Unlocking the Secret to Pet Health – Fish Oil Soft Chews

fish oil chews for dogs

Have you been worried about your dog’s health? But, still unable to find any solution? You are in luck today! We dug different sources to discover an all-in-one solution to keep your pet healthy, i.e., fish oil soft chews

This miraculous product is rich in fatty acids, which are more than suitable for your pup. They are vital for everyday health, healthy joints, and muscle strengthening. 

It is one of the purchased dietary supplements among pet owners because of its proven benefits. If you are still unsure about it, we will break this product down to reveal what the hype is all about.

The formula of Fish Oil Soft Chews

As the name implies, the main ingredient used in them is fish oil. It is made using marine animals and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They are often referred to as essential fatty acids.

Unfortunately, most pet animals can’t make this in the body naturally, so they must be added to their diet in the form of some supplements.

Do vets recommend it?

Yes, they are highly recommended by the vets, as long as you buy them from an authentic source like IVS Pet. Do you know why? Let us explain it to you.

Essentially, there are four types of dietary fats: saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, trans fats, and polyunsaturated fats. The omega fatty acids are found in the last one and are essential to create hormones that reduce inflammation by regulating the blood flow in the body. 

Now that you know the importance, here’s a quick guide for you on how you can buy them.

What’s the Right Way to Buy Soft Chews for Dogs?

This product is undoubtedly a catch for the pet’s health, but you need to consider which type to get based on the pet’s requirements. There are three types of fish oil in the market, including:

  • Natural Triglyceride Oil: It is very easy to absorb. However, it may have contaminants because it isn’t in the purified form.
  • Ethyl Ester Oil: This type is distilled and concentrated, meaning the impurities have been removed. You can consider it a semi-natural product with omega-3 as the main component, including docosahexaenoic acid (otherwise known as DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (also known as EPA).
  • Synthetic Triglyceride Oil: As the name suggests, it is a synthetic form easily absorbed out of the three. 

These are the main types of fish oil chews you can get; however, before choosing, make sure to consider your dog’s size, breed, weight, and overall health. It is even better if you first take your dog to the vet for better suggestions. 

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Though we have mentioned it has a lot of benefits, you still might be wondering what they are. Good news! The wait is over. Here are the health benefits your pup can enjoy with it.

Good Skin Health 

Dogs cannot have their own skincare routine, but now that’s okay. Because the omega-3 (EPA &DHA) from the fish oil will do that for you. They help maintain the natural moisture of the skin and help those pups who have sensitive skin.

The fish oil soft chews can maintain a normal inflammatory response to all seasonal allergies. Also, the occasional discomfort will also be reduced during the allergic reaction. 

Did you know that fish oil has become the mainstream ingredient in pet treatment by vets? So, start your dog on these chews now.  

Better Joint Health 

The achy and stiff joints are frustrating yet very common in dogs, especially when they are aging. Luckily, these chews support the joints by promoting cartilage development to maintain healthy bone and joint functions. 

More so, they decrease the production of potent prostaglandins that causes joint inflammation. This is one of the primary reasons vets recommend soft chews for dogs to keep the joints strong.

Aids The Neurological And Cognitive Function

For young pups, these chews can improve their ability to learn new skills. Along with that, it is also essential to retain the old ones. The cognitive dysfunction syndrome is very common in old dogs. This, in many ways, can be compared to Alzheimer’s and human dementia. 

Many scientific studies support the fact DHA, present in omega-3 fatty acids, improves the cognitive function of dogs even in old age.  Not only that, but it also reduces the patter-pacing behavior of the dogs.

Extra Protection Layer For The Heart 

The ingredients of the fish oil chews have been found to decrease the heart’s vulnerability to developing irregular heart rhythm, known as atrial fibrillation. 

Another reason for the dog’s heart failure is weight loss, and fish oil is important to reduce the profound decrease in weight. More so, dogs with fish oil consumption are known to experience a longer survival rate and less weight loss compared to those who don’t have this ingredient in their diet. 

Lastly, regular consumption of fish oil also decreases the excess level of triglyceride that can affect dogs with heart diseases.

These are some of the reasons why fish oil soft chews are considered an all-rounder for the dog’s overall health. So, go visit your vet now to get the recommendation on brand and dose they approve for your dog. Doing so will keep your pup healthy and happy for long.

Frequently asked questions

Does fish oil make dogs’ fur soft?

Anything with fish oil is best for your dog’s health. They support and promote a silky coat by reducing the itchiness and flakiness of the skin. Also, it relieves allergies for dogs with sensitive skin.

Can I give my dog human fish oil capsules?

If you give it at the recommended administration levels, all the forms of fish oil are safe for dogs. However, we still recommend investing in things specifically designed to promote the dog’s health.

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