Sweet Dreams: Is Sleeping Next To Your Dog Good For You?

dog sleeping with you

Does thinking about your dog sleeping alone in a different room make you toss and turn at night? 

In a time where most of us are feeling a lot more stressed, anxious and lonely than usual, aving your dog sleep beside you in bed is actually a lot better and beneficial than you think.

Newborn puppies huddle together because that’s when they feel the safest, and most comfortable – it’s in their nature. When your dog wants to sleep beside you, it’s because they consider you ‘part of the pack’. And if that doesn’t convince you, here are five reasons why sleeping with your furry friend next to you might improve your sleep. 

Dogs can reduce depression

To put it simply, dogs are their own kind of antidepressant – spending time with your pup, even just gazing into their eyes releases ‘oxytocin’. Commonly nicknamed ‘the love hormone’ or the ‘the cuddle hormone’, oxytocin is released when you look at your dog – and the feeling is mutual.

So if just looking at your dog makes you happier, imagine what having a cuddle will do. 

The Ruffle Snuffle mat song - turn ...
The Ruffle Snuffle mat song - turn it up and sing along!

Dogs make you feel safer

A survey carried out by Policy Expert showed that 41% of people feel safer due to owning a dog, and 75% feel as if owning a dog reduces the likelihood of their house being broken into. 

You’re at your most vulnerable when you’re in bed, especially if you live alone – so it’s guaranteed that you’ll feel safer if you have your pooch snuggled up beside you – that feeling of safety and security is also bound to result in a good night’s sleep too!

Dogs can ease stress and anxiety

Hard day at the office? When we climb into bed at night, we have a tendency to worry and overthink – which results in a not-so-great night’s sleep. Spending time with our dogs, whether it be taking them for a walk, or having them beside us in bed can lower our cortisol levels, which is the hormone our body releases when we’re stressed out

Lower cortisol levels don’t just come with mental health benefits either, physical too! The release of cortisol can also cause heightened blood pressure, which can lead to several complications including; heart attacks, strokes and memory issues. 

Dogs can sleep through the night

If one of your main concerns is that you’ll be woken up in the middle of the night by a fidgety pup, then you don’t have to worry! Like us humans, dogs naturally produce melatonin – the hormone that helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. 

Even though your pooch might take considerably more naps during the day than you do, they’re still likely to sleep through the night with minimal disruptions. If they don’t sleep through the night, read this article for some advice.

There are a few things to consider when trying to help your dog get a good night’s sleep. The first is to make sure that they have a comfortable place to sleep. This means having a soft, cosy bed for them to curl up in. You may want to consider getting an orthopaedic bed if your dog has any joint issues, like my little Dolly the Frenchie has.

The second thing to consider is making sure that they have a consistent sleep schedule. Dogs are creatures of habit and like to know what to expect. 

A good bedtime routine for a dog can involve gradually winding down the activities of the day. This might mean playing less energetic games, giving them a brush, and taking them out to the toilet. Then playing calming music or singing to them softly before putting them in their bed. Yes, we do have the ‘night-night song in our house. This will help them (and you) relax and get a good night’s sleep. Try to stick to the same bedtime routine every night and make sure that you are not disturbing them during their slumber.  

Third, make sure that your dog isn’t getting too much stimulation before bed time. Avoid playing fetch or other high-energy games right before bed as this will make it harder for them to settle down.

Finally, consider using some calming aids such as a diffuser to release essential oils like lavender, or a ThunderShirt might help your dog relax. Just like us, sometimes our dogs need a little extra help winding down at the end of the day.Find out more and join the Be A Doggy-Do-Little campaign to help your dog sleep well.

Dogs are warm

Having your dog sleep beside you in bed can even save on your heating bills! Especially if you live alone – these winter nights can be pretty chilly. 

Dogs have a higher body temperature to us, with it averaging between 37.8-39.17 degrees celsius – making them the perfect alternative to a hot water bottle (which goes cold after a while, anyway) or a pricey heating bill! 


The great debate

Even though there are benefits so sleeping with your dog, there are many reasons why not to allow them in your bed. Read this post about the pros and cons of sleeping with your dog so you can decide for yourself.

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