Top 5 mind-blowing benefits of owning a pet

Mind-blowing benefits of owning pets

Sometimes it can be difficult to see how much our pets really do for us. Aside from making us feel better after a long day at work, our furry, feathery or scaly friends can actually bring us some scientifically proven health benefits.

Studies have shown that individuals who own pets actually live longer and happier lives, so whether you are looking for a reason to become a pet parent, or you just want a reminder of how wonderful your pet is, here are 5 mind-blowing benefits of owning a pet!

Improved immune system

Did you know that pets can actually improve your immune system? Some pets tend to spend a lot of time outside and so bring in a lot of germs, this may sound like a bad thing, however they can actually help to improve your immune system through this. Funnily enough, babies who grow up with dogs actually tend to experience less infections than those who do not.

Medical detection dogs

Another amazing benefit is a dog’s sense of smell. Did you know that some dogs’ sense of smell can actually detect cancer. Quite often there are news stories on incredible dogs that have detected early stages of cancer in their owners and helped to save their lives. As well as this, their sense of smell could help them to alert you to other health problems you may not know you have, they’re like your own little furry doctor if you like. This amazing trait helps your pet to take care of you and keep you as safe as you keep them.

Great companionship

Pets can provide great companionship for children with learning difficulties. Children with learning difficulties, such as autism, can sometimes find it difficult to bond with other children and form relationships, a pet can be a great solution to this and provide them with a loving friend to whom they can talk to and find comfort in. What more could you want than a warm, loving, furry hot water bottle to cuddle that listens to you and doesn’t talk back?

Reducing stress

Pets have many benefits, but one of the most prominent one is their mental health benefits. Pets reduce stress levels. Coming home from a bad day can easily be eased by the presence of a pet and studies have shown that playing with your pet realeases the chemicals serotonin and dopamine, these are what are known as ‘happy hormones’.

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It can be incredibly beneficial to have a pet around the house, as well as calming you down they can actually be extremely helpful for people that suffer from mental health issues. They provide companionship and reduce anxiety, which has been shown to make pet owners feel physically and mentally better within themselves.

Teaching responsibility

The last mind-blowing benefit of owning a pet is that they help to teach responsibility to children. The basic responsibilities of feeding, exercising and caring for a pet can teach your child a range of values and help them to understand the hard work and importance of taking care of something.

Having a pet will also help to develop their emotional capacity, such as developing their nurturing and empathy skills. In future, this may help them to cope better with emotional events and future responsibilities.

In testing times such as these, it may be a pet that we need to make it through. Having a companion around can have many benefits and especially in the current circumstances their mental health benefits can help to ease the stresses of the world.

Even if it’s as small as encouraging us to get out of the house and get some fresh air or to bring us some comfort when we are sitting at home, our pets can raise our spirits and help us to cope with the struggle that we have been presented with.

A pet is an incredible thing and if you have one or are thinking of getting one then take good care of them, because I can assure you that they will take as best care of you that they can and they will love you with everything they have, all they ask is for your love in return.


How to choose the perfect pet for you and your family

Choosing a new pet can be challenging and is a big decision for a family to make. A lot goes into choosing the right one for your family.

Choosing a new pet for your home is a challenge for many people. Although they want the companionship of a new pet, they are not sure what they are willing to take on for responsibility and how much time they have to offer a pet. There are many things to consider when searching for that perfect pet for your family.

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Time is essential

It is important that you are realistic with the amount of time you and your family have to devote to a pet before you start your search. You need to decide if you have the time to spend walking and playing with a dog.

Will you be able to groom the dog like he should be groomed? Perhaps a cat would be better when considering time. They tend to be a bit more independent and do not need to walk. The amount of time you have to devote is very important. Even pets such as a tank full of fish will need care and cleaning on a regular basis.


What kind of pet?

If you decide that you do have the time to spend with a new pet and you have decided that a dog is your favorite option, choosing a breed can be the next challenge for you.

You may just look at a breed and say, “that is the one I want” because they are cute. However, every breed has personality traits that you may or may not be happy with. Some breeds are considerably larger than others and require more space.

These are things to consider when choosing a breed. You may want to spend some time at a local shelter. The animals there may be purebred, and they may not be, but there are a large number of them that make excellent pets that you can choose from.

If you’re considering a non-furry pet like a reptile or amphibian then read our beginners guide to keeping herpetofauna – snakes, frogs and tortoises are popular. Or you could even go for a tarantula or sugar glider if you fancy an exotic pet.


Is your home pet friendly?

When you decide on a pet, you will want to be sure that your home is suitable for the animal. If you rent, you should obtain permission from the property owner to have a pet on the premises.

You need to be sure that the pet is welcome in your home. Be sure that your home is pet-proof, and the pet will be kept out of danger. The pet should have their own living space where they can go and be in their own comfort zone. This is important to them settling in comfortably and avoiding any undue anxiety.

Mind-blowing benefits of pets


  1. I am a huge animal lover and believe that they are one of the best things that you can have in your life. I have always rescued dogs and would find them loving homes. I have two rescue babies now and they have been with me for the past 9 years. They are my babies 🙂

    1. That’s such a fantastic thing to do, fostering is difficult though as you always want to keep all of them! x

  2. My husband and I have always shared our home with 2 cats (or I should say, we share their home!) They are a part of our family and if we had the room, we would want 2 more!

    1. I had seven cats at one point as we rescued a couple and then they had kittens. We managed to find them all loving homes and still have one with us now, our Ginger Ninja, called Tig.

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