Top Eco Friendly Dog Grooming & Healthcare Products [2021]

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This has to be one of the best roundups I’ve done this year! My house smells amazing, the dogs all smell great and I’m going to share with you some fabulous brands who all have our pooch’s wellbeing and the environment at the top of their agendas. They have all sent me a selection of their products to review, so let’s get on with the introductions.

Belly Dog

bellydog 1
Belly Dog’s bright packaging made us smile!
belly dog logo

First up is Belly Dog. Everything they do is researched, produced, and tested under one roof in their HQ in Hamburg, Germany. This means they have total control over every aspect of design and production.

Their products use natural plant based formulas covering bath time, care, wellbeing and their ‘problem solvers’ for fleas, mites and de-stressing. Their packaging uses recycled materials with bright and colourful labels which made us smile.

Check out our full review on Belly Dog Products!

Vita Canis

Vita Canis 1
Vita Canis aromatherapy range smelt devine!
vita canis

Vita Canis is run by Jitka, a happy dog mum to 5 mischievous terrier, who has always been passionate about dogs and has been in the pet industry for over 30 years. Jitka has won many international dog grooming competitions as well as holding diplomas in canine massage and clinical aromatherapy. Jitka also started the annual charity dog grooming competition ‘Vita Canis Style to Rescue’.

The Vita Canis product range was launched in 2014. All products are is aromatherapy based and include; products to repel ticks, fleas and bugs, shampoo, paw and ear care, calming sprays and super cute oil burners handmade in Slovakia that Jitka designs to use with essential oils. Some essential oils can irritate your dog’s sensitive nose, here’s some that Jitka recommends; eucalyptus, lemon and bergamot. Vita Canis products are packaged in aluminium bottles with recycled plastic lids to add to their environmentally-friendly credentials.

Pup Suds

getting ready for bathtime 2
I loved the unique shape of the Pup Suds Shampoo Bars
pup suds

Founded by Nic and her Tibetan Terrier, Bertie, Pup Suds was born during the Covid lockdown last year (2020) on the coast of Kent. Specifically created for non-moult dogs but suitable for all dirty dogs, their range of luxurious handmade shampoo bars are 100% natural and vegan, each with a touch of essential oils.

They also sent us some of their silky moisturising coat oil to finish off bath time. And for dry paws and noses, they have their ultra-deep conditioning balm. I absolutely loved the shape of these shampoo bars which made it really easy to apply and lather up. Everything came packaged in a compostable wrap with cute swing tags explaining the benefits of each of the different bars, but more on that later.

Eco Friendly Bath Time

Vita Canis Skin Relief Shampoo £23.90

Soothes itchy skin and provides relief from allergic reactions. This smells so pepperminty it’s a real pick me up scent. Dolly gets and itchy heat rash in the summer under her armpits and this really helped soothe the redness and stopped her scratching.

Belly Dog Dirty Dog Shampoo £19.90

A deep cleansing shampoo with natural jojoba beads and lavender. We used this on Ming our little Pekingese and it lathered up well and rinsed out easily. The smell was not too strong and the little beads really helped shift the dirt. Our hands were all soft and clean as well!

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Belly Dog Shine Bright Conditioner £19.90

Cucumber and guava are the secret ingredients in this conditioner. Ming had lovely silky fur when she’d dried off in the sun. See more on our Instagram account.

800 x 600 grooming products
Shine Bright Conditiner from Belly Dog was crisp and fresh smelling.

Pup Suds Super Gentle Moisturising One Shampoo Bar £10.00

Raw African Black Soap from Ghana ( uses raw shea butter and coconut oil). This is Pup Suds hypoallergenic ‘secret weapon’ which rinsed clean and left no residue on Tricki’s long locks.

pup suds tricki
Pup Suds Raw African Black Soap.

Pup Suds Coat Oil £20.00

An ultra fine oil using coconut, wheatgerm, evening primrose, calendula and a hint of lavender. Pup Suds says this protects, repairs, nourishes, soothes and calms our pampered pooches. We mixed a teaspoon into half a litre of water and used it to finish off Tricki’s coat and it worked really well, helping us detangle the last bits around his ears (which he hates having brushed). When he dried, he felt so soft, it was lovely. He smelt a lot better too!

pup suds 2
We loved Pup Suds Coat Oil

Eco Friendly Paws & Nose Care

Belly Dog Paw & Nose Cream £17.90

Shea butter and aloe vera are the super moisturising ingredients in this product which comes in a handy pump dispenser. It was non-greasy and did take a while to soak in, but that was okay as Dolly was chilled out and sleeping!

Pup Suds Nose & Paw Balm £8.00

Sweet almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E are what you’ll find in this lick safe paw balm. Packaged in a pocket-sized tin, this worked a treat on Dolly’s crusty nose (well, she is a Frenchie). I rubbed the excess on my cuticles to soften them up before having myself a little manicure!

Eco Friendly Ear Cleaner

Vita Canis Ear Cleaner £12.90

Having her ears cleaned is not one of Dolly’s favourite things, but with such upright ears it’s essential to keep them debris-free as they can easily get blocked. A few drops on some cotton wool and a gentle wipe, and this did the trick. Smelt great too -no more cheesy ear stink!

Belly Dog Clean Ears £24.90

Aloe vera and chamomile help reduce itchiness and inflammation and balance out the wax production in the ear.

Vita Canis Ear Cleaner
Oh no, not my ears! But Vita Canis did the job!

Eco Friendly Dental Care

Belly Dog Dental Care Spray £24.90 –

Peppermint, Rosemary and Aloe Vera in this spray help reduce bad breath and prevent tartar and plaque build-up. Not a fan of minty things, Dolly still let me lift her lips and spray a little into her mouth.

belly-dog-ear and dental cleaner
Minty Fresh Breath here we come.

Eco Friendly Ticks, Mites and Flea Repellants

Belly Dog Anti Fleas Spray £19.90

Natural flea repellent with geranium, lavender and argan oil to help repel fleas and ticks for up to 24 hours. This leave-in spray actually reminded me of the spa, and I think it’s one of my favourite scents! Easy to apply and no fleas or ticks so far.

Vita Canis Tick Off £26.90

Using high-quality essential oils; geranium, grapefruit cedarwood, rosewood and lemongrass, and hydrosols which naturally repel ticks, this is safe for dogs, horses and other large animals. Our pony loved the smell when we gave her a spritz, I’m going to need a bigger bottle though! (This was 250ml).

Belly Dog Anti Mites £19.90

Geranium, lavender and citrus oil are the powerful combination in this spray to protect against mites and other bugs.

Eco Friendly Calming and De-stressers

Pup Suds The Super Calming One Shampoo Bar £10

Shea butter and lavender oil make this luxurious shampoo bar offer a calming and relaxing experience for an anxious dog. Smelt so good I’ve popped it in the car as an air freshener!

Belly Dog No Stress Spray £19.90

The chamomile and lavender are a great combination in this spray which can be used on dog beds, collars, car seats and other surfaces to aid with relaxation. This really helped Dolly settle at night as she has some arthritis and it often plays her up in the evenings.

Vita Canis Calming Floral Spray £14.00

This calming spray works so quickly it must be the mixture of hydrosols (rose and lavender) and the essential oils which include: petitgrain, spikenard, sweet orange, ylang yland and chamomiles. Suitable for dogs from 8 weeks, this natural spray made the room smell gorgeous and we all chilled out together.

Vita Canis Comfort Blend £16.20

A unique blend of essential oils in sweet almond oil designed to help with separation anxiety, the Comfort Blend is also available as a 10ml rollerball bottle to carry about with you. Vita Canis claims this blend works particularly with dogs suffering from CCD (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction). I could well believe it, I put a couple of drops on my palm and then stroked Dolly before we set off in the car to the vets and she was as happy as Larry.

vita canis oil burner
Super Cute Handmade Oil Burners from Vita Canis

Go Check Out The Brands and Enjoy Exclusive Discounts

Well that was fun, I hoped you enjoyed this introduction to three eco friendly dog grooming and natural healthcare brands, and safe for both you, your dog and the environment.

To see these products in action head to our Instagram Reels where you can see what fun we had whilst making this feature.

• Belly Dog – All plant-based products made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Made with only the finest ingredients and recycled packaging. Find out more about Belly Dog and use this code: SARAH22 for 22% off all products (excluding bundles and discounted products) on their website.

• Vita Canis – All pet care products are tested on humans first! Founded in 2014, their ethos was to create a range of products for pets using the best of naturopathic technology, complementing and supporting nature’s innate healing powers. The result is a unique collection of 100% aromatherapy healthcare products for pets. Find out more about Vita Canis and use this code: VITACANIS25 for 25% off when you shop online. Expires 31st August 2021 and t&c apply.

• Pup Suds – Handmade 100% natural luxury shampoo bars that are both vegan and cruelty-free. Vegan products are not tested on animals, they don’t contain any animal products and also do not support or allow the testing of finished products or ingredients on animals by anyone else. You can find out more about PupSuds and use RUFFLE10 for 10% off when you shop here.

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