Easy homemade lick it mat

home made lick it mat

Who doesn’t love a lick it mat. So versatile and so simple. Dolly always enjoys hers.

You don’t need to buy an official LickIt mat, if you’ve got a silicone baking sheet already in your kitchen cupboards. And you probably don’t need instructions, but we had fun making some for you!

You can use a number of foods on the mat as long as they are soft and gloopy they’ll work well.

In the summer you can use yoghurt and freeze the mat to provide a cooling treat.

Works great as a distraction ( you can get lick mats with suckers on that stick to the side of the bath). You could always do the ‘cling film on the head’ method too.

Homemade Lick It Mat
Yield: 1

Homemade Lick It Mat

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: £5

Easy to do and fun for your dog. Start with a small amount of tasty food ( sloppy food is best to start) so you dog learns to lick and gets an instant reward.


  • Silicone Baking Sheet
  • Dog friendly peanut butter ( or soft dog food)


  • Flat ( butter) knife


  1. Turn the silicone mat upside down so the pyramids are on the underside and you can see the holes.
  2. Stir your peanut butter ( or dog food).
    IMG 2786 rotated
  3. Spread a little of the peanut butter onto the mat and offer it to your dog.
    IMG 2796 rotated
  4. When they have licked it off, you may add a little more.
    IMG 2795 rotated
  5. When they're finished, wash the mat thoroughly ( can go in the dishwasher).

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