet foods, pets and their owners can significantly save resources. For example, sources indicate that switching to cricket protein can help save more than two million litres of fresh water per dog! But that’s not all. The protein is easier to digest, packed with essential amino acids and pets love the taste!

Chippin dog foods and treats saw this opportunity and leapt. Here is more about the company and their products

What are Chippin dog food and treats?

Chippin dog food and treats is an eco-friendly pet food company based in the US that seeks to reduce the environmental footprint of pet foods. The company influences the sourcing, handling and manufacturing processes to ensure sustainable practices are adhered to. They also promote small farms and businesses. 

Currently, Chippin dog foods and treats have one type of dog food – the Wild-Caught Silver Carp Dog Food. The food is available in three bag sizes: 3.5 lbs (about 2kg), 10.5 lbs (about 4kg), and 21 lbs (about 10 kg). The company also manufactures the following dog treats and toppings: 

  • Silver Carp Jerky
  • Cricket Jerky
  • Superfood
  • Smokehouse BBQ
  • Spirulina Dailies
  • Variety pack
  • Cricket food topper
  • Jerky variety pack

All the dog food by Chippin meets AAFCO standards. Besides, each product is packed with ingredients rich in antioxidants and prebiotics. They address the specific health and nutrition needs of your pup. Some of the health aspects addressed include bone health, immune system, allergies, gut health, and improved digestion. The products are available in Chippin’s online shop

Benefits and downsides of choosing Chippin dog foods and treats

Like all pet foods, some aspects easily get a five-star rating. But some aspects deserve one star. Here is what’s great and what’s not so great about Chippin dog foods and treats.

Five-star aspects of Chippin dog foods and treats

  • Reliable manufacturers: All of Chippin’s dog foods and treats are manufactured in the USA where the pet food industry is highly regulated. The information provided by the manufacturer is trustworthy. 
  • Chippin’s dog foods and treats use high-quality fish as an ingredient.  Fish sources have a lower impact on the environment. Fish is also more nutritious due to the omega oils).
  • The dog food and treats taste great. The toppings go well with any dog food recipe. Plus, Chippin’s dog foods seldom have the usual fish stench.
  • Novel proteins are superior: Proteins such as cricket are healthy, easy to digest, more absorbable, and are often good for dogs with allergies. 
  • The use of eco-friendly ingredients saves the planet. It reduces your pet’s carbon paw print and significantly saves on resources. 
  • The company is certified plastic neutral. All packaging is from post consumer recycled plastic sources.
  • Sustainable production chain: the company has a traceable supply chain and uses suppliers and vendors who adopt sustainable practices. 
  • Cashback guarantee: Chippin dog food and treats are willing to give pet owners 100 per cent cash back if their pets did not like the pet food. 

What needs work?

  • Currently, there is only one option for dog food. Pet owners who love Chippin’s products do not have a variety of dog foods to choose. 
  • Due to the strict quality and sourcing requirements, Chippin’s dog foods and treats are priced higher than the average kibble. However, they are more affordable than some varieties of fresh dog food. 

What dog owners have to say about Chippin dog foods and treats

The following are customer reactions after purchasing and using Chippin’s dog foods and treats from Amazon.  

On March 27 2022, Michael Karmel said: 

My dog goes nuts for all the Chippin treats, including this one. I like to add one or two as a meal topper here and there, and also use it for treats. Love the sustainable and healthy ingredients!

On February 16 2022 Courtney Simock said: 

Both of my pups love these as treats and as add-ins to their dinner for a little extra flavour and a healthy boost. These don’t smell or feel weird like most dog treats do and I’m reassured that I’m giving my dogs the best and most sustainable treats.

On 11th Aug 2020, Rocky’s mum said:

Our boy LOVED these treats!!! He would quickly ‘Sit Pretty’ without hesitation as soon as he’d hear the bag opening. Also, I really like the fact that the treats smell good. Some out there smell awful so to have a good smelling tasty treat for our boy is definitely worth it! We’ll definitely be purchasing again!

The bottom line

Chippin dog food and dog treats are excellent pet food for your dog. They are vet certified and meet the nutrition standards set out by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Chippin’s dog foods and treats are slightly more pricey than ordinary dog food (due to the high standard of ingredient sourcing and stringent supply chain scrutiny). However, feeding your pup Chippin dog food and treats is an excellent investment in their wellbeing and the environment. 

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