Sustainable Pet Care: Belly Dog’s Plant Based Grooming & Healthcare [Product Review]

belly dog review 2021

I love dogs (you’d never have guessed that would you?) and I’ve owned many different breeds over the years, and they have all had their own skin and coat issues. Currently we have three dogs, two Pekingeses (Ming and Tricki) and my French Bulldog, Dolly.

I prefer using natural products for all their healthcare and was delighted when leading German brand Belly Dog asked me to review their plant-based range of grooming and healthcare products.

Using natural ingredients is much kinder to your pet’s skin and fur, lessens chances of allergic reactions and of course, are a lot more environmentally friendly than their chemical-based equivalents.

Every Belly Dog product is designed and produced entirely in the company’s HQ in Hamburg, Germany. Keeping everything under one roof gives them total control over every aspect of design and production.

Their products use natural plant-based formulas covering bath time, care, wellbeing and their ‘problem solvers’ for fleas, mites and de-stressing. They’re packaging uses recycled materials with bright and colourful labels which made us smile.

The Ruffle Snuffle mat song - turn ...
The Ruffle Snuffle mat song - turn it up and sing along!

Find out more about Belly Dog and use this code: SARAH22 for 22% off all products (excluding bundles and discounted products).

Now, onto the products and what we thought!

Bath Time!

Our little girl Ming the Pekingese has really long hair and is in season, so I was looking for a shampoo that would work well on her coat. The Belly Dog Dirty Dog Shampoo is infused with plant enzymes that will clean deep down and get rid of even the toughest dirt. It also has jojoba beads which are natural exfoliates to scrub away dirt and mud.

Not only did the Dirty Dog Shampoo clean her fur, but it also helped to eliminate her ‘girlie’ dog smell! The shampoo lathered up well and rinsed out easily. The beautiful lavender and pamplemousse (grapefruit) smell was not too strong and the little jojoba beads really helped shift the dried blood from her coat.

dirty dog shampoo
Dirty Dog Shampoo from Belly Dog

We followed up her wash with the Belly Dog Shine Bright Conditioner whose secret ingredients are cucumber and guava.

All I can say is one product, many benefits! This conditioner will leave your dog’s coat looking healthy, shiny, silky-soft to the touch, while also providing protection against dryness or itchiness.

The cucumber extract helps strengthen the hair shafts which made it easier to brush out any loose hairs or mats that we found in Ming’s coat. Ming had lovely silky fur when she’d dried off in the sun. Watch our bath time fun on our instagram reel.

shine bright
Shine Bright conditioner

After a few days and Ming was beginning to get a little whiffy again, poor lass, I tried the Belly Dog Neat Dog Fragrance which is a natural dog perfume and comes in different scents. I had chamomile and frangipani, peach blossom ( my favourite) and lavender and pamplemousse to choose from. For Ming we used the lavender and pamplemousse to freshen her up between baths. A couple of squirts from the handy spray bottle and then a good brush when dry did the trick.

neat dog spray
My favourite scent – peach blossum Neat Dog Spray

Paws, Noses and Dental Care

Paws and noses often dry out in the summer heat and it has been very hot lately and poor Dolly was getting a little crusty. This was a good excuse to try the Belly Dog Paw & Nose Cream. Made with Shea butter and aloe vera this was a super moisturising product which comes in a handy pump dispenser. It was non-greasy and did take a while to soak in, but that was okay as Dolly was chilled out and sleeping!

paw cream
High Five Paw and Nose Cream
high five
High fives all round….

I’ve not tried using a dental spray before so I wasn’t sure how this would go. The Belly Dog Dental Care Spray smells fresh and clean which must be from the combination of peppermint, rosemary and aloe vera. And although Dolly is not a fan of minty things she still let me lift up her lips and spray a little into her mouth. The antiseptic properties in the spray should help with keeping her gums and teeth healthy and reduce the risk of oral infections.

dental care 2
Dental and Breath Spray
dental care
Not a fan of minty things, but Dolly did like the Dental Care spray!

Bugs Away

There are bugs all year round and this year although insect numbers are lower than ever, no one told that to the fleas and mites. Still we had our Belly Dog Anti Fleas and Belly Dog Anti Mites sprays to keep them at bay.

Both leave-in products contain the natural insect repellents geranium and lavender, with the addition of argan oil in the Anti Fleas and citrus oil in the Anti Mites spray.

anti mites and fleas

The Anti Fleas offers 24 hours protection and the Anti Mites offers 10 hours protection and can be used daily. Both smelt pleasant and there were no signs of fleas, ticks or mites over the last couple of weeks we’ve been using them.

anti fleas
Couple of squirts of the Anti Fleas and done for the day( protection lasts 24 hours)

Chill Out Time

It’s always chill out time in Norfolk, but since Dolly’s arthritis has been playing up lately she’s found it difficult to settle some evenings. The Belly Dog No Stress Spray is made with essential lavender and chamomile oils that have been shown to soothe anxiety, reduce feelings of stress, refresh the air with a beautiful scent, and provide antibacterial properties for skin injuries or respiratory infections.

This product is gentle enough for even the most sensitive pets. The chamomile and lavender are a great combination in this spray which can be used on your dog’s bed, collar, car seat and other surfaces to aid with relaxation. It certainly helped Dolly relax and get off to sleep.

no stress
Gorgeous No Stress Spray with lavender and chamomile.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for a natural way to care for your pet this summer, take some time to read through our review and check out the whole of the Belly Dog range. We hope that it’s been helpful and informative in showing how these products can help keep your dog feeling fresh, healthy and free from bugs too! Let us know if there are any questions or concerns about anything we’ve covered today on social media. Don’t forget to see our reel of Ming enjoying her bath. And here’s that discount code again for 22% off : SARAH22 at the Belly Dog website.

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