5 Reasons Why Composite Decking is Pet Friendly

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Pets like cats and dogs can scratch and create a mess on your deck, making the deck look worse. If you have a cat or dog around, you will want a deck to relax on, knowing that it is pet friendly. Compositewarehouse composite decking is an excellent option for pet owners who would like a deck they can share with their pets. Why is Compositewarehouse composite decking pet friendly? Here are five reasons why their composite decking is pet friendly. 

Why Composite Decking is Pet Friendly

Composite Decking is Scratch Resistant

Dogs and cats like staying close to their owners, especially when you are relaxing outdoors. They might sometimes use their claws to scratch the decking board, something you will surely frown at since you don’t want your deck to scratch. If you are using the wrong kind of decking, scratches on your deck might be a big problem. 

But with compositewarehouse composite decking, you need not worry. Our composite decking board is pet friendly. It is scratch-resistant, meaning that if your pets should use their claws to play on your deck, there won’t be a mark on it. Compositewarehouse deckings differ from other decking types that are not resistant to scratches. You and your pets can play on your deck without making a single scratch on it. Our composite decking is the best decking choice for pet owners.

It Does Not Contain Toxic Chemicals

Another reason composite decking is pet friendly is that it is free from toxic chemicals. The composite board contains wood fibres and recycled plastics; these materials are eco-friendly and can not harm you or your pet. If your dog or cat licks the composite decking board, nothing will happen to them. You can be confident that composite decking is safe and chemical-free.

 Composite board is not like pressure-treated wood that contains toxic chemicals that can kill your pet. Your dog and cats can sleep, eat and play on composite decking, knowing that it won’t cause any harm to them. You can purchase Compositewarehouse composite deckings is a good decking option if you want pet-friendly decking for your pets.

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Composite Decking is Easy to Clean

Of all decking types, Compositewarehouse composite decking is easy to clean. It is another reason why their composite decking is pet friendly. If your dog or cat poops on your deck, you don’t need to worry; composite decking is easy to clean. 

Even if your pet urinates on the decking board, you can easily clean the decking with soap and water. You don’t have to worry about using bleach to keep the decking board clean. Soap and water are all you need to maintain a Compositewarehouse composite decking. 

It Will Not Splinter

In addition, composite decking is pet friendly since it can not crack or splinter. Compositewarehouse composite decking is strong that it will not crack if you use it to build a deck. You can use their decking board for decades without it splintering. Wood decking boards, on the other hand, will crack as the year’s pass. It is not pet friendly like composite decking that is resistant to cracks and splinters. Compositewarehouse composite decking is pet friendly; you don’t need to worry about your pets getting splinters in their paws or mouth. It is a good decking choice you can purchase if you are looking for a pet-friendly decking.

Composite Decking is Slip Resistant

Lastly, composite decking is slip-resistant, thereby making it a pet-friendly decking. Compositewarehouse composite decking boards provide traction that can prevent you and your pets from slipping. Apart from that, the railings on your deck can also prevent injuries that can occur from slips and falls. When installing railings for your deck, ensure that the deck posts are not too low. If the railings are too low, your dog can jump over them, thereby causing injury. You should also ensure that the posts are not too far apart; if the spaces between the posts are too wide, your pets can easily pass through them, thereby causing them to slip or fall.


Composite decking is pet friendly than other types of decking. If you would love to have a pet, you can purchase Compositeswarehouse composite decking boards and build a deck in your yard.